Docker: Community Stats

Roberto Hashioka

Nov 01 2013

The community has been critical to Docker since its inception. While we’ve always known how awesome the community is, we decided to pull some stats from the Docker Repository on Github to help quantify the awesomeness.

The table below shows the total contributions for Docker in terms of code additions, deletions and commits.


*Docker Project Stats on 10/29/2013: To avoid stressing GitHub’s APIs, we crunched the data locally.

It’s very motivating to see that 93% of the total contributors belong to the community, and also that the number of contributors has passed the symbolic threshold of 200.

Equally incredibly, half of all commits come from the community, and these commits include new functionality, integrations, bug fixes, and documentation changes/enhancements.

As you might  expect, Docker employees still represent the bulk of lines of code (92% of lines added / 91% of lines deleted). But, there are plenty of contributors that are giving even the Docker, Inc. employees a run for their money in terms of contributions.*

For a project that has started only a few months ago, these statistics (and the community as a whole) certainly motivate us to keep going forward!

by Roberto G Hashioka

*While it’s always dangerous to call out certain contributors based solely on gitHub stats, the following community contributors really stand out in terms of stats: alexlarsson, aluzzardi, bdon, benoitc, brianm, calavera, cespare, dominikh, dsissitka, eliasp, fkautz, fsouza, gabrtv, griff, jalateras, jmcvetta, justone, KSid, kstaken, kyleconroy, mastahyeti, mhennings, monnand, niallo, robryk, rogaha, sa2ajj, shamrin, srid, tianon, titanous, tobstarr, TylerBrock, unclejack, and xdissent

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