Securing the Software Supply Chain: Atomist Joins Docker

I’m excited to share some big news: Atomist is joining Docker. I know our team will thrive in its new home, and look forward to taking the great stuff we’ve built to a much larger audience.

I’ve devoted most of my career to trying to improve developer productivity and the development experience. Thus it’s particularly pleasing to me that Atomist is becoming part of a company that understands and values developers and has transformed developer experience for the better over the last 10 years. Docker’s impact on how we work has been profound and varied. Just a few of the ways I use it nearly every day: quickly spinning up and trying out a complex stack on my laptop without having to dread uninstallation; creating and destroying a database instance in seconds during CI to check the validity of a schema; confidently deploying my own code and third party products to production. Docker is both integral to development and a vital part of deployment. This is rare and makes it core to how we work.

Docker atomist logos

What does this acquisition mean for users and customers?

First, Atomist’s technology can help Docker provide additional value throughout the delivery lifecycle. Docker will integrate Atomist’s rich understanding of the secure software supply chain into its products. To start with, this will surface in sophisticated reporting and remediation of container vulnerabilities. But that is just the start. As deployed software becomes more and more complex, it’s vital to understand what’s in production deployments and how it evolves over time. Container images are core to this, and Atomist’s ability to make sense of the supply chain both at any point in time and as it changes becomes ever more important. Security is just one application for this insight–although arguably the single most critical.

Second, Docker will leverage Atomist’s sophisticated integration platform. Docker (the company) understands that the modern development and delivery environment is heterogeneous. No single vendor can supply best of breed solutions for every stage, and it’s not in customers’ interests for them to do so. Atomist will help Docker customers understand what’s happening through the delivery flow, while preserving their ability to choose the products that best meet their needs.

Finally, Atomist’s automation technology will help Docker improve development experience in a variety of ways, driven by user input.

We’re proud to have built powerful, unique capabilities at Atomist. And we’re ready to take them to a much larger audience as Docker. This is an important point in a longer voyage, with the best yet to come. Want to be the first to experience the new features resulting from this combination? You can sign up for the latest updates by visiting this page


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