Managing and Securing Your Docker Workflows

On-Demand Webinar

Picture this: You have hundreds of developers using Docker every day. How do you go about onboarding and managing your users at such a scale without limiting dev productivity, and keeping security in mind? Docker Business was designed to help you do just that.

With a Docker Business subscription, you get access to Docker Hub’s powerful management features, including a centralized admin center to help you better manage and secure Docker workflows. In this webinar we will present a demo of the admin experience, including:

  • Setting up your organization, creating a new team, and managing team members
  • Configuring and enabling single sign-on across the organization
  • Managing developer access to specific images with Image Access Management
  • Managing developer access to trusted registries with Registry Access Management

Join us to learn more about the additional management and security features included with a Docker Business subscription and how to get started.