New Docker and JFrog Partnership Designed to Improve the Speed and Quality of App Development Processes

Today, Docker and JFrog announced a new partnership to ensure developers can benefit from integrated innovation across both companies’ offerings. This partnership sets the foundation for ongoing integration and support to help organizations increase both the velocity and quality of modern app development. 

The objective of this partnership is simple: how can we ensure developers can get the images they want and trust, and make sure they can access them in whatever development process they are using from a centralized platform? To this end, the new agreement between Docker and JFrog ensures that developers can take advantage of their Docker Subscription and Docker Hub Official Images in their Artifactory SaaS and on-premise environments so they can build, share and run apps with confidence.

At a high level, a solution based on the Docker and JFrog partnership looks like this: 


In this sample architecture, developers can build apps with images, including Docker Official Images and images from popular OSS projects and software companies, from Docker Hub. As images are requested, they are cached into JFrog Artifactory, where images can be managed by corporate policies, cached for high performance, and mirrored across an organization’s infrastructure. Also, the images in Artifactory can take advantage of other features in the JFrog suite, including vulnerability scanning, CI/CD pipelines, policies and more. All without limits.

This is an exciting first for Docker, as the partnership with JFrog opens up new ways of integrating leading tools to improve outcomes for developers. With integration across Docker Hub and Artifactory, premier access to the trusted high-quality Docker Official Images in Docker Hub, and secure, central access to images in Artifactory, we believe this partnership will bring immediate results to our developer communities including:

  • More value to Docker Subscription users with tight integration into private repositories
  • Premier access to trusted, high-quality images from Docker Hub
  • Central access to Docker Official Images in Artifactory
  • Streamlined application development workflows

But this is just the beginning. Over the coming months, we are working to keep improving the integration and connection here to bring new capabilities and productivity improvements to modern app developers. 
You can get started now! If you are an Artifactory user you will see the benefits of premier access to Docker Hub images right away. You can learn more about the announcement from the JFrog blog here. And, you can get technical details and how-to information from JFrog documentation.


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