• Active Projects

    Active Projects

    the Docker Projects are active with over 22K commits and 2900+ contributors. Explore and review the Docker Projects and find some areas where you can contribute

  • Most Contributions

    Most Contributions

    At 2030 contributors, the docker/docker project is currently far ahead of its younger "sibling" docker/compose. Still, the chase is on. To date docker/compose has the second highest number of contributors at 373. Review the latest Docker Compose project roadmap to see where you can help.

  • most downloads

    most downloads

    While docker/docker, docker/compose and docker/machine together have a ton of downloads. Our open source Kitematic project gets thousands of views a month and download traffic to match. A lot of people are interested in a Docker GUI

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  • Governance

    Learn about how Docker governance contributes to the direction and policies of the Docker community.

    Read about the Governance Board
  • Board Profiles

    The Docker Governance Board is made up of representatives across the industry, from Docker employees, active contributors, corporate representatives and members of the user community.

    Meet the board
  • Code of Conduct

    To keep our community happy and thriving, all members are expected to follow these guidelines both online and in-person.

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  • Introduction to Docker

    In this course, you will learn the basics of the Docker platform, overview and techonology.

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  • Docker Fundamentals

    In this course, you will learn the specificities of the Docker platform and techonology.

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  • Docker Operations

    In this course, you will focus on the different Docker Products, and their context of use.

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