Beta Docker Community Edition for Google Cloud Platform

Mar 8 2017

Today we’re excited to announce beta Docker Community Edition (CE) for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Users interested in helping test and improve Docker CE for GCP should sign up at We’ll let in users to the beta as the product matures and stabilizes, and we’re looking forward to your input and suggestions.

Docker CE for GCP is built on the same principle as Docker CE for AWS and Docker CE for Azure and provides a Docker setup on GCP that is:

  • Quick and easy to install in a few minutes
  • Released in sync with other Docker releases and always available with the latest Docker version
  • Simple to upgrade from one Docker CE version to the next
  • Configured securely and deployed on minimal, locked-down Linux maintained by Docker
  • Self-healing and capable of automatically recovering from infrastructure failures

Docker CE for GCP is the first Docker edition to launch using the InfraKit project. InfraKit helps us configure cloud infrastructure quickly, design upgrade-processes and self-healing tailored to Docker built-in orchestration and smooth out infrastructure differences between different cloud providers to give Docker users a consistent container platform that maximises portability.

Installing Docker CE for GCP

Once you have access to the beta, the simplest way to setup Docker CE is using the

Cloud Shell feature of the Google Cloud Console:

 gcloud deployment-manager deployments create docker \
    --config \
    --properties managerCount:3,workerCount:1,zone:us-central1-f

Setup takes a few minutes and the install output includes instructions on how to connect to the fully operational swarm.

[email protected]:~$ gcloud compute ssh --project my-project --zone us-central1-f friism-test-manager-1
Welcome to Docker!

You can now start deploying apps and services on Docker. Docker CE for GCP has the same load-balancer integration as Docker CE for AWS and Azure so, any service that publishes ports is immediately available. For example, if you start an nginx service exposed on port 80, that will be immediately available on port 80 on the IP address of the loadbalancer displayed in the deployment output:

docker service create -p 80:80 nginx

You can use Docker CE for GCP directly from the Cloud Shell or use the `gcloud` command-line tools to set up an SSH tunnel to more easily deploy projects from your local machine.

An even simpler way to access your GCP Docker install is by using the new beta Docker Cloud fleet management feature. Simply register the swarm with Docker Cloud from the Cloud Shell:

Docker community edition (ce) for google cloud platform (gcp)

Now the swarm is available for use on Docker for Mac and Windows, and you can easily share access with team members by adding their Docker Ids.

Docker community edition (ce) for google cloud platform (gcp)

To try out Docker CE for GCP sign up at We’re busy improving the beta based on user input and we’re looking forward to your feedback. Later in the year, we’ll also add Docker Enterprise Edition (EE)  support so stay tuned for more!

Learn More about Docker Community Edition (CE) for Google Cloud Platform (GCP):


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