Video: How to Dockerize a Python App with FastAPI

Join host Peter McKee and Python wizard Michael Kennedy for a warts-and-all demo of how to Dockerize a Python app using FastAPI, a popular Python framework. Kennedy is a developer and entrepreneur, and the founder and host of two successful Python podcasts — Talk Python To Me and Python Bytes. He’s also a Python Software Foundation Fellow.

With some skillful back-seat driving by McKee, Kennedy shows how to build a bare-bones web API — in this case one that allows you to ask questions and get answers about movies (director, release date, etc.) — by mashing together a movie service and FastAPI. Next, he shows how to put it into a Docker container, create an app and run it, finally sharing the image on GitHub.

If you’re looking for a scripted, flawless, pre-recorded demo, this is not the one for you! McKee and Kennedy iterate and troubleshoot their way through the process — which makes this a great place to start if you’re new to Dockerizing Python apps. Install scripts, libraries, automation, security, best practices, and a pinch of Python zen — it’s all here. (Duration 1 hour, 10 mins.)

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