Docker and .NET Core CLR Release Candidate 2

May 16 2016

When Microsoft open sourced the .NET Framework in 2014 and released runtimes for Linux in November last year, we knew interesting things were going to happen.

Today, Microsoft announced the second Release Candidate for .NET Core CLR. To celebrate, we took a look at using .NET Core with Docker and the also released new version of Visual Studio Tools for Docker. Turns out Microsoft is doing some interesting stuff.

Visual Studio Tools for Docker allows you to easily add Docker support for a project you’re working on in Visual Studio. This allows you to CTRL-F5 to run your Docker app directly in Visual Studio. What the new version offers that’s pretty awesome is breakpoint debugging. That’s right, you get breakpoint debugging from Visual Studio with your code running in a container.

Want to know more? Watch my video below:

Check out these additional resources to get started:


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