Up Your Productivity with these DockerCon LIVE 2020 Sessions

Jenny Burcio

Apr 29 2020

DockerCon LIVE 2020 is the opportunity for the Docker Community to connect while socially distancing, have fun, and learn from each other. From beginner to expert, DockerCon speakers are getting ready to share their tips and tricks for becoming more productive and finding joy while building apps.

From the Docker team, Engineer Dave Scott will share how recent updates to Docker Desktop helps to deliver quicker edit-compile-test cycles to developers. He’ll dive into the New Docker Desktop Filesharing Features that enabled this change and how to use them effectively to speed up your dev workflow.

Docker Engineer Anca Lordache will cover Best Practices for Compose-managed Python Applications, from bootstrapping your project to how to reproduce your builds and make them more optimized.

If you are a Node.js developer, Digital Ocean’s Kathleen Juell will share How to Build and Run Node Apps with Docker and Compose.

And for PHP devs, Erika Heidi from Digital Ocean will demonstrate How to Create PHP Development Environments with Docker Compose, using a Laravel 6 application as case study. She’ll demonstrate how to define and integrate services, share files between containers, and manage your environment with Docker Compose commands.

Or if it’s VS Code or bust, Docker Captain Brian Christner will share how to Become a Docker Power User with Microsoft Visual Studio Code. He’ll cover using VS Code, streamlining your Docker Desktop development workflow with less context switching and built-in shortcuts, bootstrapping new projects, quickly writing Dockerfiles utilizing templates, and how to build, run, and interact with containers all from VS Code.

Apply automation to your workflow and Build a Docker Image Packaging Pipeline Using Github Actions. Gareth Rushgrove, Director of Product at Snyk, will take attendees through a hello world example of building and publishing a single Docker image using the new build-push-action from Docker. Then he will cover best practices for building reusable Dockerfiles while building up to show how multi-stage Dockerfiles and Buildkit help you build smaller images faster.

Speaking of advanced build techniques, Docker Captain Nicolas Dille will dive into How to Improve your Image Builds Using Advanced Docker Build. If you aren’t using BuildKit as your image builder, you will after this session! Nicholas will teach you how to use Docker’s advanced builder to make image builds faster and more secure.

But what about testing? Today’s applications carry a monumental amount of external dependencies and unit testing isn’t enough to deliver quality code. Andrew Crumpler from Global Freight Solutions shares how Using Docker and Compose to Simplify Integration Testing makes Docker an invaluable part of a developer’s toolkit to deliver consistency, convenience and certainty in integration testing.

We’ve highlighted just 8 of the 38+ sessions in this post. Check out what else is on the agenda and start saving sessions to your calendar here.