It’s a wrap! The DockerCon Cool Hacks closing keynote.

Jun 15 2018

Yesterday we continued a long tradition at DockerCon, the Cool Hacks closing keynote. In our Cool Hacks keynote, we like to emphasize applications that push the limits and applications that represent major future trends in container workloads. We also like to feature applications that demonstrate how Docker fueled innovation can be used every day.

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This DockerCon, the three applications we chose embodied all of these characteristics.

Our first hack, by Christopher Heistand of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory is helping save the world. The Double Asteroid Redirect Mission Test (DART) is testing kinetic impact against an asteroid to measure whether one can be redirected. They use Docker to emulate the specialized and expensive hardware, saving them money and development time.

David Aronchick (@aronchick ‏) and Michelle Casbon (@texasmichelle)  demonstrated our second hack with Kubeflow. Machine learning in production workloads, at scale.

And finally, Idit Levine (@Idit_Levine) showed us Gloo. Gloo gives you the portability and choice of a serverless framework, from cloud services like AWS Lambda to running one of the several containerized self-hosted serverless frameworks. All running in Docker EE.

Check out our Cool Hacks closing keynote.

And finally, we wrapped up inviting everyone to DockerCon Barcelona in December, and DockerCon San Francisco in April 2019!

Thanks everyone for another great DockerCon!

To learn more about what happened at DockerCon this week:


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