DockerCon 2022: Key Themes and Learning Outcomes

DockerCon 2022 is less than one week away, from May 9th-10th! Our developer community is the shining star at DockerCon, and we’re thrilled to deliver immersive learning experiences from start to finish. (Register here to attend our virtual event.)


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DockerCon will feature over 50 talks and learning sessions that you can freely navigate between. Shy Ruparel’s “Getting Started with Docker” workshop on May 9th is also a fantastic outlet for exploring Docker technologies. We’re hoping you leave DockerCon with deeper knowledge of cloud-native application development — while feeling empowered to conquer coding gremlins, or tackle your next big project.

Let’s dive into what you can expect at DockerCon 2022.

Content by Developers, for Developers

DockerCon 2022 is all about developer education. Developers who have ample experience with — and love for — the technologies they use daily are eager to share their expertise.

These talks go beyond just explaining the “what.” Each presenter will show you how to collectively leverage today’s top programming languages, Docker products, and other tools to create capable applications — all while avoiding development obstacles.

Plus, you’re encouraged to live chat and have fun — and optionally join hosts Kat and Shy for live games and raffles. DockerCon helps you connect with fellow community members as you embark on these journeys together! These include:

  • Interactive demos covering everything from the basics to expert-level technical concepts
  • Talks that assess development best practices and lessons learned from each speaker’s past experiences
  • Insights from industry leaders, instructors, and expert panelists who’ve solved many common development problems
  • Cool tips and tricks
  • Vibrant-and-friendly support from fellow community members and presenters alike
  • Engaging networking opportunities
  • Exciting, educational content on Docker’s latest technologies, features, and products


Next, let’s touch on some recurring focus areas throughout DockerCon.

Session Tracks and Themes

To help you easily explore our virtual event, we’ve divided all sessions amongst four tracks — Discover, Learn, Excel, and Connect — based on topic and learning outcomes. You’ll stumble across tailored content for all interests and skill sets.

Here’s what our workshops and presentations will cover:

  • Getting Started – You’ll discover tips and best practices for tackling Docker application development with Python, JavaScript, Java, or TypeScript (and others). You’ll also explore local app development using Docker Compose or Kubernetes for numerous application types — both backend and frontend. 
  • Dev Team Productivity – You’ll uncover best practices, case studies, and cloud-development patterns that’ll help you accomplish more, faster. Accordingly, we’ll share how Docker Development Environments can boost collaboration. 
  • Securing the Software Supply Chain – Today’s applications consist of many components and tools. You’ll learn about build pipeline best practices, shift-left testing, Docker Official Images, and associated security implications. 
  • Modernizing Monoliths – ASP.NET and J2EE apps are popular, but many can use some sprucing up for the cloud-native age. You’ll learn how to modernize these applications. 
  • The Bleeding Edge – A number of emerging application types and patterns are taking the development world by storm. You’ll explore technologies like serverless FaaS, blockchain, Web3, and WASM — and their connection with Docker technologies.
  • Blackbelt and Cool Hacks – If you’re hungry for low-level, technical walkthroughs that touch on advanced container management, security, and networking, these are can’t-miss sessions.


Additionally, our schedule page lets you filter talks by track or tag — letting you easily identify talks that matter to you. We can’t wait to help you grow as developers and Docker community members.

Register for DockerCon 2022

Our DockerCon agenda is packed with value — regardless of your background or how much development experience you’re bringing with you. You’re invited to grab a seat and bounce between virtual sessions however you’d like. If you’re unable to attend a session, you can easily circle back and watch each recording at your own pace.

DockerCon 2022 is right around the corner. Register for free today to learn about the latest trends in cloud-native development. We also encourage you to spread the word to fellow developers — and perhaps even organize your own DockerCon watch party with other registered attendees!


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