Announcing the DockerCon EU 2018 Sessions

Oct 6 2018

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DockerCon EU 2018 sessions focus on how Docker works for you. From the latest in Docker technology, to how-tos for your developer and IT infrastructure and operations team, to customer stories on how they are transforming their business with Docker, this year’s program was revamped based on audience feedback. The result –  we’ve doubled your favorite content! That’s right, we’ve expanded our popular Using Docker track into two customized tracks for those that are hands on with Docker technology on a daily basis – Using Docker for Developers and Using Docker for IT Infrastructure and Operations.  

DockerCon is for Teams

DockerCon is better with friends and colleagues. In Barcelona we are introducing tracks specifically dedicated to developers and IT Infrastructure and Operations professionals. Combined with hands-on learning opportunities with Official Training, Workshops and Labs, there is no shortage of ways to level up on how to work with containers every day. So grab your colleagues and register together to take advantage of our DockerCon for Teams offer: Teams of 4 or more get 10% off their registration and 10 or more get 20% off.

Using Docker for Developers

This track is designed to cover the range of topics applicable to developers looking to work with containers for their applications. Developers new to Docker technology can find ways to get started and those who are already containerized can learn advanced tips or new use cases to apply to their projects.

Building Your Development Pipeline
Laura Frank Tacho, CloudBees
Oliver Pomeroy, Docker

5 Patterns for Success in Application Transformation
Elton Stoneman, Docker

From Monolith to Microservices
Jeff Nickoloff, Consultant

Tips and Tricks of the Docker Captains
Brandon Mitchell, BoxBoat

App-in-a-Box with Docker Application Packages
Michael Irwin, Virginia Tech

Developing with Docker Containers
Laura Frank Tacho, CloudBees

Docker Containers in a Serverless World
Jules Testard, Docker

Continuous Delivery with Docker Containers and Java: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Daniel Bryant, Datawire

Using Docker for IT Infrastructure and Operations

With more and more applications being built in containers and going to production, IT infrastructure and operations team can benefit from this track to learn everything from building a strategic plan and architecture to the implementation and ongoing operations to help you maintain your application SLAs.

How To Build Your Containerization Strategy
Lee Namba, Docker

Building Your Production Tech Stack for the Docker Container Platform
Bret Fisher, Independent

Don’t Have a Meltdown! Practical Steps for Defending Your Apps
Liz Rice, Aqua Security
Justin Cormack, Docker

Rolling Immutable Upgrades of Docker Enterprise
Sune Keller, Alm Brand
Loke Johannessen, Alm Brand
Brett Inman, Docker

Making Legacy Legendary – A Windows 2003 Application Journey to the Cloud
Indy Bains, CapGemini
Steve Richards, Docker

Day 2 Operations
Remy Clement-Hausman, Docker
Sarah Christoff, Cloudreach

High Availability with Docker Enterprise
Alex Drahon, Docker
Steve Richards, Docker

Black Belt

A conference favorite is back. The black belt track is for engineers and architects looking to dive deep into a one specific technology area at a time related to distributed systems and applications.

Monitoring and Debugging Containerized Systems at Scale
Jaana B. Dogan, Google

Program the Cloud Using Containers as the Building Block
Joe Duffy, Pulumi

Practical Istio
Zack Butcher, Tetrate

Categorizing Docker Hub’s Public Images: End-to-End Machine Learning Pipeline with Docker Enterprise and Kubeflow
Amn Rahman, Docker
Roberto Hashioka, Docker

Avoiding an Identity Crisis: Authentication with Windows Server Containers
Steven Follis, Docker
Israel Vega, Jr., Microsoft Inc.

Why We Moved From a CRD to API Aggregation in Compose for Kubernetes
Christopher Crone, Docker

Dynamic Authorization and Policy Control for Docker Container Environments
Torin Sandall, Styra
Justin Cormack, Docker

Check out the announced DockerCon EU 2018 sessions here.


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