Introducing the Docker Index: Insight from the World’s Most Popular Container Registry

8 billion pulls! Yes, that’s billion with a B! This number represents a little known level of activity and innovation happening across the community and ecosystem, all in just one average month. How do we know? From the number of pulls and most popular images to top architectures, data from Docker Hub and Docker Desktop provide a window into application development trends in the age of containers. 

Today, we are sharing these findings in something we call the Docker Index – a look at developers’ preferences and trends, as told by using anonymized data from five million Docker Hub and two million Docker Desktop users, as well as countless other developers engaging with content on Hub. 

At Docker, we’re always looking for ways to make life easier for developers. Understanding the what, why and how behind these projects is imperative. As these trends evolve, we will continue to share updates on the findings.

Whether containers will become mainstream is no longer a topic of debate. As the Docker Index data suggests, containers have become a mainstay to how modern, distributed apps are built and shared so they can run anywhere. 

Usage is showing no signs of slowing down. Docker Desktop and Docker Hub are reaching an increasing number of developers and users are engaging with content from Hub at higher rates. Content from community developers and open source projects continues to make Hub a central and valuable source for developers looking to build containerized applications. 

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Collaboration is key when building apps so that developers aren’t starting from scratch. Containers have helped to make building blocks the new norm. With container images readily accessible and shareable, everyone can be more productive. 


Modern apps also give rise to increasingly diverse development environments, drawing more attention to the importance of choice. The ability to select your preferred framework, operating system and architecture go a long way in creating a more productive experience for modern app development.

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The ecosystem and community are shaping the future of software development and containers are at the heart of this transformation. The level of activity and collaboration is hitting a new gear and with it, continued advancements in how developers build and share apps. We look forward to sharing updates on the Docker Index data over the course of this year. 

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