Introducing the Docker Certification Program for Infrastructure, Plugins and Containers

Mar 02 2017

Docker Certification Program

In conjunction with the introduction of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), we are excited to announce the Docker Certification Program and availability of partner technologies through Docker Store. A vibrant ecosystem is a sign of a healthy platform and by providing a program that aligns Docker’s commercial platform with the innovation coming from our partners; we are collectively expanding choice for customers investing in the Docker platform.

The Docker Certification Program is designed for both technology partners and enterprise customers to recognize Containers and Plugins that excel in quality, collaborative support and compliance. Docker Certification is aligned to the available Docker EE infrastructure and gives enterprises a trusted way to run more technology in containers with support from both Docker and the publisher. Customers can quickly identify the Certified Containers and Plugins with visible badges and be confident that they were built with best practices, tested to operate smoothly on Docker EE.

Save Your Seat: Webinar – Docker Certified and Store on March 21st.

There are three categories of Docker Certified technology available:

  • Certified Infrastructure: Include operating systems and cloud providers that the Docker platform is integrated and optimized for and tested for certification. Through this, Docker provides a great user experience and preserves application portability.
  • Certified Container: Independent Software Vendors (ISV) are able to package and distribute their software as containers directly to the end user. These containers are tested, built with Docker recommended best practices, are scanned for vulnerabilities, and are reviewed before posting on Docker Store.
  • Certified Plugin: Networking and Volume plugins for Docker EE are now available to be packaged and distributed to end users as containers.  These plugin containers are built with Docker recommended best practices are scanned for vulnerabilities, and must pass an additional suite of API compliance testing before they are reviewed before posting on Docker Store. Apps are portable across different network and storage infrastructure and work with new plugins without recoding.

Docker Certification presents an evolution of the Docker platform from Linux hackers to a broader community of developers and IT ops teams at businesses of all sizes looking to build and deploy apps on Docker for Linux and Windows on any infrastructure. Many components of their enterprise environment will come from third parties and Docker Certified accelerates the adoption of those technologies into Docker environments with assurances and support.

From the Ecosystem to Docker Certified Publisher

The Docker Certified badge is a great way for technology partners to differentiate solutions to the millions of Docker users out there today. Upon completion of testing, review and posting into Docker Store, these certified listings will display the  badge for customers to quickly understand which containers and plugins meet this extra criteria. Docker Store provides a marketplace for publishers to distribute, sell and manage their listings and for customers to easily browse, evaluate and purchase 3rd party technology as containers.  Customers will be able to manage all subscriptions (Docker products and 3rd party Store content) from a single place.


Docker Store is the launch pad for all Docker container based software, plugins and more – and to kick off the program, we have the following Docker Certified technologies  available starting today.

Get started today with the latest Docker Community and Enterprise Edition platforms and browse the Docker Store for Certified Containers and Plugins for a great new Docker experience.


11 thoughts on “Introducing the Docker Certification Program for Infrastructure, Plugins and Containers

  1. What is the difference between Certificate Program and Content Trust Program?

  2. Avatar for Dan Powers

    sandeep seelam

    Hi docker team,
    good day,
    Please send me details regarding docker certifications
    fee particulars, india authorized prometric centers.

    Awaiting for your reply.

    • These are not Education Certificates but Technology Certificates.
      In other words this is a HW/SW compatibility Matrix for Infrastructure,Containers and Plugins.

      Or you can also call this as an Interoperablity Matrix/Certification …….

  3. Whats is the actuall cost for taking up Docker Certification Program for infrastructure

    • Avatar for Dan Powers

      Nandakumar Kuthalaraja

      This is not the Developers'/Architects' certification program but it is for certifying the infrastructure/containers for Docker standards.

      • I would like to know the details of the certification program. Please let us know more details on this and also the fee details.

        Also let us know where we need to write the exam.
        Thanks for the reponse

  4. how to enroll for docker certification and what is the cost?

  5. Need More Info…

  6. Can you provide us more info, please?

  7. Where can I find the process/cost to get a docker volume plugin docker certifified.

  8. Would like to know cost for certified docker infrastructure

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