Docker-Sponsored Open Source Program

The open source community is at the heart of modern development. Right now, developers around the world create new technology through open source. And we’re here to help you make those innovations a reality. In the Docker-Sponsored Open Source (DSOS) Program, non-commercial open source developers can continue to collaborate, innovate and push their projects forward — all with the support of Docker’s platform and tools.

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Why join the program?

Improve discoverability and build brand awareness on Docker Hub

Your images are verified by Docker and get a special badge on Docker Hub. The increased visibility makes it easier for your project to be discovered — and gives developers the confidence that they’re pulling images vetted by Docker.

Focus on productivity and innovation

Save time and focus on innovation with free autobuilds to set up CI for containerized projects. With autobuilds, Docker automatically builds images from source code in your external repository and automatically pushes the build image to your Docker repositories.

Say goodbye to rate-limits

Program members, and all users pulling public images from your project namespace, get access to unlimited pulls and unlimited egress.

Unlock the benefits of a free Docker Team subscription

Core contributors of your project namespace get access to a year-long Docker Team subscription which includes: Docker Desktop, 15 concurrent builds, unlimited Docker Hub image vulnerability scans, unlimited scoped tokens, role-based access control, and audit logs.

Docker open source image 1

Qualification Criteria
To qualify for the program, your project namespace must:

  • Be shared in public repos.
  • Meet the Open Source Initiative definition
  • Be in active development (this means image updates are pushed regularly within the past 6 months or dependencies are updated regularly, even if the project source code is stable)
  • Not have a pathway to commercialization. Your organization must not seek to make a profit through services or by charging for higher tiers. Accepting donations to sustain your efforts is permissible.

We encourage the authors of open source projects to include documentation that meets the recommended community standards. This means a detailed project description on your Docker Hub pages that includes a link to your project in Github, as well as contributing guidelines. Projects lacking this information might not receive the Docker Sponsored Open Source badge for their images on Docker Hub. 

Open Source Program Terms of Agreement 

  • Program benefits are provided only to project leads and core project committers.
  • Program status and benefits are valid for one year and can be renewed if your project still meets the program requirements.
  • You may use the program benefits solely for developing non-commercial open-source projects.
  • You may not share free licenses with any third parties.

Apply Today

If your open source project complies with the above criteria, and you’d like Docker to support your project on Docker Hub, please complete and submit the application form. Or reach out to us at [email protected]