Topic Spotlight: Here’s What You Can Expect at DockerCon 2022

With less than one month to go before DockerCon 2022, we’re excited to unveil one of our most immersive agendas yet. We’re also planning to offer multiple tracks throughout the day — allowing you to jump between topics that grab your attention.

DockerCon 2022 is hosted virtually and will be streamed live. If you haven’t registered, we encourage you to join us May 9th and 10th for two free days of concentrated learning, skill sharpening, collaboration, and engagement with fellow developers.

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DockerCon brings together developers, Docker Community Leaders, Docker Captains, and our partners to boost your understanding of cloud-native development. But, we’re also excited to see how you’ve incorporated Docker into your projects. We want to help every developer discover more about Docker, learn how to conquer common development challenges, and excel within their respective roles.

That said, what’s in store? Follow along as we highlight what’s new this year and showcase a few can’t-miss topics.

What’s new at DockerCon 2022

We’re keeping things fresh and interesting by having our presenters connect with the audience and participate in live chats throughout the event. Accordingly, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with your favorite presenters. Here’s what you can look forward to (including some cool announcements):

Day-Zero Pre-Event Workshop

May 9th — from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PDT, and later from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. PDT.

We want developers of all experience levels to get up and running with Docker as quickly as possible. Our instructor-led course will outline how to build, share, and run your applications using Docker containers. However, even developers with some Docker experience may learn some useful tips. Through hands-on instruction, you’ll discover that harnessing Docker is simple, approachable, and enjoyable.

We’re also introducing early learner demo content. Stay tuned for useful code samples, repo access, and even information on useful extensions.

Engaging Sessions

DockerCon 2022 opens with a fun, pre-show countdown filled with games and challenges — plus a live keynote. You’ll then be free to explore each session:

  • Mainstage – Live stream with engaging, center-stage talks on industry trends, new features, and team-building, plus panel sessions — with live hosts to guide you through your DockerCon experience.
  • Discover – Development tips and ways to incorporate tech stacks with Docker
  • Learn – Walkthroughs for deploying production environments, discussing best practices, and harnessing different programming languages
  • Excel – Detailed guidance on using containers, Docker, and applying workflows to emerging use cases
  • Blackbelt – Code-heavy, demo-driven walkthroughs of advanced technologies, Docker containerization, and building integrated application environments

DockerCon 2022 will also include a number of demos and chats about industry trends. You’ll get plenty of news and keep current on today’s exciting tech developments.

Each session spans 15 to 60 minutes. Feel free to move between virtual rooms as often as you’d like! You can view our complete agenda here, and all sessions are tagged for language and topic.

Exciting Announcements and Highlights

While DockerCon 2022 will feature a diverse topic lineup — all of which are immensely valuable to the community — we’d like to briefly showcase some topics that we find particularly noteworthy.

Introducing Docker SBOM

While we’re quick to implement containers and software tools to accelerate application development, we often don’t know each package’s contents in great detail. That can be a problem when using unverified, third-party images — or in any instance where component transparency is desirable.

Accordingly, we’ll be presenting our Software Bill of Materials (SBOM): a new way to generate lists of all container image contents. This is possible with a simple CLI command. The SBOM is useful from a security standpoint, yet it also allows you to better understand how your applications come together. Follow along as we show you how to summon your specific Docker SBOM, and why that information is so useful.

Using Python and Docker for Data Science and Scientific Computing

If you’re someone with a strong interest in machine learning, data science, and data-centric computing, you won’t want to miss this one. Researchers and professionals who work with big data daily have to perform a number of resource-intensive tasks. Data analysis is taxing, and restricting those processes to hardware that can only be scaled vertically is a massive challenge.

Scalable, containerized applications can solve this problem. If you want to learn more about optimizing your image builds, bolstering security, and improving Docker-related workflows, we encourage you to swing by this session.

From Legacy to Kubernetes

For newer developers and even experienced developers, setting up Kubernetes effectively can be a challenge. Configuration takes time and can feel like a chore. You have to memorize plenty of components, and understand how each impacts your implementation over time.

This presentation will show you how to spin up Kubernetes using Docker Desktop — our GUI-based platform for building, shipping, and deploying containerized applications. Built atop Docker Engine, one standout of Docker Desktop’s feature set is the ability to create a single, local Kubernetes cluster in one click.

Follow along as we dive into the basics of Kubernetes, moving legacy apps into containers, and implementing security best practices

Register Today!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to kick off DockerCon 2022. It’s our largest event of the year! More importantly, however, DockerCon allows you to meet and interact with tens of thousands of other developers. There’s plenty of conversation to be had, and we guarantee that you’ll learn a thing or two along the way. We’ll feature some informative sessions, casual chats, and even unveil a few surprises!

Registering for DockerCon is quick, easy, and free. Please visit our registration page to sign up and learn more about the awesome things coming at DockerCon 2022!


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