Docker Desktop and Desktop Enterprise

The fastest way to securely build cloud-ready modern applications on your desktop.

Build Kubernetes-ready modern applications on your desktop

Docker Desktop and Desktop Enterprise are applications for MacOS and Windows machines for the building and sharing of containerized applications and microservices.

Desktop Enterprise delivers the speed, choice, and security developers need for designing and delivering these modern applications on your desktop. Desktop Enterprise includes Docker App, developer tools, Kubernetes, and version synchronization to production Docker Engines. Developers can rapidly innovate leveraging certified images and templates and using their choice of languages and tools. Development workflows leverage Docker Hub and Docker Trusted Registry to extend the developer’s environment to a secure repository for rapid auto-building, continuous integration, and secure collaboration. With Desktop Enterprise administrators also have a secure way to centrally manage desktop environments and enforce security standards.

Containerize and share any application

From legacy to what comes next

One Development and Delivery Platform

Docker Desktop and Desktop Enterprise give developers a Docker and Kubernetes environment aligned with production clusters. Build and run the same applications everywhere with the only platform that can provide trusted and certified end-to-edge security.

Any app, Any language

Developers have the freedom to innovate with their choice of tools, application stacks, and deployment environments for each project. Windows or Linux; legacy or cloud-native; IDE or text editor—Docker Desktop and Desktop Enterprise puts you in control.

Developer Speed

Developers shouldn’t need a PhD in Docker or Kubernetes to do their job. Docker makes it easy to get up and running in minutes and rapidly code, test, and collaborate while ensuring consistency between development and production.

Key Features and Capabilities

The fastest way to design and deliver containerized applications and microservices on the desktop and cloud.

Simple Setup for Docker and Kubernetes

No need to fiddle with VMs or add a bunch of extra components; simply install from a single package and have your first containers running in minutes. You get certified Kubernetes and Docker, for developers of all levels of container expertise.

Certified Kubernetes

Setup a fully functional Kubernetes environment on your desktop with a single click and start developing and testing modern applications in minutes.

Application Templates and App Designer

Customize and share multi-service applications and service templates that are tailored to your organization. Pre-defined and customizable application templates adhere to corporate standards and automate configuration, eliminating error-prone manual setup. Intuitive Application Designer facilitates the packaging, installing, and managing of multi-service applications as a shareable package.

Align Desktop to Production Platforms

Docker Desktop Enterprise Version Packs keep your local Docker and Kubernetes versions in lock-step with production systems, eliminating “works on my machine” problems once and for all.

Enterprise Controls

Ensure safe development standards and configurations without compromising developers’ ability to innovate. Deployable via your choice of endpoint management tools with optional lockable settings.

Secure Dev to Ops

Start from approved, safe templates and safeguard against image tampering and vulnerabilities. Integrates with Docker Hub and Docker Trusted Registry for automated image scanning and verification and policy-based access and deployment controls.

Which Docker Desktop is right for you?


Desktop Community

Desktop Enterprise

Simplest Path to Container-based Development
Latest Docker Engine based on containerd
Certified Kubernetes
Available for Windows 10 and macOS
Develop in any language or framework, even multiple version simultaneously
Production-Ready App Development
Same interface and commands shared by developers and production
Application Designer interface to simplify creating & developing Docker applications
Choose Docker Engine and Kubernetes versions to match Docker Enterprise
IT Manageability
Maintain and distribute across teams with standard MSI/PKG packages
Selectable configuration restrictions
Customizable application templates
Technical Support SLA  

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