Docker Expands Trusted Content Offerings for Developers

New collaborations with AWS, Datadog, Mirantis, Red Hat, VMware and other industry leaders expand access to trusted application building blocks to more than eight million registered Docker developers

PALO ALTO, Calif. – May 27, 2021 Docker, Inc.™, today announced an expansion of the company’s trusted-content offerings for software developers. Among today’s announcements is the launch of the Docker Verified Publisher program, which provides access to Docker differentiated and trusted content that developers can leverage as reliable building blocks for their applications. Datadog, Red Hat and VMware are the latest three publishers to join a program that has seen 100 companies join in the last six months. Adding to trusted content distributed through Docker, the company also announced the upcoming availability of Docker Official Images into public and private registries from Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) and Mirantis. In a separate press release, Docker
announced updates and enhancements to the Docker Collaborative Application Development Platform.

“We are thrilled to announce the Docker Verified Publisher program’s availability to even more publishers and the distribution of Docker Official Images to even more developers through even more registries,” said Docker CEO Scott Johnston. “This greatly expands choice for developers to complement Docker Official Images and solidifies the Docker platform and Docker Hub as the de facto standard for trusted, secure container images.”

Secure software supply chains are becoming increasingly important to development teams as they work to lower the risk of exposure to malicious content while they build applications. Using reliable content at every stage ensures applications are secure and minimizes time and money spent on resolving security issues. With Docker, developers no longer need to worry about the source of their images. Instead they can quickly and confidently discover and use images in their applications from known, trusted sources. Docker Verified Publisher offerings include popular developer components such as Bitnami and Spring software from VMWare, RedHat Universal Base Images (UBI), Canonical Ubuntu and more.

Leveraging the success of Docker Official Images and the existing Docker Open Source program, the Docker Verified Publisher program extends to commercial content incorporating trusted solutions for developers that are part of the application delivery pipeline. With the Docker Verified Publisher program, developers can build, share and run applications quickly with confidence — knowing that each component is secure at every stage of the software supply chain.

Millions of developers rely on Docker Hub as their primary source for trusted content, including Docker Official Images and Docker Verified Publisher images. Developers will soon have the flexibility to download these images from their choice of registry including Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public (Amazon ECR Public) and Mirantis Secure Registry. This offers developers the ultimate flexibility to benefit from the trusted content provided by Docker using the registry of their preference.

With over 200 ISVs using Docker Hub to distribute their software to developers, users who see the Docker “Verified Publisher” badge know that the images they are pulling come straight from, and are supported by, the publisher. With 13 billion image pulls per month from nearly 8 million repositories by more than 13 million developers, Docker Hub is the industry’s leading public container registry. Docker Hub delivers developers the largest breadth and depth of container images and plays a central role in building and sharing cloud-native applications.

Trusted Content Powered By Docker

Nick Coult, General Manager, Amazon ECR & Amazon ECR Public, AWS

“Our customers expect the highest levels of availability and performance for their container applications, and a container registry is one of the key elements of performance and availability for many customers adopting containers. With Amazon ECR and Amazon ECR Public, AWS customers can rely on a highly available, high performance container artifact registry that works with their container applications. And soon, AWS customers using the Docker Official Images can take advantage of the high availability and fast downloads of Amazon ECR Public.”

Michael Gerstenhaber, Senior Director of Product Management, Datadog

“More than half of applications run on containerized infrastructure, and Docker Hub is the primary source for container images, according to our published studies. It is critical that we provide a secure and robust source for our images, and we are excited to be recognized as a Docker Verified Publisher. You can find any Datadog image to start securely monitoring the performance of your infrastructure and applications.”

Adam Parco, CTO, Mirantis

“Developers are increasingly reliant on container images to quickly deploy cloud native applications. We’re excited to have our Mirantis Secure Registry be part of the Docker Verified Publisher. This initiative lowers the risk of exposure to malicious content and gives developers confidence by ensuring applications are secure and minimizing the time and money spent on resolving security issues.”

Mithun Dhar, Vice President and General Manager, Developer Business Unit, Red Hat

“With cloud-native applications being deployed into production across industries, we see development teams increasingly looking for container content that is based on trusted, reliable and verified code. Built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Universal Base Images provide the foundation to create the next wave of enterprise-ready cloud-native applications, and we’re pleased to be able to bring UBI to Docker Hub users as part of Docker’s Verified Publisher program.”

Ashok Aletty, Vice President of Engineering, VMware

“VMware is pleased to join the Docker Verified Publisher’s program. This provides developers unrestricted access to our artifacts, and allows them to safely adopt the popular open-source technologies we’ve made available. We are excited that VMware Tanzu customers, in particular, will benefit from a wider range of complementary services they can leverage as they quickly get apps to market.”

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