🧪 Docker Hub Experimental CLI tool

We are excited to let you know that we have released a new experimental tool. We would love to get your feedback on it. Today we have released an experimental Docker Hub CLI tool, the hub-tool. The new Hub CLI tool lets you explore, inspect and manage your content on Docker Hub as well as work with your teams and manage your account. 

The new tool is available as of today for Docker Desktop for Mac and Windows users and we will be releasing this for Linux in early 2021.

The hub-tool is designed to map as closely to the top level features we know people are using in Docker Hub and provide a new way for people to start interacting with and managing their content. Let’s start by taking a look at the top level options we have. 

What you can do

We can see that we have the ability to jump into your account, your content, your orgs and your personal access tokens.

Screen shot 2020 12 18 at 10. 14. 37 am

From here I can dive into one of my repos

Screen shot 2020 12 18 at 10. 19. 43 am

And from here I can then decide to list the tags in one of those repos. This also now lets me see when these images were last pulled 🎉

Screen shot 2020 12 18 at 10. 20. 23 am

Changing focus, I can go over and look at some of the teams I am a member of to see what permissions people have

Docker hub experimental cli tool

Or I can have a look at my access tokens 

Screen shot 2020 12 18 at 10. 22. 04 am

Why a standalone tool?

I also wanted to mention why we have decided to do this as a standalone tool rather than a Docker command with something like docker registry. We know that Docker Hub has some unique features and we wanted to bring these out as part of this tool and get feedback on whether this is something that would be valuable to add (or which bits of this we should add!) to the Docker CLI in the future. Given that some of these are unique to Hub, that we wanted feedback before adding more top level commands into the Docker CLI and that we wanted to do something quick, we decided to go with a stand alone tool. This does mean that this tool is going to be an experiment so we do expect it to go away sometime in 2021. We plan to use the lessons we learn here to make something awesome as part of the Docker CLI. 

Give us feedback!

If you have feedback or want to see this move into the existing Docker CLI, please let us know on the roadmap item. To get started trying out the tool, sign up for a Hub account and start using the tool in the Edge version of Docker Desktop.


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