Our Favourite Picks from the KubeCon Europe 2020 Schedule

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Last Wednesday, the CNCF released the KubeCon Europe 2020 schedule. There are so many talks at KubeCon it can be daunting even to decide what to go to see! Here are some talks by the team at Docker, and some others we think will be particularly interesting. Looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!

Simplify Your Cloud-Native Application Packaging and Deployments – Chris Crone

Chris is an engineer in our Paris office and is also co-executive director of the CNAB project. CNAB (Cloud Native Application Bundle) is a specification for bundling up cloud-native applications, which can consist of multiple containers, into a single object that can be pushed to a registry. Open source projects using CNAB, like Docker App or Porter allow you to package apps that would normally require multiple tools like Terraform, Helm, and shell to deploy, into a single tooling agnostic packaging format. These packages can then be shared using existing container registries and used with other CNAB compliant tools. This can really simplify cloud-native development.

Sharing is Caring! Push your Cloud Application to an OCI Registry – Silvin Lubecki & Djordje Lukic

Did you know that you can store anything into a container registry? Did you ever wonder what black magic is behind multi-architecture images? The OCI Image specification is a standard purposely generic enough to enable use cases other than “just” container images.

This talk will give an overview of how images in registries work, and how you can push CNAB applications and other custom resources into a registry. It will also cover our battle scars with the different interpretations of the OCI spec by the mainstream registries. 

How to Work in Cloud Native Security: Demystifying the Security Role – Justin Cormack, Docker

Working in security can be intimidating and the shortage of people in the space makes hiring difficult. But especially in cloud-native environments, security is something everyone must own. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “what does it take to work in security in a cloud-native environment? How can you move into security from a dev or an ops position? Where should you start and what should you learn about?” then this talk is for you. I decided to submit this talk as my journey into working in security was fairly accidental, and I realised that this is true for many people. I meet a lot of people interested in getting into security, through the CNCF SIG Security and elsewhere, and hope I can give help and encouragement.

More interesting talks

I wrote about the work the community is doing in the CNCF on Notary v2 last week. If you found this interesting and want to learn more, we have an introductory session, with me and Omar Paul from Amazon, which will give a beginner’s view and a working session for in-depth work with Steve Lasker from Microsoft and me.

If you want even more on container signing, Justin Cappos and Lukas Puehringer from New York University have a session on securing container delivery with TUF and another on supply chain security with in-toto.

The containerd community continues to grow and innovate. Phil Estes from IBM and Derek McGowan from Docker are covering the Introduction to containerd, while Akihiro Suda and Wei Fu are doing the containerd deep dive. Also on the containerd theme, the great teachers Bret Fisher and Jerome Petazzoni are giving a tutorial: Kubernetes Runtimes: Translating your Docker skills to containerd.

Dominique Top and Ivan Pedrazas run the London Docker meetup and are both lovely people who have built up a great community. Learn from them with 5 Things you Could do to Improve your Local Community.

Lastly, my friend Lee Calcotte always gives great talks, and this one about how to understand the details of traffic control appeals to my geek side: Discreetly Studying the Effects of Individual Traffic Control Functions.


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