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Jim Armstrong

Jun 12 2018

DockerCon San Francisco 2018 is here! From all of us at Docker HQ we want to welcome those that have travelled to be with us in San Francisco. For this year’s DockerCon we wanted to create an experience that uniquely helps YOU figure out where you are today and where you want to go next with your containerized applications and operations. As you get to the Moscone Center in San Francisco, you’ll see signs guiding you towards various stages of the technology adoption journey. Below we’ve summarized common traits that customer like you have at each phase of the journey: once you identify where you click to jump down to some last minute guidance of sessions and activities that we think will be most helpful for each stage.

Click to jump directly to your journey stage:

  • Getting Started: If you’re new to containerization and trying to figure what this Docker thing is and why people are using it, this DockerCon experience is for you
  • First Project: Check out this experience if you’ve got the fundamentals of containerization down and are ready to move on to using the Docker container platform on a real project and build your core containerization team
  • Scale Out: If you’re looking for the right strategy to expand your usage of Docker Enterprise Edition to more and bigger applications, in more departments, across data centers, then the Scale Out journey is built for you
  • Innovation: This stage of the journey is about exploring what’s possible, even though you may be among the first to walk down this path. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT…your business is changing and you’re looking for ways to adapt.

Getting Started

What is Docker? Why Docker? How do I containerize something? All great questions that you’re likely to ask as you begin to learn about the Docker container technology and our company and at DockerCon you can get these questions answered.

 If you’re a hands-on learner you could build a whole schedule for the week around Workshops and Hands-On Labs. Workshops fill up VERY fast so if you can’t get in do not fret! Hands-on labs are another great option to try out containerization and while there’s no instructor, the labs have their own instructions and are easy to use.

If you want to talk to real world users like yourself to see how and why they started using containers, I highly recommend the Hallway Track at DockerCon. Hallway Track makes networking and peer interaction easier. Instead of a set schedule of presentations, Hallway Track meetings are created based on user requests. If you have a question you want to discuss you can simply create a Hallway Track request with your question, and 2 or 3 other attendees can reply and meet with you to discuss your topic.

Of course, there are Breakout sessions aplenty geared towards the new Docker explorer. You can easily find them in the Agenda Builder by filtering on the “Getting Started” and “Beginner” categories in the tool but a few sessions that I’d recommend:

That’s just 4 out of over 100 breakout sessions and then there are Lightning Talks, and of course the Vendor Expo.

Hit the jump to more DockerCon Resources or check out other phases of the journey:

Getting Started  |  First Project  |  Scaling Out  |  Innovation

First Project 

With the fundamentals under your belt, you can start thinking about your first live use case and bringing your core container team together. You might be wondering what makes a good first containerization candidate, and how you and your executives can measure success for the project.

There are some great breakouts designed to help you with the questions you’re facing at this stage of your journey:

  • Trying to understand how other companies got their start with Docker and how they built their core teams? Check out “Building a Docker Center of Excellence: Panel Discussion with MetLife, PayPal, and Splunk”.
  • All of the sessions in the “Docker in Production” track are customer-led sessions and while most are well in to their container journey, you will hear how they got their start.
  • There’s are great sessions by members of our Docker Customer Success teams in the Docker, Docker, Docker track to help you figure out how to handle storage and networking, and how to start troubleshooting when your apps are running in containers.
  • And look for sessions by Docker Captains. These are Docker community leaders who go above and beyond to help people learn to use the Docker container platform. Look for the names Bret Fisher, Adrian Mouat, Tim Tyler, Sujay Pillai, Brian Christner, Kinnary Jangla, Arun Subramanyian, and Michele Leroux Bustamante, all of whom are presenting at the show.

And there will be plenty more Captains in attendance, so seek them out or see if you can join them for a meeting in the Hallway Track. The Hallway Track is a great place to find experts to meet with and ask questions. Instead of a set schedule of presentations, Hallway Track meetings are created based on your requests. If you have a question you want to discuss, simply create a Hallway Track topic, and 2 or 3 other attendees can reply and meet with you to chat about it.

Hit the jump to more DockerCon Resources or check out other phases of the journey:

Getting Started  |  First Project  |  Scaling Out  |  Innovation

Scaling Out

Congratulations on getting your first container projects up and running on the Docker container platform! Now what? Scale can mean increasing your core applications’ capacity to handle peak holiday traffic, like JCPenney will be discussing.

For the team at  Robert Bosch GMBH, scale means coping with the requirements of building a multi-tenant / multi-cluster environment across data centers.

Or maybe scale for you means going from 1 container to 1500 and adding CI/CD, which is the story Franck Davalo, of Société Générale will be sharing. In the Agenda Builder there are 50 breakout in the “Scaling Out” Journey track so there’s plenty to see there.

Chances are, if you’re thinking of scaling out you probably have some pretty specific questions you want to chat about and the Hallway Track is a great way to do that. You can propose a topic and look for 2 or 3 other people to discuss it with, or you can peruse topics that others have proposed and join them. In fact, if you’re at the Scale Out stage of the journey, YOU might be the expert somebody else is hoping to talk to in the Hallway Track, and we encourage you to contribute what you’ve learned.

Hit the jump to more DockerCon Resources or check out other phases of the journey:

Getting Started  |  First Project  |  Scaling Out  |  Innovation


You know all the buzz words here: microservices, cloud native, machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, edge…the same Docker Enterprise Edition platform you hear with initiatives like modernizing traditional applications is also a great platform on which to build the next wave of applications. In fact, there’s a whole track titled Innovation at DockerCon so finding your way to these sessions should be pretty easy! You can hear how the Docker container platform is being used to help build systems for space (as in “hitting an asteroid at 6km/s” space missions). There are sessions on machine learning, IoT, and serverless workloads running on Docker Enterprise Edition; there’s even a topic filter in the agenda builder dedicated to “Big Data + Machine Learning + AI”.

And I can’t say this enough: check out the Hallway Track. It really doesn’t matter what stage of the journey you’re on, the Hallway Track is designed to help you find others at the conference who are in the same boat and share your experiences and ask questions. Networking is one of the biggest benefits of attending shows like DockerCon and I think our Hallway Track is one of the best places where you can learn and share what Docker can do for you.

Hit the jump to more DockerCon Resources or check out other phases of the journey:

Getting Started  |  First Project  |  Scaling Out  |  Innovation

Learn, Contribute, and Collaborate

We hope you enjoy the DockerCon 2018 experience and that you have a chance to check out all the hands-on experiences, that you meet new friends, and that you find your own way to share and add to others’ experience at DockerCon.

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