The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is getting started today

Dec 17 2015

In July Docker became a Founding Member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Today the CNCF gets started with a ratified open governance structure including a Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) to direct technical decisions, for which nominations are open.

Cncf_logo_hztl2 (1)

The CNCF builds on top of the Open Container Initiative (OCI) image format and runtime industry standard, for which governance was established last week. It addresses the needs of developers seeking options at the orchestration layer of the stack, with a goal of defining APIs and standards through a code first approach to advance the state-of-art of container-packaged application infrastructure.

Because there are many competing solutions and no established standards, the CNCF framework encourages collaboration to create a diverse set of interoperable references stacks for container orchestration such as the Docker Swarm integration with Mesos announced earlier this year. The formation of a governance model encourages contributions and further collaboration, providing developers with the resources they need to more rapidly move Dockerized applications into production.

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