DockerCon EU 2017: All the videos are now live!

Oct 25 2017

In case you missed it last week, here are the highlights from DockerCon Europe 2017 including recordings of the keynotes. We’re excited to announce that most of the breakout videos are now available online! A big thanks to all our awesome speakers for working hard on the content of their sessions. All the videos are published on the Docker Website, the slides available from the Docker Slideshare account and photos soon uploaded to a DockerCon EU 2017 album on facebook.

Dockercon videos

Here are the links to the playlists of each track:  

Using Docker

Using Docker sessions are introductory sessions for Docker users, dev and ops alike. Filled with practical advice, learnings and insight, these sessions will help you get started with Docker or better implement Docker into your workflow.

Docker Best Practices

Docker Best Practices sessions provide a deeper dive into Docker tooling, implementation and real world production use recommendations. If you are ready to get to the next level with your Docker usage, join this track for best practices from the Docker team.

Use Case

Use case sessions highlight how companies are using Docker to modernize their infrastructure and build, ship and run distributed applications. These sessions are heavy on business value, ROI and production implementation advice and learnings.

Black Belt

One way to achieve a deep understanding of a complex system is to isolate the various components of that system, as well as those that interact with it, and examine all of them relentlessly. This is what we do in the Black Belt track! It features deeply technical talks covering not only container technology but also related projects.

Edge [NEW!]

The Edge Track shows how containers are redefining our technology toolbox, from solving old problems in a new way to pushing the boundaries of what we can accomplish with software. Sessions in this track provide a glimpse into the new container frontier.

Transform [NEW!]

The transform track focuses on the impact of change – both for organizations and ourselves as individuals and communities. Filled with inspiration, insights and new perspectives, these stories will leave you energized and equipped to drive innovation.

Community Theater

Located in the main conference hall, the Community Theater will feature lightning talks and cool hacks from the Docker community and ecosystem.

Note that the videos from the ecosystem tracks are not posted directly on the Docker website but directly shared with DockerCon sponsors for them to share with their communities. The Moby Summit videos will be available later this week on the Moby Project website.

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