Docker in Higher Education: Announcing Tools & Resources for Teachers

Sep 1 2017

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At the beginning of the summer we published a blog post announcing the Docker Student Developer Kit and Campus Ambassador program. The positive reception from students has been overwhelming and we were so excited to see hundreds of applications flood in!

Many teachers took notice of the enthusiasm of their students and began to reach out, asking us for tools, resources and support in using Docker in the classroom and adding Docker to their curriculum. To this end we have put together a free package for teachers!

Making use of this offer will enable teachers to effectively use and teach Docker in the classroom as we will be able to provide:

  1. Free Tools: eliminating the need for students to install anything locally, thus saving you valuable class time
  2. Resources: the most up to date presentations, hands-on labs, workshops etc. on every topic for every skill level
  3. Support and recognition: you will have a dedicated contact at Docker to help you through the process and also be welcomed into the online Docker Teachers community where you can collaborate and learn from other educators

If you are a teacher at a higher-education institution who would like to unlock the benefits outlined above, please fill in this form and we will get in touch with next steps.

If you are still unsure about whether Docker is right for your classroom, Michael Irwin, Computer Science Instructor at Virginia Tech, has some wisdom to share. He believes that using Docker will save time and hassle in the classroom and show students that your course material is cutting edge:

“When a class starts up especially if it’s a language or a framework that they [the students] have never used before, they are spending the whole first day saying ‘Uugh.. How do I install everything? How do I configure the various pieces?’ … Using Docker allows more time for instruction and more time for the instructor to actually talk about the material itself rather than spending so much time on the periphery talking about ‘how do you set everything up?’”

“A lot of the time curriculum is written several years ago. Things have changed, but the documentation hasn’t been updated along with it.”

“Doing this kind of stuff shows them [the students] that we are playing with the latest and greatest. You can use Docker, you can use these containers and then you can use the right tool for the job to solve the problem at hand.”


To unlock Docker greatness in your classroom, please fill in this form.

  • Please note that we have removed the links to the application forms as this program is on hold for the time being.


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