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Openness and transparency are key pillars of a healthy open source community. We’re constantly exploring ways to better engage the Docker community, to better incorporate feedback and to better foster participation.

To this end, we’re very excited to host our first Community All-Hands on Thursday December 10th at 8am PST / 5pm CET. This one-hour event will be a unique opportunity for Docker staff and the broader Docker community to come together for company and product updates, live demos, community shout-outs and a Q&A. 

The All-Hands will include updates from:

  • Scott Johnston (CEO, Docker) who will go over Docker’s strategic vision and where the company is heading in 2021 and beyond
  • Donnie Berkholz (VP of Products, Docker) who will walk us through our product roadmap  
  • Jean-Laurent de Morlhon (VP of Engineering, Docker) who will provide an inside peek on engineering.

We’ll then dive into specific product updates around Docker Desktop, Hub and Developer Tooling, followed by two awesome live demos where we’ll show cool new features and integrations. 

A Community All-Hands is not complete without a community update. We will announce new community initiatives and recognize outstanding contributors who have gone above and beyond to help push Docker forward.

Do you have a question for Docker? Ask away!

We know many in the community have lots of questions but don’t always know where to ask them. Worry not, now’s your opportunity to submit any question you have and up-vote your favorite ones from the community. You can submit your questions anonymously (if you prefer) and we’ll make a selection of the most up-voted ones to be answered during the live Q&A. 

We’re really excited about this All-Hands and we hope to bring together as many people from the community from as many parts of the world as possible. Of course, finding the perfect time for this is impossible and a large chunk of the community won’t be able to dial-in so we’ll make sure to share the recording shortly after the event. As mentioned, this is experimental territory for us and we’ll be trying out different formats and time zones for future All-Hands, incorporating feedback from the community along the way.

See you next week!

Click here to register for the event.

Submit your questions here for the live Q & A 


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