Introducing… Dear Moby

May 26 2022

Born in 2013 and beloved ocean wide, Moby Dock is known for helping simplify app development through normalizing and spreading the word about the power of software containerization with the help of his community of friends (read: the Mobyverse). Moby has accrued a “whaleth” of knowledge over the years, and as it turns out, can’t wait to share his advice and best practices with you — the Docker community.

Which is where you come in…Introducing our new developer advice column, Dear Moby, the advice column made exclusively for developers.

So, how does it work?

All you have to do is submit your most pressing technical questions and queries, gather a swarm (or school) of your friends (over krill perhaps?), and tune in for some truly nautically-inspired advice. Examples queries include: questions related to Docker, app development, containerization, engineering, and the like.

You’re “whalecome” to include softer clam shell questions in your submission, but Moby may or may not answer because first and foremost, he wants to help developers achieve their goals.

Chosen submissions will be featured in each installment of the column (and will receive some Moby-approved gear).


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