DockerCon 2020: The Microsoft Sessions

This is the second post of our series of blog articles focusing on the key developer content that we are curating from DockerCon LIVE 2020. Increasingly, we are seeing more and more developers targeting Microsoft architectures and Azure for their containerized application deployments. Microsoft has always had a rich set of developer tools including VS Code and GitHub that work with Docker tools. 

One of the biggest developments for developers using Windows 10 is the release of WSL 2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux). Instead of using a translation layer to convert Linux kernel calls into Windows calls, WSL 2 now offers its own isolated Linux kernel running on a thin version of the Hyper-V hypervisor. Check out Simon Ferquel’s session on WSL 2 as well as Paul Yuknewicz’s session on apps running in Azure. Be sure to check out these valuable sessions on using Docker with Microsoft tools and technologies.

Docker Desktop + WSL 2 Integration Deep Dive

Simon Ferquel – Docker

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Simon’s session provides a deep dive on how Docker Desktop on Windows works with WSL 2 to provide a better developer experience. This presentation will give you a better understanding of how Docker Desktop and WSL 2 architectures fit together and the challenges we faced with the integration.

Become a Docker Power User with Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Brian Christner – 56K.Cloud

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Docker Captain, Brian Christner, does an excellent job on showing you how to unlock the full potential of using Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and Docker Desktop to turn you into a Docker Power User. He covers and expands on utilizing the VS Code Docker plugin to take your project and Docker skills to the next level. This session has some very good demos including learning how to bootstrap new projects, quickly write Dockerfiles utilizing templates, build, run, and interact with containers all from VS Code.

From Fortran on the Desktop to Kubernetes in the Cloud: A Windows Migration Story

Elton Stoneman – Sixeyed Consulting

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Elton is a Docker Captain and a Microsoft Azure MVP. Moving legacy Windows apps to the cloud is a very hot topic amongst IT shops that are looking to some obvious approaches to modernization. Elton walks through the processes and practicalities of taking an older Windows app, making it run in containers with Kubernetes, and then building a simple API wrapper to host the whole stack as a cloud-based SaaS product. 

Deep Dive: Developing Containerized Apps for Azure

Paul Yuknewicz – Microsoft

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Join Paul from the MS product team for a closer look into building modern cloud applications using VS Code, Docker Desktop, WSL2 and more. In this demo-rich session, Paul talks about how containers make modern applications better, the stages of moving to the cloud, and covers developer tools needed including sneak peaks of future Microsoft tools that enhance developer productivity. 

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