Docker Acquires Tilt to Help Fix the Pains of Microservices Development for Kubernetes

PALO ALTO, Calif. – May 24, 2022Docker, Inc.®, a leading provider of cloud-native application development tools, content, and services for developers, today announced the acquisition of Tilt, makers of a development environment as code for teams on Kubernetes. Docker and the Tilt team will immediately look for opportunities to integrate Tilt technologies for Kubernetes development into the Docker platform to reduce the pains of microservice development.

“Tilt helps developers building apps for Kubernetes get their jobs done faster,” said Docker CEO Scott Johnston. “Integrating Tilt’s features, including live updates and shareable, reproducible development environments, into Docker Desktop will increase development team collaboration and accelerate their release cadence.”

Docker and Kubernetes are built on the Open Container Initiative (OCI) standard that Docker and Google pioneered in 2016. The combination of Docker and Kubernetes allows developers to build, share and run applications using Docker and then deploy the artifact into a managed Kubernetes environment for orchestration and scale. Tilt already interoperates with Docker BuildKit, Docker Desktop, and Docker Compose, smoothing the development process to significantly reduce the complexity that existed in previous proprietary or custom built development environments.

“We built Tilt to help solve the problem of every team trying to figure out how to set up environments to run their apps in dev,” said Nick Santos, CEO, Tilt. “Docker’s commitment and focus to invest more in great tools for developers and development teams made the decision to be part of the Docker team an easy one. We look forward to bringing the power of Tilt to Docker.”

All Tilt employees will join Docker. Tilt’s team will work closely with Docker’s go-to-market and product development teams to integrate the Tilt project into Docker.


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