We Turned Off the Paid Requirement to Skip Update Reminders. Got More Feedback? We’re All Ears!

The August 31st announcement of updating our product subscriptions has enabled us to make serious investments into building what you want. So we’re here to say: let us know what that is! 

On September 13th Scott Johnston announced that we are moving forward with Docker Desktop for Linux. Desktop for Linux is currently the second most liked item on our public roadmap, so it’s an easy call for us to invest in this. We want to know what else you are interested in so we can spend our time building things that will make your life easier. There are two pretty easy ways to get involved:

  1. Up vote Issues. Take a gander through the issues that are out there and up vote ideas you would enthusiastically use for your day to day work. 
  2. Submit a new issue. Have a problem you can’t solve with Docker as it stands today? Want more functionality in parts of the experience? Let us know about it!

There’s a bunch of us here that get together every other week to review the roadmap and give updates to folks, so we promise we’ll see it. Also we’re scanning the feedback we get from your ratings in Desktop and on Hub so that we can have a pulse on what users want us to improve. 

Your feedback also helps us correct our path when we miss the mark, like in 3.3 when we introduced the “Skip this update” behavior. Which is why in Docker Desktop 3.4 and above we removed the requirement to be a Pro/Team subscriber to skip reminder prompts about Docker Desktop releases. Now, when a new update becomes available, the whale icon will change to indicate that there’s an update available and you’ll be able to choose when to download and install the update. Two weeks after an update first becomes available, a reminder notification, like below, will appear.

Pasted image 0

On versions 3.4 and above if you click on “Skip this update”, you won’t get any additional reminders for this particular update. If you click on “Snooze” or dismiss the dialog, you’ll get a reminder to update on the following day. We’re curious what additional changes you’d like to see to the update process, some initial ideas are already on our public roadmap, let us know what you think!

Your feedback really is what makes us thrive. Share with us the good, the bad and the missing. We’re here to listen. 


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