Docker Project 2014: A Whirlwind Year in Review

Jan 15 2015


To say 2014 was a whirlwind year for the Docker open source project is an understatement. We wanted to capture as much of the year as we could and showcase the accomplishments – through an infographic – in a way to highlight all the great work that can be achieved when working in concert with an incredible ecosystem of users, contributors and technology partners. The project’s unparalleled trajectory of growth was further elevated by the release of Docker 1.0 on June 9th at our first DockerCon. The “march towards 1.0” theme resonated across the ecosystem and brought with it platform support and integrations with great partners, making Docker a container standard with critical milestones achieved with Red Hat, Deis, Canonical, CloudCredo, Google, AWS and a list too long to enumerate here (please see the month-by-month milestones in the infographic).


Post Docker 1.0 and DockerCon, the velocity of the project and resonance with users can best be called out in the “right angle” growth of container downloads, which grew from roughly three million at the time of 1.0 to over a 100 million by the end of the year. This points to the pent up demand in the enterprise for leveraging the Docker open platform for distributed applications to transform critical aspects of their developments processes.


By liberating developers from the constraints of infrastructure, tens of thousands of organizations including financial institutions like ING are now able to make dynamic changes to their applications tens if not hundreds of times a day. ING has structured their development teams and their continuous delivery (CD) process around dockerization, which has played a central role in empowering them to go from making a single change to a monolithic application once every nine months to business impacting changes 300 times a day. That transformation is anchored on the portability of dockerized distributed applications that work uniformly across a developer’s laptop, a test environment on VMs and a production environment in the cloud.


Portability is what led to the back half of the year which was thematically linked to all major cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS and IBM SoftLayer leveraging Docker APIs to build valued-added features in their clouds to enable organizations to dockerize their applications. As we closed out the year, DockerCon EU highlighted the great work that is being done in the community around orchestration services and the efforts there focused on creating multi-container, multi-host distributed applications.


As we look at the opportunities ahead for this year, we are eager to further engage with our ecosystem as we expand our open design and our APIs to cover a broader spectrum of capabilities, allowing organizations to take full advantage of the promises of distributed applications. We look forward to the ongoing collaborative input and guidance that we receive as we continue to scale the project together to even greater heights.

Thank you!


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