Docker Certified Logging Containers and Plugins from Partners

Nov 2 2018

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The Docker Certified Technology Program is designed for ecosystem partners and customers to recognize Containers and Plugins that excel in quality, collaborative support and compliance. Docker Certification gives organizations enterprises an easy way to run trusted software and components in containers on the Docker Enterprise container platform with support from both Docker and the publisher.  

In this review, we’re looking at Docker Logging Containers and Plugins. Docker Enterprise provides built-in logging drivers to help users get information from docker nodes, running containers and services. The Docker Engine also exposes a Docker Logging Plugin API for use by Partner Docker logging plugins. The user’s needs are solved by innovations from the extensive Docker ecosystem that extend Docker’s logging capabilities which provide complete log management solutions that include searching, visualizing, monitoring, and alerting.

These solutions are validated by both Docker and the partner company and integrated into a seamless support pipeline that provide customers the world class support they have become accustomed to when working with Docker.

Check out the latest certified Docker Logging Containers and Plugins that are now available from our partners on Docker Store:

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