Beta Docker for Mac and Windows with Kubernetes

Oct 17 2017

Today, as part of our effort to bring Kubernetes support to the Docker platform, we’re excited to announce that we will also add optional Kubernetes to Docker Community Edition for Mac and Windows. We’re demoing previews at DockerCon (stop by the Docker booth!) and will have a beta program ready at the end of 2017. Sign up to be notified when the beta is ready.

With Kubernetes support in Docker CE for Mac and Windows, Docker Inc. can provide customers an end-to-end suite of container-management software and services that span from developer workstations, through test and CI/CD through to production on-prem or in the cloud.

Docker for Mac and Windows are the most popular way to configure a Docker dev environment and are used everyday by hundreds of thousands of developers to build, test and debug containerized apps. Docker for Mac and Windows are popular because they’re simple to install, stay up-to-date automatically and are tightly integrated with macOS and Windows respectively.

The Kubernetes community has built solid solutions for installing limited Kubernetes development setups on developer workstations, including Minikube (itself based partly on the docker-machine project that predated Docker for Mac and Windows). Common to these solutions however, is that they can be tricky to configure for tight docker build → run → test iteration, and that they rely on outdated Docker versions.

Once Kubernetes support lands in Docker for Mac and Windows, developers building both docker-compose and Swarm-based apps, and apps destined for deployment on Kubernetes will get a simple-to-use development system that takes optimal advantage of their laptop or workstation. All container tasks (whether build, run or push) will run on the same Docker instance with a shared set of images, volumes and containers. And it’ll be based on the latest-and-greatest version of the Docker platform, giving Kubernetes desktop users access to enhancements like multi-stage builds.

As part of our effort to integrate Kubernetes with Docker, we’re building Kubernetes components using Custom Resources and the API server aggregation layer make it simpler to deploy Docker Compose apps as Kubernetes-native Pods and Services. These components will ship in both Docker EE and in Docker CE for Mac and Windows.

We can’t wait to show you Kubernetes running in Docker for Mac and Windows. Drop by the Docker booth at DockerCon EU 17 and sign up for the beta to be notified when we have something that’s ready to try.


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