Docker Navigator: Docker Desktop 4.27 and Docker Build Cloud Roll Out

Issue #0002 by Rikki EndsleyFeb 14, 2024

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Welcome to the February edition of the Docker Newsletter, where we dive deep into enhancing your development workflow and up-leveling your skillset.

First up, we explore the significant updates in Docker Desktop 4.27, including synchronized file shares and the GA release of Docker init, which makes it easier than ever to containerize your applications. Then we introduce Docker Build Cloud, a new solution to speed up build times and improve developer productivity. Plus, don’t miss out on the latest Docker initiatives, including Docker Scout for open source projects and our endorsed Udemy courses to sharpen your skills.

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Docker Desktop 4.27: Synchronized File Shares, Docker Init GA, Private Extensions Marketplace, Moby 25, Support for Testcontainers with ECI, Docker Build Cloud, and Docker Debug Beta

The Docker Desktop 4.27 release includes the synchronized file shares feature, which brings fast and flexible host-to-VM file sharing, offering a performance boost for developers dealing with extensive codebases. Plus, Docker init is now generally available with support for multiple languages and stacks, making it simpler than ever to containerize your applications. Read the release blog post to learn more about the updates and features packed in the latest Docker Desktop.

Docker News

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Introducing Docker Build Cloud: A New Solution to Speed Up Build Times and Improve Developer Productivity

We’re developers, too, so we explored ways to speed up build time without sacrificing the local development experience we love. That’s how Docker Build Cloud was born. Watch our introduction to Docker Build Cloud for a quick intro to our newest product announcement, or try Docker Build Cloud now.

Announcing Docker Scout Software Supply Chain Solution for Open Source Projects

If your open source project participates in the DSOS program, you can start using Docker Scout today. If your open source project is not in the Docker-Sponsored Open Source program, you can check the requirements and apply.

Docker Launches Endorsed Courses on Udemy

Docker has partnered with Udemy to endorse courses on the Udemy platform and support developers in learning and upskilling. All courses are available for individual purchase, and 5 are included with an existing Udemy Business subscription.

Dive Deep

The Top 100+ Developer Tools 2023

Thanks to the StackShare community for voting Docker #3 in the “Build, Test, & Deploy Tool of the Year (2023)” category. 

Using Docker in Unusual Ways

Check out this sponsored video from Dreams of Code to discover a few different ways to use Docker to improve your workflows.  

Docker: Build Multi-Platform Container Images with Buildx

In this video, Docker Captain Nilesh Gule explains how to use Docker Buildx to build multiple images from the same Dockerfile to target Linux/AMD64 and Linux/ARM64 images.

Docker Compose Watch — Docker Quick Tutorial

Check out this video by Docker Captain Francesco Ciulla for a quick tutorial on using Docker Compose Watch.

What Is Docker Scout?

Docker Captain Sarthak Shrivastava provides an overview of Docker Scout, which provides actionable insights for software supply chain management. Check out his blog post and YouTube video to get started with Scout.

The Dice Tech Salary Report — 2024 Edition

The 2024 Dice Tech Salary Report is now available. According to the section on salary trends, “Skills such as Docker and Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) are necessary for building out the next-generation infrastructure that organizations will need for their next digital transformations, including the integration of next-generation technologies such as AI, advanced automation and data analytics.” Read the report to learn more.

Docker Tutorial for Beginners | Dockerize Any App in 2024

The JavaScript Mastery YouTube channel provides a Docker-sponsored video to kickstart your 2024 Docker journey.

Around the Community

The Ultimate Docker Cheat Sheet

Lukas Aichbauer from DevOps Cycle published a handy Docker cheat sheet you can download as a PDF or an image.

DevSecOps Tutorial for Beginners | CI Pipeline with GitHub Actions and Docker Scout

Learn the fundamentals of DevSecOps from @TechWorldwithNana and get your first hands-on experience with a practical video demo.

Learn Docker Quickly – Machine Learning Project for Absolute Beginners

On the @PythonSimplified YouTube channel, learn the concept of containers, images, and Dockerfiles, and see a step-by-step workflow for developing a simple machine learning program using the Hugging Face Transformers library.

Docker Live and On-Demand Training

Redefining Security Standards: Identity Providers as Certificate Authorities — Fireside Chat

Webinar — February 21, 2024 (11am PST/2pm ET) — Join us for a live Fireside Chat on OpenPubkey, a revolutionary approach to key establishment on the web using SSO. 

Docker Build Cloud: Reclaim Your Dev Time with Fast, Multi-Architecture Builds 

Webinar – Learn how to offload heavy builds to the cloud to reduce wait time and simplify multi-architecture builds.

Skill Up with Official Docker Training 

Visit the training site to see the schedule and recordings.

  • Docker Admin: Set Up Your Org for Success — Learn the fundamentals and best practices to set up your Docker admin organization and manage security settings (for admin and org owners using Docker Business).
  • Docker Scout: Security Throughout Your Dev Workflow — Improve your dev workflows by building with reliability and security from the start, reducing slowdowns, eliminating security flags, and increasing speed to deployment.

On the Calendar

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