Docker Acquisition of Atomist Helps Meet Challenge of Securing Software Supply Chains for Development Teams

PALO ALTO, Calif. – June 21, 2022Docker, Inc.®, a leading provider of cloud-native application development tools, content, and services for developers, today announced the acquisition of Atomist, a company founded to improve developer productivity and keep cloud native applications safe. This acquisition accelerates Docker’s secure software supply chain efforts, specifically around observability.

“There is strong alignment between Docker and Atomist and we’re excited to bring their capabilities to the Docker developer community,” said Docker CEO Scott Johnston. “Rod Johnson and his team have put together a solution that provides organizations visibility and control across their software supply chain — without disrupting their existing workflows and tools. Integrating this into Docker will be invaluable in helping developers shift left on security as they create their applications while satisfying DevSecOps teams.”

Atomist was founded in 2015 as a software delivery “eventing platform” which is now focused on cloud-native application security use cases. Engineering teams and security teams want to ship secure software and know that they need to shift left in the development process to accomplish this – a challenging task. With Atomist, organizations gain confidence knowing that they are protected against unwittingly shipping changes that expose them to high risk. Together developers and security teams can ship more secure software faster while minimizing vulnerability overload by only addressing what’s relevant.

“Docker’s impact on how we work has been profound and varied,” said Rod Johnson, founder and CEO. “Docker is both integral to development and a vital part of deployment and is core to how developers work. We’re proud to have built powerful, unique capabilities at Atomist and we’re ready to take them to a much larger audience as Docker.”

All members of the Atomist team will join Docker and will work closely with Docker’s go-to-market and engineering teams to deliver their capabilities to the market.


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