Welcome Canonical to Docker Hub and the Docker Verified Publisher Program

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Canonical will distribute its free and commercial software through Docker Hub as a Docker Verified Publisher. Canonical and Docker will partner together to ensure that hardened free and commercial Ubuntu images will be available to all developer software supply chains for multi-cloud app development. 

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Canonical is the publisher of the Ubuntu OS, and a global provider of enterprise open source software, for all use cases from cloud to IoT. Canonical’s Ubuntu is one of the most popular Docker Official Images on Docker Hub, with over one billion images pulled. With Canonical as a Docker Verified Publisher, developers who pull Ubuntu images from Docker Hub can be confident they get the latest images backed by both Canonical and Docker. 

The Ideal Container Registry for Multi-Cloud 

Canonical is the latest publisher to choose Docker Hub for globally sharing their container images. With millions of users, Docker Hub is the world’s largest container registry, ensuring Canonical can reach their developers regardless of where they build and deploy their applications. 

This partnership, which covers both free and commercial Canonical LTS images, so developers can confidently pull the latest images straight from the source without concern for rate limits. 

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Canonical chose Docker Hub as its primary distribution for its Ubuntu images to developers for three key reasons: 

  • Canonical wanted a container registry with developer ubiquity, that had simple integrations with developer automations, and an independent, un-opinionated registry provider. 
  • Canonical wants to enable developers to build new apps on top of Ubuntu with the most flexibility and optionalty for where their apps will run both today and tomorrow. 
  • These features of Docker Hub fit well with Canonical’s focus on delivering secure trusted images to customers through image provenance and ongoing maintenance and updates. 

As a Docker Verified Publisher, Canonical joins a list of over 200 ISVs using Docker Hub to distribute their software to developers where they get their work done. When Docker Hub users see the Docker “Verified Publisher” mark, they know that the containers they are pulling come straight from, and are supported by, the ISV publisher.

With 13 billion container image pulls per month from nearly 8 million repositories by over 11  million developers, Docker Hub is the industry’s leading container registry. Docker Hub delivers developers the largest breadth and depth of container images and plays a central role in building and sharing cloud-native applications. Docker Verified Publishers like Canonical ensure that the millions of Docker developers can easily and confidently find images and get to the business of app innovation. 

As part of this agreement Docker and Canonical will also collaborate in the coming months on the Ubuntu versions of Docker Official images to extend the quality of these already trusted and widely-used images .

You can get more information about Canonical’s announcement here, or browse the Canonical LTS offerings on Docker Hub. Software publishers and ISVs interested in joining the Docker Verified Publisher program can get more information by filling out this form.


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