Docker and Microsoft

Modernize traditional apps and deliver cloud native apps with Docker Enterprise in Azure

Modernize Traditional Apps (MTA) POC Program

Docker, Avanade and Microsoft have partnered together to Modernize Traditional Apps for portability, security and efficiency without recoding or refactoring the app. This program integrates Docker Enterprise Edition, enterprise consulting expertise and cloud infrastructure to deliver demonstrable ROI within one week.

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Solutions For IT Pros

Docker Enterprise Edition in Azure Marketplace

Develop and run your Docker apps directly in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The Docker Datacenter, made up of Docker Universal Control Plan (UCP), Docker Trusted Registry (DTR) and Docker Engine is available in the Azure Marketplace. With cloud templates pre-built for Docker Datacenter you can frictionlessly move dockerized applications from desktop to Azure without any code changes. Realize greater efficiency of computing and operations resources and Docker supported container management and orchestration in just a few steps.

Deploy Docker on Azure

  1. Get your free 30 day Docker evaluation license
  2. Go to Docker Datacenter on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Solutions for Developers

Integrated Developer Tools

Providing a simple yet robust experience is critical for streamlining the developer workflow. Microsoft and Docker are integrating their respective developer toolset together so that either that all developers can have a seamless experience. Docker users can use a single CLI to build apps for both Windows or Linux. The Docker client and Kitematic GUI are now supported for Windows desktop environments. Meanwhile the Microsoft developer can use their favorite IDE like Visual Studio to build and ship apps built in Docker

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