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Case Studies


Learn how ADP modernized its applications and built a secure software supply chain to serve its nearly 40 million active users in 113 countries.

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Alm. Brand

Find out how this company stabilized and streamlined its Oracle WebLogic applications and built new applications with Docker Enterprise.

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Assa Abloy

With Docker Enterprise, the world’s largest lock manufacturer can now deliver lock hardware and electronic interfaces to market much faster.

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The 150 year old university had a vision to move applications to the cloud, but diverse infrastructure and applications blocked their path.

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Franklin American

Franklin Enterprise selected Docker Enterprise to increase the rate of innovation and bring services to its customers more rapidly.

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GSK uses Docker Enterprise as the cornerstone of its “Edge Node On Demand” to improve research and accelerate its drug delivery model.

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Indiana University

The university uses the container platform to update, package and deploy many apps across multiple infrastructures with zero downtime.

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Kadaster adopted Docker Enterprise for its multi-tenant private cloud that enabled developers to increase application deployment by 100X.

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Learn how MetLife increases innovation by using the Docker Enterprise container platform to modernize its existing applications.

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Find out how the company achieved a 50% productivity increase in building, testing and deploying applications using the Docker platform.

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Société Générale

Société Générale uses Docker Enterprise to build a container platform solution to support thousands of existing and new applications.

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By using Docker Enterprise as the foundation for their CI/CD and test infrastructure, Splunk was able to increase test velocity and CPU utilization.

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Learn how Visa achieved a 10x increase in scalability when using Docker Enterprise to refactor customer-facing payment processing apps.

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VR Group - Finnish Rail

Learn how this 150-year old company that transports more than 82 million passengers per year saved over 50 percent on its IT budget.

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Docker Enterprise Edition Container Platform eBook

Learn how to reduce IT costs and speed delivery by modernizing your existing applications

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Docker Enterprise Edition Customer eBook

Learn how customers unlocked innovation to accelerate digital transformation using Docker's container platform.

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Docker for the Virtualization Admin

This eBook describes what a container is, the differences between containers and VMs and how they can work with VMs to optimize capacity.

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Docker Enterprise Edition Datasheet

The Docker Enterprise Datasheet provides an overview of the container platform for IT that manages and secures diverse applications across disparate infrastructure both on prem and in the cloud.

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What’s New in Docker EE 2.0 - April 2018

This describes the addition of Kubernetes to the platform and the new features that support the management and security of Kubernetes in multiLinux, multi-OS and multi-cloud customer environments.

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Reference Architectures

An Introduction to Storage Solutions for Docker CaaS

Docker Enterprise offers a range of adaptable and configurable storage solutions to help organizations achieve the optimal platform.

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Building a Docker Secure Supply Chain

Learn about Docker Enterprise and the components that make up the three states of the Secure Supply Chain: code repository, continuous integration and a secure registry for scanning images.

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Design Considerations and Best Practices to Modernize Traditional Apps (MTA) with Docker Enterprise Edition

Learn which applications to modernize and the methodology required to containerize traditional applications

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Development Pipeline Best Practices Using Docker Enterprise

Learn typical development pipeline workflows as well as best practices for structuring your development process using Docker Enterprise

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Docker Logging Design and Best Practices

An overview on how logging works with Docker's container platform, the two major categories of Docker logs and Docker logging best practices.

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Modernizing Traditional .NET Framework Applications

Learn to identify which .NET Framework applications are good candidates for containerization and get guidance on various .NET Framework applications and Docker Windows containers

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Running Docker Enterprise at Scale

Learn how to help size hardware and infrastructure for your Docker Enterprise deployments and to determine optimal configuration for your specific workloads

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Securing Docker Enterprise and Security Best Practices

Learn about the default security of Docker Enterprise as well as best practices for further securing your applications

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Universal Control Plane 3.0 Service Discovery and Load Balancing

This guide covers service discovery and load balancing for both Docker Swarm and Kubernetes workloads

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IDC White Paper: The Rise of the Enterprise Container Platform

How containers and container platforms address increasingly diverse IT environments and the capabilities enterprises should be looking for when evaluating solutions.

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The Forrester New Wave™: Enterprise Container Platform Software Suites, Q4 2018

Download the report and learn why Forrester says that Docker Enterprise “Leads the pack with a robust container platform well-suited for the enterprise.”

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Video Tutorials

Docker Enterprise Edition 17.06 (Video Series)

This video provides an overview of Docker Enterprise 17.06 with new security features like RBAC for nodes and multi-stage builds

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Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0 (Video Series)

This tutorial describes how to build a globally-consistent software supply chain across sites with Docker Enterprise 2.0.

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Docker Networking Demos (Video Series)

This video demonstrates how to network containers on the same host using the bridge driver provided in the Docker container platform.

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Modernizing .NET Apps for Developers (Video Series)

How to break down monoliths, run features in Docker containers and ways to simplify dev and ops

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Modernizing .NET for IT Pros (Video Series)

This video tutorial discusses how to use a container platform for running and managing .NET applications

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Modernizing Java Apps for Developers (Video Series)

Part 1 of this series describes how to use the Docker container platform to modernize Java applications.

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Docker 101 Webinar

The basics of Docker containers including what a container is, how they're used, key use cases for container and an overview of the Docker container platform.

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Docker and Forrester: A Guide to Adopting Enterprise Container Platforms

Join us to learn why you should be evaluating enterprise container platforms now.

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Docker Container Platform Introduction - Animated Video

An overview of a container platform and the components that streamline app delivery and management

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Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0 Demos

This webinar provides an overview of Docker Enterprise and describes secure cluster management, secure application zones and securing the Kubernetes pipeline

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Integrating CI/CD with Docker Enterprise Edition

This webinar describes an overview of Docker Enterprise and how CI/CD workflows are integrated into the platform

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White papers

Delivering Safer Apps with Docker Enterprise Edition and Windows Server 2016

Docker Enterprise enables safer applications with usable security, trusted delivery and application portability/independence.

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Docker and the Three Ways of DevOps

This paper provides a deeper understanding of to apply the three ways of DevOps principles including systems thinking, amplifying and shortening feedback loops and continuous learning.

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Modern App Architecture for the Enterprise

This paper describes an enterprise container platform built specifically to deliver agility, portability and control for developers and IT operations teams.

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