In Memoriam: Ian Murdock

Dec 30 2015

Dear friends and members of the open source community,

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Ian Murdock passed away on Monday night. This is a tragic loss for his family, for the Docker community, and the broader open source world; we all mourn his passing. To Ian’s children, family and loved ones, we offer our full support and deepest sympathies.

06a32fcIan was perhaps best known professionally as the founder of the Debian project, which he created while still a student at Purdue University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1996. Debian was one of the first Linux distros to be forged, and it is widely regarded as a one of the most successful open-source projects ever launched. Ian helped pioneer the notion of a truly open project and community, embracing open design and open contribution; in fact the formative document of the open source movement itself (the Open Source Definition) was originally a Debian position statement. It is a testament to Ian’s commitment to openness and community that there are now more than 1,000 people currently involved in Debian development.

In the past decade, Ian’s contributions to the tech community continued, as CTO of the Linux Foundation, as a senior leader at Sun Microsystems (including serving as Chief architect of Project Indiana); and most recently as Vice President of Platforms at Indianapolis-based ExactTarget, which became part of Salesforce in 2012.

We consider ourselves lucky to have known Ian and worked with him. He amazed everyone whom he worked with for the depth of his thinking, passion and experience. He was truly brilliant and an inspiration to many of us; his death is a loss to all whom he has known and touched.

If you would like to share your thoughts or condolences, Ian’s family and the Docker family appreciate you sharing them by posting a comment on this page. Additionally, Ian’s family has requested that well-wishers and press respect their privacy and direct all inquiries through Docker.

The Debian community has also posted a remembrance of Ian available here.


648 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Ian Murdock

  1. Thank’s for your impressive work, fellow. RIP.

    • Thanks for your work. It is hard to believe. RIP

    • Anyone who can shape IT world like Ian has great intuition and knows what is going to happen and what is happening !

      People kill themselves when there is no other option,,, but being skilled IT guy, he has too many options to pay back to police other than killing himself. The news are lies

  2. What would my world be if I had never been introduced to Debian? Not sure. One thing is certain though, I am convinced your creation has inspired countless people to join the open-source community as well as more broadly, the free as in speech movement. I would know, I am one of those people you have inspired.

    Thank you Yan.

  3. Toutes mes condoléances…

  4. R.I.P. Emperor.
    The Debian won’t die, Red Hat won’t die, Linux won’t die. You can rest peacefully and leave the rest to us (Linux users).
    We will make sure Windows will fall.
    Er I mean…uhm…dammit…

  5. Thanks for all, Ian. D.E.P.

  6. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Francisco C Soares

    Obrigado por tudo Ian.
    E para sua família:
    Coragem e bom animo neste momento de densas trevas.

    Thanks for everything Ian.
    And for your family:
    Courage and good cheer at this time of deep darkness.

    • “A Beautiful Mind,” is hard to come by… Like a Rose flower just starting to plead its petals, dew-wet glittering in sunrise… pluck it, and you’ll never witness it bloom in full… so sad! To his bereaved family, in your affliction may the knowledge that your friends share your sorrow be a solace to you…

  7. I worked briefly with Ian at sun Microsystems – I was blown away by his humility. A sad day indeed 🙁

  8. Thanks for your contribution in the humanity freedom. R.I.P.

  9. Ian, through his work, has improved my life in uncountable ways. I will miss his spark.

  10. he’ll live through his influence on all of us and people to come.

  11. Tragic and heartbreaking. Condolences to his family. His work will have forever changed many of us for the better. RIP sir.

  12. He attended the Purdue Daemon’s Monday Night Jams. Which is what got him interested in making Linux much easier to install. And upgrade.

    I’ll never know if that path was the best path for his life, but it surely made a difference in the lives of all the people that use Debian and modern package managers.

    Thanks, Ian, for all the years you spent working to make open source better for all of us.

  13. Thanks Ian Murdock

  14. You were the IAN to DEBIAN


  15. Ian is not dead, he lives in his lifelong legacy.
    Only the great people in history have that privilege.
    The family will mourn, but we salute you Ian.
    apt-get install ianliveforever

  16. nuestra mas sincera condolencia. Un abrazo a la familia.

  17. My condolences to everyone who knew him, especially “Deb” from Deb and Ian. But he can be proud for what he did while he was alive!

  18. This hurts…in every aspect you can see this. Not only that he is the founder of Debian, but the story behind his death. I hope he did found somehow his peace, but i’m afraid this was a moment of blindness. I hope it is not.

    RiP and thanks!

  19. Ian changed my life thru Debian. Thank you man for this marvelous distribution and everything else you put your hand on. Descanse em paz.

  20. The man who made the distribution that spearheaded stability, simplicity, standards, freedom.

    Computers themselves are already revolutionary devices; not even for their daily practical purposes, but as a way of thinking about data, thinking about thinking, the nature of information theory and physics beyond atoms,

    And this man put together and fought for a good, reliable, powerful, working system to let people do absolutely whatever they wanted on a computer; more, he enabled others to build on that. Ian Murdock was a giant standing on the shoulders of other giants.

  21. I’m just an average guy who uses stuff that’s directly based on Debian. It’s shocking how you can suddenly realize that someone you have never known has played such an important role in some part of your life.
    Ian has changed the world. Forever and for the better. I hope his friends and family find comfort in how he has safeguarded his own immortality. I wish them strength and comfort to deal with this loss.

  22. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Mario J. Inga Cahuana

    I did learn GNU/Linux thanks to Debian. Q.E.P.D Ian Murdock

  23. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Luis Lobo Borobia

    One of the greatest minds, creator, and contributor to the whole ecosystem tons of companies and organizations rely on.
    R.I.P. Ian.

  24. Triste nouvelle. :'(
    Toutes mes condoléances.

    Merci pour tout Ian !

  25. Thanks for all your hard work on Debian, Ian. 🙁 RIP…

  26. I’m in a bit of shock at the moment. Losing two Ian’s in the span of a week is something else. First, Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister and now Ian Murdock.

    I’ve long since been a fan of Debian and Debian-derrived distributions, and deeply appreciate the groundwork that you laid out. RIP Ian.

  27. Thank you for your work, thank you for showing us that other options are possible, thank you very much

  28. We will miss you and even that might be a little late to say thank you for all you did , is no doubt that your legacy will be in our memories and in our children .

    Thank you and rest in peace .

  29. Esta de mas darte gracias ya que no estas Ian, mis condolensias a tu familia. Nos dejaste el mejor legado posible, esperamos no decepcionarte. Y de todas formas GRACIAS DONDE QUIERA QUE ESTES.

  30. Gracias por todo Ian.

  31. I am a ‘Slacker’ who has never used Debian

    However, I am still saddened by the passing of Ian
    who devoted so many years of hard work to the open source community.

  32. Gracias por tu contribución a la libertad, Debian y tu recuerdo nunca moriran.

  33. Rest in peace / rust zacht.
    Strength and love be to his relatives!

  34. Ian you made me love linux, you made me love open systems. Thank you very much for this. I will never forget what you did for my personal life even I think first time about you when I read you die.
    Rest in peace.

  35. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Gustavo Correia Santos

    R.I.P. My feelings family and thank him for his contribution in the free software world

  36. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Rodrigo Paulo Gomes

    Merci du fond du coeur pour ton immense contribution au monde open source, ainsi qu’au monde en général.
    RIP Ian.

  37. Thanks for all Ian, I don’t use Debian, but you made a great distro. RIP

  38. Is sad, but is true. Murdock thank you. .. thank you. .. rip

  39. Se va un grande, dejando un gran legado.

  40. Thank’s Ian for inventing Debian, your creation is the base for my business… R.I.P. & Akaal, Akaal, Akaal

  41. Descanse em paz, obrigado pelo Debian.

  42. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Claudio Oliveira (Brasília, Brazil)

    Ian’s idea and work made the world a bit better. I wish I can finish my life with something so meaninful. Go in peace, and my condolences to the family.

  43. thank you for all that you gave us,you will be missed deeply by the linux community,my condolences to your family and friends apt-get install sadness

  44. My condolences to family and friends, Debian was the first distro I used, without it more than halves of the derivatives, including * Ubuntu (which is my favorite) would not exist! Children are the closest we can achieve immortality, the knowledge and principles he transmitted to us can touch us, we must consider ourselves as blessed! Rest in peace 😉

  45. This news came as a great shock to me. I’ve never met Ian, but I am big fan of his work especially Debian.
    I’ve did meet other Debian developers. They’re very passionate about this great project.
    I wish his friends and family strength in this sad time.
    In memory of this giant on which shoulders many stand fighting the good fight.
    May freedom be with you all.

  46. Ian, thank you for enriching us with their ideas and changes.
    To his family, my sincere and humble condolences.

  47. RIP Ian.

  48. Good bless you brother.

  49. Just the transparency of his work tells you a lot about this mans intention. I am slightly older and what a contribution and standard of excellence .

  50. Grazie per il grosso contributo che hai dato alla comunità Open Source.

    Riposa in pace!

  51. Thank you for so much and thanks for what many now believe.

  52. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Nícholas André

    Rest in Peace / Descanse em Paz.

  53. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Constantine Nicolaou

    RIP Ian, condoleances to his family.

  54. Espero que los hijos de Ian cuando crezcan conozcan el enorme aporte que su padre hizo al mundo y se sientan orgullosos.
    Somos miles las personas que admirábamos su trabajo.
    Nunca te olvidaremos. Descansa en paz hermano.

  55. My greatest condolances to family and friends! A great man has left us but he did left us a good lifes work with a bog “footprint” around the globe.
    In my line of work i have installed and maintained many servers running Debian. Acctually it was debian that opened my eyes to the linux world!
    Rest in peace, Ian!

  56. thank you Ian, you will live on forever in your legacy. thank you for Debian, thank you so much. Rest in peace.

  57. Expresó mis más sentidas condolencias
    por la muerte de este visionario
    el cual hizo del software libre un mejor lugar
    y nos deja un gran legado.
    descanse en paz .

    I express my deepest condolences
    by the death of this visionary
    which he made the free software a better place
    and leaves a great legacy.
    rest in peace.

  58. A true hero to all mankind. R.I.P

  59. Obrigado pelo seu Trabalho!
    Vá em paz , meus sentimentos aos seu Familiares!!!

  60. As Debian user for over 15 years, it is for me a great sadness to hear this. Thanks Ian for having left this important legacy that has positioned itself as one of the first GNU/Linux distribution based on free software and have defined this important social contract of the organization which is an example of transparency and reliability, and it has been since 1993.

    His work and vision changed the lives of many people, not only in terms of their daily work but also the quality of life of many if we think about how Debian helps people with different abilities, innovative projects and any other projects having established their basis in Debian (such as Ubuntu). My deepest condolences to his family, friends, coworkers and developers.

  61. Gracias por tanto Ian. Buen viaje.

  62. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Mohamed Marzougui

    Toutes mes condoléances .. 🙁

  63. Gracias por todo lo que nos ha dado. Dejas un gran legado. Mis condolencias a la familia y amigos.

  64. Nunca te podré decir lo agradecido que estoy por tu trabajo.
    A la gente grande siempre se les llama demasiado pronto.

    I can never say how grateful I am for your work.
    A great people are always being called too soon.
    Thank you.

  65. Gracias por todo, DEP

  66. Gracias Ian Murdock por nuestro Debian. Personas como el son las que motivan a seguir una ideología de software libre. Mis condolencias a la familia Debian por esa perdida irreparable. Descanse en paz Ian Murdock!!!!

  67. It has been so many years I knew you were the founder of Debian, Ian.

    It’s just yesterday I discovered your blog and I read your story how you discovered Linux, GNU and distrib crafting.
    What you were in now.

    You did it well. What you gave for the open source community is awesome !
    Debian and its spirit is now living on its own.

    I now give all my sympathy for your family and closing, who need it.

    I wish you could shine furthermore.
    You’re now on your own travel, I wish you farewell.
    It’s a wild world, thank you for inspiring us.


  68. I do not care if you believe in God or not.
    I pray merciful God take his soul with Him.
    Prayers will be offered for his soul and his living family.
    A sad day, specially if you know Debian.
    Thanks for your work.

  69. Thanks for all, Ian. D.E.P.

  70. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Paulo Henrique Patrício

    RIP Ian was a Legend for Computer Science.

  71. Avatar for Ben Golub


    RIP Ian, thanks for what you’ve done. We’ll try to continue what you did, and hopefully at least some of us will be able to do something equally good, doing it the ways you’ve always promoted.

  72. Que descanse en paz y pronta resignación a su familia.

  73. Thanks for your dedication and hard work. Moltes mercès. RIP.

  74. I remember when I first time found Debian, I said “Debian is Jupiter of Linux distros. A giant distro.” I can’t even imagine that founder of such a huge movement was a human being like us and is now passed away. So I say we were so lucky people to live in the same age with this genius mind. Rest in peace Ian.

  75. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Ernesto Casstillo – El Salvador

    Hasta siempre querido Ian, que descanses en paz, gracias por todo lo que cambiaste mi mundo, un gran abrazo a tu familia, y un gran abrazo a toda la comunidad, con mis condolencias, es increible tu partida, hasta siempre.
    [Until always dear Ian, you rest in peace, thank you for everything you’ve changed my world, a big hug to your family and a big hug to the whole community, my condolences, you are far away, this is incredible, farewell.] El Salvador. Ernesto Castillo.

  76. Thanks for everything Ian! My condolences for the family and friends :'(

  77. Thank you Ian for Debian.

  78. A Debian volt az első lépcső, ami egy csodálatos, új világba vezetett, és amit a mai napig használok.
    Nyugodj békében, Ian Murdock!

  79. Thank you for everything Ian…respect…

  80. Buen viaje Ian… gracias!

  81. My condolences to Ian’s family. The world, and literally the world, will miss this young man. He had for thought in thinking that the computer language should be free and available to everyone.

  82. Ian made a huge contribution to OSS and, hence, a genuine impact on mankind.

  83. R.I.P Ian :'(

  84. Some of my heroes are nameless, some so far away. Now one of them is gone forever before I could thank him.
    We take people for granted and delay our gratitude. It feels terrible.
    Here’s to you Ian. I owe you so much directly and indirectly. RIP

  85. You definitely made the world a better place – RIP Ian. My condolences to the family.

  86. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Juan Manuel Hurtado

    Ian, muchas gracias por el gran legado que nos has dejado donde quieras que estes, nunca te olvidaremos, mis más sinceras condolencias a tu familia.

  87. Debian was the second distro I used, way back in 2002. There are so many projects that flourished from Debian. Look at Ubuntu and Mint, look at Alpine, look at the lasting changes we have from having a ‘real’ package manager in dpkg and apt. Let’s not forget his work at Sun, too; opening up Solaris is still benefiting FreeBSD and Apple’s OS X.

    He had a wide, global impact, and while it’s way too soon to lose him, I hope that his family and friends know that he will be forever remembered for impacting pretty much every single computing platform there is. I hope he has found peace.

  88. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Fábio Santos (Portugal)

    Thank you Ian.

  89. Debian is my favourite, thanks Ian for everthing.

  90. Thoughts and prayers to Ian’s family and close friends. Wishing you all well through the holidays. Rest in peace, Ian.

  91. Thanks for all your work Ian, deepest condolences to Ian’s family.

  92. I’m really shocked. Floored.

    Ian made significant and important contributions to humanity.

    We failed him.

  93. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Ronald B Falcão

    Com certeza, o Debian é um dos mais bem sucedidos projetos open source que temos hoje. Foi a base de aprendizado de muitos desenvolvedores, é uma das melhores distribuições LINUX para o usuário final,é confiável, é amigável, é seguro. Foi uma triste notícia, condolências (in brazilian portuguese) à todos que de alguma forma faziam parte da vida do Ian.

  94. I have learned a lot thanks to Debian. My life would not be the same without it. RIP

  95. He changed the world.

  96. Thank you Ian.

  97. Thank you for your enormous contribution , being a visionary of a more just society and community . Thanks Ian r.i.p.

  98. Vi la noticia y me quede helado….. Gracias Ian muchas gracias por ser la base y pilar de muchas distribuciones. Debian por siempre..

  99. Thanks for everything, Ian. My best wishes for his family 🙁

  100. I did not know who you were but Debian is something that I base on. What a sad day! 42 is too young! Anyways, rest in peace! You will live forever in the hearts of millions!

  101. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Samuel Domingues

    A distribuição Debian foi a minha porta de entrada no mundo Linux, aprendi e continuo aprendendo muito através dela. Obrigado Ian por toda a sua contribuição, por todo o seu trabalho e empenho. Minhas sinceras condolências a todos os familiares.

    Descanse em paz Ian.

  102. Adiós y gracias Ian.

    All of us, computer scientientists, will remember you as a hero.

  103. Thank you Ian, my condolences to your family.

  104. Debian, back in the days of “Woody”, was pretty much my first real contact with a Linux distribution during my teenage years. The work of everyone involved, specially Ian as an iconic figure have influenced me profoundly, both as a person in the spirit of open source, as well as professionally. May he and his family find peace and closure.

  105. Un grande. El Cielo a ganado un gran líder.

  106. Sad to known, but hope you find peace.
    To the family, my condolences.
    I’ll pray for him.

  107. We all know great people never dies. They live forever through the marks made by them which changes the world. And these marks always will be the inspiration to us make our own marks to make a world a better place. Thank you for all.

  108. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Kilian Pérez González (ES)

    Gracias por tu trabajo y tu legado en Debian. D.E.P. Ian Murdock / Thank you for your work and legacy at Debian. R.I.P. Ian Murdock

  109. Can’t believe, Debian is my favorite Linux distribution

  110. If only to echo words of gratitude and condolences here: Thank you, Ian. You made my life better, I know from the comments here I’m not the only one to benefit from your work.

    My best wishes you find peace.

  111. This is really shocking. Ian is a truly hero in the FOSS community. Debian GNU/Linux has my prefer OS since “Potato”, not only at home but in every professional project I’ve been involved. Among all the Linux distros, Debian is the best of the best. Thanks Ian (and thanks everybody in the Debian Project who thinks like you).

    Hope someday we may know the truth about your tragic departure.

  112. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Suresh Rajashekara

    Thanks Ian Murdock.

  113. Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (sarge) forever!!!! ;(

    If there is something I can say that influenced me to start to think about be an IT guy, I’d say that thing was the Debian Sarge. I can easily remember, as it was yesterday… fighting against Xorg.conf to set up my nvidia gboard or with lilo.conf 🙁
    Today is a pretty sad day!
    My condolences to the family.

  114. Ian,
    I’m a young man that you don’t know. I’ve always told your story about how you’re the ian in debian and how your ex-wife debra is the deb in debian.
    You have inspired me and I always wanted to be like you.
    I will be one more reason why your name will be remembered.

  115. Sobering reminder of indebtedness to a good person I never met, but admired. Sympathy with family and friends, and very appreciative ongoingly of the example of a life well lived.

  116. Ian,
    Você contribuiu significativamente para tornar o mundo melhor.
    Descanse em paz.

  117. RIP, obrigado pelo ótimo trabalho com Debian.
    Minhas condolências a família.

  118. This is a tragic loss for his family, for the Docker community, and the broader open source world; we all mourn his passing. To Ian’s children, family and loved ones, we offer our full support and deepest sympathies.

  119. It’s a great loss for everyone in IT. Rest in peace.

  120. Thank you for everything Ian. You changed the world. I’m cry. I’ll always use your Debian.

  121. Tragic, a young genius. RIP.

  122. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Clementine Dabire

    What a sad news! Christophe and myself presente our deepest condoleances to our friends Susy and Larry. May Ian RIP!

  123. Thanks for your legacy to the humanity 🙂 R.I.P. Ian Murdock

  124. Thanks for your legacy to the humanity. R.I.P. Ian Murdock

  125. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Angelico (Brasil)

    Meus pêsames à família do Murdock.

  126. What a shock. RIP

  127. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Sascha Biermanns

    Danke für das wundervolle Werk, daß du der Welt hinterlassen hast, Ian!
    Ruhe in Frieden

  128. An inspiration to me, to my friends, and to countless out there – then, now and going forward.

  129. Rest In Peace Ian. Condolence to your family.

  130. Thanks for you great job bro. RIP Ian 🙁

  131. You saved me from the task manager, and I hope you’re saved from the pain. I don’t know what to say. Thank you. This is sad. This is incredibly sad.

  132. I am a 7 years old Debian user. Thank you Ian. we miss you. T-T

  133. Thank you Ian

  134. An extremely sad event. Ian’s brilliance was a gift to humanity. God bless his soul. It is also so sad to see police brutality reaching such new peaks in events leading to Ian’s passing. How many more people must lose their lives before we wake up and hold our police accountable?

  135. Rest in peace, Ian. Thank you for your contribution to the open source and free software communities.

  136. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Francisco Treviño

    I want to to thank all Ian’s work in the Debian project.
    It’s a source of work, respect and inspiration.

    Bon courage.

  137. Props out, much thanks and RIP.

  138. Thanks, Ian.
    My sincere condolences to his family.

  139. Thank you ian…

  140. R.I.P. Ian. Your legacy will go on with Ubuntu 🙂

  141. Hasta siempre Ian. Gracias, gracias por todo.

    Un abrazo a toda la familia, descansa en paz.

  142. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Jose Manuel Picaza

    Mis más sentidas condolencias a su familia.
    Gracias Ian por haber existido. Has sido un ejemplo para muchos y no te olvidaremos.

    Sincere condolences for his family.
    Thank you for your existence. You’ve been an example for lot of people. We’ll won’t forget you.
    Your work made me be a better human being.

  143. Ian, you have changed my life via debian. Thank you.

    PS: I really hope that none of the wierd speculations surrounding your death shows up true. I wish you Rest In Peace.

  144. I didn’t have the opportunity to meet Ian but his work and his vision had changed my life forever.
    Thanks for an enduring legacy.

  145. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Fabrice Régnier

    Trop tôt 🙁 RIP

  146. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Ramón Jaramillo

    En español: Ian Murdock, al igual que el Dr. Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie, desarrollador de UNIX y que la gente de la Fundación del Software Libre nos ha enseñado que un mundo informático abierto y libre ES posible. Mis condolencias a su familia y amistades, desde Maracay, Venezuela.

    English: Mr Ian Murdock, like Dr. Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie, UNIX creator and Free Software Foundation people had taught to us that it’s possible an open and free informatic world. My condolences to his family, relatives and friends from Maracay, Venezuela.

  147. My condolences to Ian’s family for their great loss.
    Ian has done so much good for the world.
    He will not be forgotten.

  148. I use Debian for years. Ian really made the world better. So sad to hear this bad news.

  149. Thank you and rest in peace Ian.

  150. RIP!逝者安息,后生可维;

  151. uno de los mejores programadores silenciosos en la historia de Linux y el proyecto Gnu, gracias por dejarnos una gran distro. #Debian

  152. Ian, you may rest in peace. Thank you for your work, while i never used debian, i really know you were a real genius. We will miss you, and your spirit will be with us for ever.

  153. Thank you Ian for everything.The time, the advise,being there and the blessing of knowing you.You changed my life… Thank you.My prayers with the family.

  154. Gracias. Descansa en paz hermano.

  155. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Roberto Capodieci

    May you rest in peace, and may the Karma make its course for those behind the reason of your death.

  156. You saved me from the task manager as well. All my first steps in Linux have been through the Debian How-tos on the net. Debian has brought free knowledge and tools to the masses. A revolutionary concept indeed. RIP IAN. Your legacy will never die.

  157. Ian, muchas gracias por crear una distribución de linux de calidad y acercar a la gente a los sistemas. Gracias, por pensar en el mundo y tratar de hacerlo mejor. Paz en su tumba y condolencias a la familia.

  158. Thank you for your gift to this world Ian

  159. R.I.P
    在 2015 年的最后一天,惊闻 Ian Murdock 去世的消息,内心十分地沉重。
    Debian 和我相伴多年,是我最喜爱的 Linux 发行版。Ian Murdock 的离去是整个开源社群的巨大损失。
    我选择很多其他网友一样,用自己的母语来表示缅怀。因为 Ian Murdock 的贡献是惠及全球的。

  160. 作为debian系用户感谢付出。

  161. Sincerest condolence’s to Mr. Murdock’s family.

    He will be missed.

  162. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Halexsandro de Freitas Sales

    Meus mais sinceros sentimentos a toda família. Que descanse em paz, tendo a certeza de que seu legado permanece vivo!

  163. Your ideas influenced my life. Thanks for bring a better world, with more equity.

    My condolences to your family.

  164. The world is left a darker place. You didn’t go gentle into that good night. Here’s to Debian, its philosophy, your philosophy, the past and the toils of the future.

  165. Thanks for all your work Ian. Condolence to Ian’s family.

  166. Que descance en paz el alma de Ian quien seguramente ha dejado un legado humano a parte del legado tecnológico/social de su proyecto Debian, ¡Hasta luego!

  167. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Aldo Pietropaolo

    My deepest condonlences to Ian’s family. Our many thanks for the great contributions he made to the open source world. You were a true pioneer! We will continue to run with the torch you lit. Rest in peace brother.

  168. Descansa en paz ,mis condolencias a su familia muchas y gracias por todo Ian.

  169. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Michael Bevilacqua

    R.I.P. Ian. The world thanks you for the gifts you left behind.

  170. Ian, neka te čuvaju anđeli, i HVALA Ti za sve 🙁

  171. apt-get install salute

  172. simplemente gracias por todo lo que nos diste…. mil gracias grande!!!!

  173. Thank You, Ian !
    I learned a lot of linux skill and concept from Debian.

    Condolence to your family !

  174. RIP Ian, una gran perdida para el mundo. Qué Dios le de fortaleza y paz a su familia y amigos en estos momentos, gracias a Dios por la vida de Ian y sus contribuciones a la comunidad GNU, un saludo cordial desde Colombia.

  175. Thanks for your great legacy Ian! You have left the world a better place. My condolences to your family!

  176. 多年以来,一直使用Debian,希望早一天原因水落石出,以告慰逝者. For many years, Debian is always my only OS. R.I.P.

  177. Such sad news and my condolence to his family and loved ones.

    Thank you Ian for Debian and all the other open source projects you were involved in.

    R.I.P. Ian

  178. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Manuel Cabrera Caballero

    Rest in peace, Ian, we do not forget for your good work in the opensource.

  179. My deepest condolences to family and friends. Thank you Ian for your contribution to the tech world, thank you for Debian.

  180. Rest In Peace Ian ! . Thanks for all your work Ian

  181. So sad to hear this news. You got me started and dive deep into what the
    world should name THE OS (the lkml not to be put aside, of course – and
    Linus, well…).

    kudos, fare well

  182. It’s a great loss and RIP. You gave the world something great and inspired many others.

  183. Ian, was a pleasure working with you, I’ll always remember what you said to me “Welcome to the merry band of misfits”, Project Indiana was great part of me.

  184. Thank you very much for your great contribution to this world.

  185. Thank you so much Ian, RIP my friend.

  186. Gracias y buen viaje!!!

  187. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Shiwang Kalkhanda

    R.I.P Ian ..
    You are among those few, who have done so much for the computer science world. Your contribution to Debian and other Open Source Project will always be their with ur name.
    Condolences for your family..!

  188. Thanks for all your work, you will remain in all people that you have influenced, all my heart with the family.

  189. Thank you, Ian! We appreciate your work! R.I.P

  190. Thank you so much Ian for all that you have one for us.

    Linux and Open Open Source community will be indebted to you for ever.
    You will always live on via your work “debIAN”

    May your soul rest in peace and may GOD give your family strength to bear this loss.

  191. I use Debian at home and ubuntu at work.
    You changed my everyday life, and maybe the bigger world.

  192. Thanks for all your great work Ian. Apt is the first package manager that i learned. I can’t move on from debian package manager. It’s like first love

  193. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Ramiro Batista da Luz

    My condolences to his family. I am passionate to Debian distribution and love the name, inspirade by a love history.

  194. Thank you!!
    Debian philosophy change my mind, thank you!

  195. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Sergio Francisco

    Rest in peace Ian.
    Thank you for your legacy that you are leaving to us.
    To the family: be proud of this amazing person. He definitely was one of the most important contributors of IT Industry around all the world. I wish peace to all of you during this sad moment of loss.

  196. Dear Ian:
    I can’t believe. I teach debian in my university, and our platforms are supported by debian. I am so sad for your death. Thanks Ian. You are more than debian. A hold and prayer to you anf your family and friends.

  197. Debian fue mi primer contacto con el software libre. Gracias Ian, descansa en paz.

  198. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Hisashi Todd Fujinaka

    I worked with Ian on the Linux Standard Base project about ten years ago. He was always friendly and ready to help the community move forward. One of my biggest brags was that I had Ian’s phone number in my cell phone.

    I always liked seeing Ian’s progress and am sorry that I won’t see it go any further. R.I.P. Ian.

  199. Gracias por todo lo que aportaste a este este mundo. Que en paz descanses.

  200. Gracias. Tu legado es enorme. Te recordaremos siempre.

  201. Gracias por todo, de corazón.

  202. Thanks for all.Your work changed my life (and millions too for sure). You r one with the force now.

  203. Thanks Ian,
    Debian was my first GNU/Linux distro some years ago and is still my choice over any SO.
    I’m so grateful to Ian’s contributions, I have learned so much using Debian that saying thanks is not enough, I owe you one Ian, rest in peace!

  204. Debian GNU/Linux has given the best moments since I do use free software. Thanks a lot Ian. I wish he were in this world yet. Many people are working and learning about free software, because Ian worked so hard for sharing this great GNU/Linux distribution.

    Thanks for all what you did. Thanks a lot. Rest in peace.

  205. Thank you Mr Murdock. You taught many of us the importance of collaboration and sharing. This ethos and Debian as a whole have helped to bring entire communities together, be it the Tor Project, or the countless non-profits which rely on Debian. May you rest in peace.

  206. ¡Gracias Ian por darnos uno de los mejores sistemas operativos que hay en la actualidad!

    Descansa en Paz.

  207. Mourn.
    Continue firmly supporting Debian and free softwares.

  208. My sincerest condolences to Ian’s family in these hard times, may they find the force to overcome this trial.

    Debian, and the spirit it inspired, has been formative for FOSS in general, and is probably the most important distribution around. Thank you Ian for providing this basis. RIP

  209. Whitout you, this could be a very darker world.
    Ian relatives, you are missing an incredible human being, and we are crying with you.

    Sit tibi terra levis.

  210. Free software community is in-deb-ted to him a lot. RMS, Linus, Ian was the order.


  211. Thank’s for your impressive work, fellow. RIP.

  212. Debian was the first Linux distro that I was able to find that was easy enough for me to use without feeling like I was a total idiot, for that I wish to thank you for allowing an old Amiga user to periodically escape from Windows. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Rest In Peace Ian.

  213. My most sincere condolences. There are not even words to express how much of a difference he made in the world for many, now and in the future.

  214. Farewell my friend, you will be missed.

  215. 謝謝您為這世界所做的一切無可取代的貢獻

    as a human being

  216. I’ve been using Debian and only Debian since 1998. At that old time, I had a 386 PC with 8M RAM. And Debian’s minimum RAM requirement was just 4M. What an amazing system! Just love!

    Thank you, Ian! R.I.P.

  217. RIP

    Thank you Ian for the debian project. and your contribution to the linux.

  218. It’s the loss for all of us…

  219. Thank you for all your work and I can’t imagine my current self without it. R.I.P

  220. Thanks for everything Ian , RIP !!!

  221. To Ian’s family and friends: I’m so sorry that he’s gone. *big hugs*

    Ian, you meant a lot to us. Thanks for the advice, the warmth, and your selfless giving. We will remember you always.

  222. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Alex (IT teacher at Barcelona and Debian user)

    Ian, you have been an inspiration for me and many others. Thank you.

    Que la terra et sigui lleu

  223. RIP. Open source god.

  224. He is a legend. A real hero. Thank you for all your legacy for humanity. Rest in peace Ian 🙁
    Turut berduka cita untuk keluarga yg ditinggalkan. Semoga diberi ketabahan.

  225. Thank you, Ian. R.I.P.

  226. An irrecoverable loss to the Opensource Community. We will miss you Ian. Rest in Peace.

  227. R.I.P. Ian…..
    Where would we have been without Debian and Ian Murdock. Thank you !!

  228. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Francesc Juan Navarro

    Gracias por tanto Ian.¡ Hasta pronto!
    Thanks Ian!

  229. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Timo Schlappinger

    We will never forget you. Thank you, Ian!
    Condolence to Ian’s family.

  230. Hi, family joins to the sadness, we send love to Ian’s family. Our distro is a child (one more) of Ian’s ArtWork. A great guy went away. Respect to him

  231. Great Contribution to the open source world

  232. Odszedł Wielki Człowiek. Wyrazy współczucia dla Rodziny.

  233. Using Debian since 16 years, i’m greatful for his wonderful work

    i dont wana count the hours i’ve saved thanks to his incredible work on Debian.

    Thanks Ian.

  234. Thanks Ian for all your great work!!

  235. Thank you and R.I.P, Ian.

  236. R.I.P

    Thank you for your contribution
    apt-get install Ian

  237. Avatar for Ben Golub

    nicolas bichelberger

    The world would not be the same without what he has achieved. R.I.P Ian Murdock.
    – A thankfull Debian user –

  238. Con grande rispetto e con grande contrizione rendo omaggio a uno dei grandi dell’ITC dell’era moderna, comparabile come statura a Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman e Jimmy Wales. Grazie Ian Murdock. Che la terra ti sia lieve.

  239. A lot of thanks for your job. You really change my life. R.I.P.

  240. Great job, Ian!
    I’m a big fans of Debian.
    Thank you for your great creature…

  241. Ian. I do really feel that Debian is the most nice, simple, fast and free Linux OS I have met in my life. Thanks for your work, and your great contribute to the linux community and the free software world.


  242. Rest In Peace bro.Your death touched entire world:(

  243. The world needs people like Ian.The kind of people that sees the world with other eyes, and from their principles create projects that change the world and have influence in how our world works. The kind of people that lead a project, and maintains attached to its principles.

    Thank you Ian, wherever you are now.

  244. My deepest condolences to Murdock’s family. Rest in Peace Brother.

  245. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Antonio Fernández Alonso

    I’m shocked. I still remember when I first watched Debian, so many years ago, after being spending a couple of years with Slackware. His legacy, our work.

  246. Descansa en paz.

  247. I am a student who uses software based on debian and it is very sad to hear this news:( ..R.I.P Ian Murdock and thank you for every open source software you help create.

  248. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Bruno Séradzski

    Une grande perte, les hommes désintéressés, qui œuvre pour le bien de tous, ne sont pas légion…
    Sincères condoléances à sa famille.

  249. Gracias Ian. Has sido un gran hombre.
    Has sido un pilar fundamental en la creación del que hoy es mi SO favorito: Debian y de su sistema de instalación y actualización de paquetes copiado por todos: apt-get.
    Y lo que es más importante aun: has contribuido enormemente a contruir los cimientos de lo que no me cabe duda que es el germen de un nuevo mundo mejor y más humano. Y no hablo solo en el plano informático.
    Espero que tu memoria perdure para siempre.
    Mis condolencias a su famila.
    Descansa en paz.

  250. Ian, muito obrigado pela belíssima contribuição para o mundo. Que sua família seja confortada por Deus.

  251. Pensei em dizer algo em inglês, mas vai o registro em português, mesmo. Gostaria de registrar os pêsames à toda a família do Ian, que foi um marco na história da tecnologia, principalmente do Linux. Deus te receba em paz, Ian.

  252. These are difficult times for a family. Sincerest condolences to them.

  253. Thanks for all you did Ian.
    My Condolences!

    We will remember you.

  254. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Sergio Luiz Araujo Silva

    As a spiritualist person I know I will be able to know him in person and thank him for having made a Huge contribuition to change the world.

  255. RIP imurdock. Many future generations will benefit from your work in Linux.

  256. Siempre te recordaremos y agradeceremos por tus ideas preclaras, que sin duda han cambiado el mundo. Gracias por todo.

    We will always remember you and your eminent ideas, which have undoubtedly changed the world. Thank you for all.

  257. Thanks vor your Great work – R.I.P.

  258. Thanks Ian for everything!
    travel well and rest in Peace!
    May god give strength to your family and loved ones….

  259. Great thoughts will never die.

  260. Al hablar de Debian yo no pienso solo en softwar, pienso en un estilo de vida. Tal vez porque conviví con auténticos debianitas que me introdujeron en ese arte.
    Nunca continué el estudio de programación, he estado enfocada en otras cosas, pero el caso es que el sentido de Debian trasciende el ámbito de desarrollo informático. Ese sentido altruista de hacer las cosas contagia todos los aspectos de la vida de aquellos que son debianitas.

    Al leer sobre la muerte de Ian Murdock no puedo sentir más que agradecimiento a quien él fue. La filosofía Debian me devolvió las ganas de vivir tiempo ha. Una comunidad civilizada en medio de “este matadero salvaje que alguna vez fue la humanidad”.
    El legado que nos deja es más profundo que un sistema operativo virtual.

  261. Thanks for sharing, Ian, you gave us a model to follow, that’s what I tell my students. You’ve left us, your legacy will stay with us.

  262. Ian I didn’t know you but from what I gather on the internet you have advanced the world of technology through the world of free open-source Linux (Debian). My deepest condolences go out to his his family and friends. Suicide is never the answer guys, Ian had so much going for him.

  263. Gracias por todo lo que has hecho por la comunidad. Gracias por Debian.
    Mis mas sinceras condolencias a la familia.
    DEP Ian.

  264. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Francois Scheurer

    It is with an extreme sadness that I read that you have left us Ian.

    Debian is the leading Linux distrib for servers for a reason:
    the masterwork of you and of the community that you have built.

    May this community continue to raise Debian to reach the stars…
    Where you did now probably arrived.

    For Deborah and its Family:
    I join with all the millions of people that offer you our sincere condolences.
    Be proud of Ian, he has changed the world and made it better.

  265. may you find the peace Ian, thanks a lot for everything you gave to humanity in terms of freedom. Many condolence to the family.


  266. R.I.P the best die young… thats so sad…

  267. ¡La muerte no es el final! …. Gracias por todo lo que nos diste. Descansa en Paz.

  268. Thank You, for spend your time to make a better comunity! R.I.P

  269. Thanks Ian Murdock

  270. Debian really helped Linux acceptance to common man, Great initiative and work Ian, RIP Ian

  271. Thanks Ian Murdock.

  272. Thanks for all your work Ian. Condolence to Ian’s family.

  273. Thanks for you great job. Rest in peace Ian.

  274. Goodbye Ian. Vous avez été de la famille des batisseurs. Et quelle magnifique maison vous avez construite ! Je suis très triste. Toutes mes chaleureuses condoléances à ta famille.

  275. Te debemos un motón. Descansa en paz!

  276. So sad. RIP Ian — you made a significant positive contribution to the world and won’t be forgotten.

  277. No será trending topic. Pero los que le conocemos sabemos que fue una de las claves del software libre y su éxito de hoy en día. Por todo ello, gracias Ian!!

  278. Thanx Mr Murdock,
    DEBIAN was and is the best gift box for Linux
    Thanx for all you’ve done and offered to the community
    Always to young to die
    Today is a f…. sad day

  279. A so big lost… My apologies for his family

  280. Rest in peace Ian.

  281. The world would look different, and poorer, without Ian Murdock. That’s about the best a single human can aspire and achieve during a lifetime.
    Thanks for the good work, and rest in peace!

  282. thank you ian. as a long-time user of ubuntu which is based on your original debian,
    and which i have not left for any other , i mourn your passing away. may you be at peace.

  283. My condolences to your family and close people.
    Thank you Ian, thank you very much.

  284. You have change the world Sir. Thank you very much.
    My sincere condolences to his family, friends and coworkers.
    RIP Ian.

  285. Thank you ian for your great contribution in open source community.

    Thank you

  286. Sad news. Thank you Ian!!

  287. Ну, почему, а? Всего ведь 42!! Жить да жить…

  288. Thank you for Debian. Rest in peace, Ian.

  289. Thank you ian for your great contribution in open source community.
    We will always thankful to you
    Thank you

  290. Thank you for your work …
    Rest in peace.

    apt-get purge Ian


  291. gracias por todo tu trabajo.
    mis respetos a la familia.

  292. Leider hat ich nie die möglichkeit es Persönlich zu sagen.

    Danke für Debian.
    Danke für den Support.

    Die Open Source Szene hat mit dir einen Ihrer grössten Förderer und Kämpfer
    für die Digitale Freiheit verloren.

    Andere haben Musiker und Stars als Vorbilder, du warst mir ein Vorbild.

    Danke Ian Murdock.

  293. Deus console os amigos e familiares. É uma perda muito grande para o mundo. Descanse em paz.

  294. Thank you for starting this great operating system.
    My deepest condolences to your family. Rest in peace.

    Köszönöm, hogy elindítottad ezt a nagyszerű operációs rendszert.
    Őszinte részvétem a családodnak. Nyugodj békében!

  295. Thanks for all your work Ian. Condolence to Ian’s family.
    Merci pour tout ton travail, Ian. Condoléances avec ta famille.

  296. All your friends from Phorio are sending condolences! We will miss you.

  297. Grazie, Ian. Hai senza dubbio reso il mondo un posto migliore!

  298. Gracias por todo Ian. Que te vaya bien donde estés.

  299. Thank you! R.I.P.!

  300. Conocí open software usando Debian, gracias Ian y hasta siempre…

  301. 삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다.

  302. There exists an extremely small amount of Linux users who know who Ian is, but there are billions who’s lives were bettered by his efforts. That itself speaks to his contribution to humanity. R.I.P.

  303. Ian was and will always be an important piece of the software freedom in this world, R.I.P.

  304. Debian is, without exaggeration, one of the most important projects of the modern world, on par with the more visible Wikipedia. Without Debian, internet as we know it would have been very different. It is thanks to this kind of efforts that we have avoided the dystopian IT societies that Sci-Fi authors warned us about. Condolences from a French man living in Japan, one of the myriad of developers who wish to one day be honoured to put one brick over the solid foundations that Ian laid.

  305. The Debian GNU/Linux project enabled me to see a whole world of computing beyond the obvious choices presented by school education. Thank you Ian.

  306. Rest In Freedom

  307. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Manuel Villacorta Tilve

    Gracias por todo.
    Descansa en paz.

  308. Thank you for your gift to this world for young generation Ian.

  309. I can only say Thank you…

    Requiescat In Pace

  310. Ian’s work has directly influenced my path in life. Without him my road to knowledge would have been much more difficult. It is with a heavy heart that I type these words. A legend has passed away, but he will live on in each of us who uses his work.

  311. I use Debian every day as basis for my work and projects. And I train young people to use this great technology.

    Thank you Ian for what you did.

    I am so sorry for this tragic loss.

    My deepest condolences to all his family and friends.

  312. Bye Ian ! …
    Thanks for stay this side of code!

    Thanks for make us believe in projects like yours!

  313. Sad indeed. My deepest condolences. My thoughts go to his family, friends, and colleagues. One never knows which dark path’s our friends, family members or colleagues might be walking…

  314. Repose en paix, Ian Murdock.
    Toutes mes condoléances.

  315. Ian desaparece dolorosamente para su familia y círculo más cercano, condolencias para todos, pero nos deja su contribución al futuro de la comunidad de código abierto. Thank you, Ian, jamás te olvidaremos!

  316. Thank you, Ian!


  317. I’d like to thank Ian for everything he gave to us. Not just an OS but a way of thinking, a lifestyle. Rest in peace big boy, your memory will not be forgotten.

  318. Descanza en Paz, no son muchos los que dejan un legado tan grande en el mundo.

    Mis sinceras Condolencias a la Familia.

  319. Sad day for their beloved ones and the FLOSS community. Debian has been my daily driver since a long time ago.

  320. Avatar for Ben Golub

    José Antonio Seguido Doblado

    Gracias por tu esfuerzo y tu legado, Ian…

  321. Sorry to see you go at such an young age Mr. Murdock. It is because of people like you that there is so much advancement in the field of technology, otherwise corporations and human greed will never let quick progress of technology and the society.
    printf(“Goodbye, cruel world”);
    I don’t believe a person of such calibre was not evenly treated by the society and has became the cause of his death. Shame on such a society.

  322. Thank you, Ian. Rest in peace.

  323. May you rest in peace. May the ones you leave behind remember you in the most beautiful way. May the world become a better place. Thank you for all you’ve given us.

  324. My deepest condolences to Ian and His family.

    Ian is not here, but His Ideas are still here. And they will always be here.

  325. RIP friend, and we follow with Debian in your memory

  326. Mis sinceras condolencias a su familia, gracias por darle animo cuando se sintió abrumado, gracias por permitirle a56dar al universo

  327. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Nandkishor Naithani

    I am introduced to Linux World with Debian. Thank you very much.
    Remember you every time I see output of a command.

  328. 2015 , annee pourrie :'(.
    I wish to extend sincere condolences to his family and a message of support to all his relatives to the hardship they go through.
    RIP Ian

  329. My condolences to Ian Murdock family. His legacy will remain alive and present in the life of the whole GNU / Linux community. RIP Ian.

  330. I can’t wax poetic that I knew much of anything about the man that helped me improve my life over the years. But, he did. And my hope is that I am part of the outpouring of condolences and well wishing that helps those he left behind– because my ignorance does not discount the profound impact this one man had on much of my life. I am a better man for the life Ian Murdock led.

  331. Tears, sadness and silence. Tnx Ian

  332. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Miguel A. Alvarado V.

    Rest In Peace old friend. You will always be remembered.

  333. Life wouldnt have been the same without Your contributions, and life won’t be the same. Rest in Peace, and thank You for the efforts of Your life

  334. :-(((
    [ No-one but You (only the good die young) ]

    Though the following lines were composed with Freddie Mercury in mind they fit to Ian’s death as well.

    Queen – No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)

    Thanks a lot for all the great things You did not only for the IT-world! Words can only hardly describe what especially Debian means to its Millions of users….

    RIP and my condolence to Your family and friends! 🙁

  335. All who use Debian or any of the great number of linux distros derived from Debian, we owe him a debt of gratitude.

  336. Merci Ian !
    Vous m’avez tellement facilité la vie…
    Toutes mes condoléances.

  337. Descansa en paz, Ian. Gracias por Debian.

  338. You were a driving force in the Linux community and wherever you focused your attention. You will be missed by many 🙁

  339. Thank you Ian.

    Om Shanti

  340. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Keith Felgemacher

    Never really used pure Debian before. I use Linux Mint Debian all the time and if it wasn’t for this brilliant individual, where would we be with the Linux desktop today? Thank you Ian for bettering my life and my family and friends lives with this great programming code that I have been able to introduce them to. I feel a deep sadness for you and your family. Your family can always be proud of the accomplishment you made to the open source computer world.

  341. It was a pleasure to work with Ian back at SunM. He leaves a wonderful legacy of purpose for all of us in tech. Thank you Ian. Rest in peace.

  342. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Carlos J. Hernández

    Rest in peace Ian. Your leadership and contributions to the world will never let us forget you.

  343. I am so sad for the bad news.
    My condolences to the family 😉

  344. You still live with us through debian.

    Thanks for debian.

    R.I.P Ian Murdock

  345. Mis sinceras condolencias a toda su familia, gracias Ian Murdock por toda tu dedicación al OPEN SOURCE y a la comunidad linuxera


  346. Debian was my first distro, and the best I’ve ever used thanks to its standards and goals and thanks to Ian who lead the way.

  347. Ian RIP, thanks for everything that you have done for humanity.

  348. May the source be with you, fellow. R.I.P.

  349. I wouldn’t have learned Linux as early as I have without the people working on Debian, thank you, and although our time here is ephemeral, rest assured you have left us with something positively lasting.

  350. Debian has changed my life forever, it was the first Linux distro which got me into the open source world back in 2013. RIP. Ian Murdock, you will always live through your legacy.

  351. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Francisco Torres

    Your contribution to our “technological” wellness is immense and will be remembered.

    My prayers. May God give his family strength and peace.

  352. Mon respect et mes condoléances pour son entourage.
    Un leader qui aura su rendre fiable le logiciel libre pour l’industrie informatique.

  353. A great man, it was very important for many peoples in the world.

  354. To Ian’s family my sincere condolence.
    To Ian, thank you so much for the startup of the amazing Debian project, rest in peace.

    Today it’s a sad day.

  355. What would be the world without your work, RIP

    • Descansa en paz y gracias por haber sido el creador de la primera distro con la trabajé y me instalé en casa.
      Gracias tb por promover nuevas vías de uso y acceso al mundo IT a través de tu SO.

  356. Thank you for all you did for our freedom. You will be missed greatly.

  357. It is through his work that I was able to get myself involved in open source projects and got the interest to relearn computer programming. In his few years he has had a significant impact on the old and young as well as on technology and the future of the world.

    I guess good techies are needed in heaven too.

  358. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Sotiris Salloumis

    Thanks for your passion and beautifull creation. Rest in peace. Σε ευχαριστούμε για το πάθος σου και το όμορφο δημιούργημα σου. Ο Θεός να σε αναπαύσει.

  359. What a loss to the community. As a Linux user, I have admired Debian’s uncompromising dedication to quality for many years. I also served briefly on the Open Source Initiative Board with Ian. I can only hope that others with Ian’s devotion to principle will continue to shepherd Debian development and distribution.

  360. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Daniel Fonseca Alves

    Your work change my life, very sad.

  361. What a tragic loss.
    First of all my condolences to his loved ones.

    His work will be remembered with gratitude.

  362. Thanks for everything Ian and your family.

  363. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Antonio Suárez (ESpaña)

    Mi reconocimiento a Ian por Debian y mi afecto a familiares y amigos. Hasta siempre, Ian Murdock. Muchas gracias

  364. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Christophe Monniez

    Il a changé le monde durablement et dans la bonne direction. Merci Ian.

  365. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Eric De La Cruz Lugo

    I am very touched for this sad news, I hope his family find the serenity and peace to bear with this GREAT lost, for those who believe, there is hope for a better future, in Ian´s case he will never be forgotten, he touched so much people around the world RIP

  366. apt-get remove cops
    apt-get install freedom everywhere

  367. Ian’s vision remains with us and will last forever. My deepest condolences to his family and beloved ones.

  368. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Tarcisio Praciano Pereira

    I started using Debian in 1997 when I decided to change from Slackware which had a main problem – it was a one man project and accidentally I fall on Debian and today where I am known it is a Debian user and a Debian marketing person. Some people come up to the mistake to think that I am vendor of Debian.

    I am a mathematician and almost everything I have learned from 1997 up to today was based and strongly supported by my Debian/Gnu/Linux box where I have absolutely everything a I need to do Mathematics and write Mathematics to other people, text editors, programming languages, math directed software, like Maxima which is also the product of idealist, “dedicated to the memory of William Schelter” as it is stated in its opening shell. Well, I have thousands of software installed in my Debian/Gnu/Linux box which make the core of my work. I really do not know where possibly I could have reach if did not have Debian when a I started using as usually we say “using Linux”.
    Thanks to Ian Murdock which was able to build up a strong community which lives independent from him and will certainly live for many years though Murdock is dead. Others should learn from him his capability of leadership which is not ownership and that’s why Debian exists.
    Tarcisio Praciano-Pereira, from Brazil

  369. Avatar for Ben Golub


    sudo apt-get install RIP

  370. You shall always live, in the hearts of Linux users and open-source lovers…

  371. Avatar for Ben Golub


    Земля пухом!

  372. It is hard to believe. RIP

  373. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Romolo Manfredini

    Ian, grazie per il tuo contributo allo sviluppo di un mondo migliore e più libero.
    Rimarrai per sempre nei ricordi di tutti noi.
    Sincere condoglianze alla famiglia.

    Jan many thanks for your contribute to the develop of a better and more free world.
    You will always live in our remembrances.
    My sincere condolences to the family.

  374. Gracias por tu trabajo, Ian. Gracias por tu vida e inspirar la de otros. Espero que adonde hayas ido, sigas cambiando reglas convencionales en compañía de otros grandes.

    Thank you for your work, Ian. Thank you for your life and thanks for to inspire other people. Wherever you have gone, I hope you continue changing conventional rules with others greats.

  375. la fuerza es fuerte en el, se que desde donde esta vigilara que su hijo digital siga el camino que el trazo. Para su familia: pronta aceptación, Ian ahora es luz pura, es parte del universo.

  376. I cut my teeth on Debian 2.0. RIP Mr. Murdock.

  377. Descansa en paz, Ian.

  378. Gracias por la libertad, Ian.

  379. Thank You, Ian. I developed using Debian.

  380. Thank’s for your impressive work, and passion,The community is in mourning, It gone great human, I only say Thanks.

  381. A sad day.

    Rest in peace, sir. And thank you for all of your contributions to the Open Source community – your legacy will inspire innovation.

  382. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Carlos Andres Hernandez

    For me your work opened the gates to the world of open source. My deepest condolences.

  383. I am shocked and saddened. I write this comment from a Debian computer, and I met Ian at a Linux conference while he was representing Open Solaris. He was a fantastic guy, with respect for the old UNIX community and an undying excitement for the future of technology. This is profoundly sad news, but I am so grateful for everything that he has left us.

  384. R.I.P. and thank you, Ian. You shall never be forgotten.

  385. Very sorry to hear that. Rest in peace. Debian has been the foundation of my personal interests and then career since 1998. thanks …ian

  386. Descansa en paz. Todos te debemos algo. Un abrazo para los suyos.

  387. Thank’s for your impressive work.RIP.
    We have just to Say Thank You!

  388. I did not know you, but have been surrounded by and benefited from your efforts so greatly. You will be missed! May you rest in peace!

  389. Infelizmente, um ícone da tecnologia morre. Meus sentimentos aos familiares.

  390. RIP Bro 🙁

  391. Lo siento mucho familia y amigos de Ian.

  392. RIP, Mr. Ian. My deep condolences to your Kith and Kin. OSS community will miss you forever. Thanks is just not enough for what you have done for us. 🙁

  393. Thank you Ian for all the great work you have done for Linux. Ret in peacr

  394. Thanks for all Ian….. you were a legend in the Free Software world… We will miss you a lot..

  395. The world is a better place because Ian lived. That cannot be said about everyone. How much better would it be if he had lived longer. Such a tragic loss.

  396. RIP Ian Murdock. Hats off from a Slackware user who learned Linux with Potato and Woody.

  397. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Elppans Dark Elven

    Condolências à família de Ian Murdock…
    Ian, muito obrigado por deixar seu legado ao mundo do Software Livre e que os Anjos e Deus lhe abençoe e lhe dê muita iluminação.
    Muito obrigado por tudo!

  398. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Elppans Dark Elven

    Condolences to the family of Ian Murdock …
    Ian, thank you for leaving his legacy to the Free Software world and the angels and God bless you and give you plenty of lighting.
    Thank you so much for everything!

  399. thanks to Ian, my live has changed by his work. Best wishes for his family and loved ones in this sad time!

  400. Thank you for starting a movement that has helped many and will continue on for years and years after your passing,

    Rest in peace, Ian Murdock.

  401. Ian Murdock I hope that we can meet on some plain in space and time to give you a hug. I’m sorry you have left.

  402. Thank you and RIP

  403. It’s always the best ones who go first
    The world will remember you as a pioneer

  404. Thanks a lot for all your work. Muchas gracias por todo tu trabajo, somos muchos los que admiramos tu trabajo y usamos Debian todos los días.

  405. Thank you for all your legacy for humanity. Rest in peace Ian

  406. Such a tragic loss of a gifted individual, Ian Murdoch only (42) will always be remembered through his fine works, Debian is just an awesome OS and apt-get makes life easy, condolences to his family and close friends.

  407. Lo siento. Desde Barcelona, Catalunya (Spain)

  408. Thanks from Brazil for freedom.

  409. Thanks Ian…

  410. Sincere condolences to Ian’s family, friends and the open source community. Thank you & R.I.P.

  411. Hi,
    I am deeply sad. I think about his family.
    It is unfair.
    Thank you Ian, for all that you ‘ve made.
    Thank you for all !

    Jonas, from french Polynesia.

  412. My sincere condolence to Ian’s family.
    Rest in Peace Ian, you had a great contribution to world.

  413. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Andrew P. Porter

    In mourning and gratitude — the mourning will heal;
    the gratitude will not end.

  414. Although I had the honor to meet Ian in person , I had the pleasure of meeting his ” Debian ” . Thanks Ian . Rest in peace

  415. Muchas gracias, Ian Murdock, por todo lo que nos has dado.
    Mis más sinceras condolencias a familiares y amigos.

    Thank you very much , Ian Murdock, for all you have given us.
    My deepest condolences to the family and friends.

  416. toutes mes pensées à sa famille. son travail à fait avancer le monde entier dans une démarche positive et généreuse. les meilleurs partent souvent les premiers.

  417. What a loss to the community as a whole. What a loss for his family – and at this time of year, so hard. Terrible waste…
    Just awful news:(

  418. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Gregory Nickoloff

    My condolences to Ian’s family and friends; my profound thanks to Ian.

  419. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Jaime Ernesto Mora

    PAZ A SU ALMA… Extremadamente lamentable ésta pérdida, mis condolencias a familiares y amigos… En su honor, en su memoria las razones que impulsaron su decisión deben confirmarse y la comunidad actuar en función de ello, ha sido la vida de un hombre que realizó enormes aportes

  420. Ian Thank you for your awesome work and your contributions to the open source community.
    It’s a shame that you had leave us, my deepest condolences to his family, Rest in peace.

  421. My deepest condolences to Ian’s family, It makes me feel sad and also angry towards the police, They abused and snatched the life of legend.

  422. Terrible news.

    R.I.P Ian.

    We (probably millions) all owe you so much for your wonderful work on which Ubuntu was based.

    May your family and loved ones never know more sorrow.

  423. Thanks for all your effort. You will not be forgotten. R.I.P.

  424. R.I.P Ian and thanks for everything!

  425. Che la terra ti sia lieve. Riposa in Pace.

  426. Ian, though I never met you, my life and the lives of countless others have been profoundly lifted by your work. Hopefully, one day (soon) your legacy will be understood by those outside the world of free software. Thank you for all you have done. I wish you were still here with us but since you couldn’t stay, all I can say is thank you and I hope that you found a peace that could not be found on earth.

    To Ian’s family, please accept my sincere condolences in this time of hardship, a hardship that I can only imagine. Though Ian is gone, you can rest assured that he will never ever be forgotten. I hope that you will find comfort in the legacy that he has left, and in the fact that his work and contributions have made the world a better place.

  427. Thanks Ian.

    Sincères condoléances à la famille et aux proches.


  428. Her şey için teşekkürler.

  429. I’m so sad for this event… To Ian’s family my sincere condolence.
    ciao Ian

  430. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Darek Fenikowski

    Paca dla Otwartego Społeczeństwa zasługuje na Chwałę. Dziękujemy Ian Spoczywaj w Pokoju

  431. Avatar for Ben Golub

    CHERRIER Sylvain

    Quelle tristesse… Condoléances aux proches… nous sommes tous un peu orphelin maintenant… RIP.

  432. thanks for your work

  433. I use Kubuntu, a debian derivative. I did not know Ian Murdock was the founder until 2 days ago. I read about him, the part that he played on shaping the lives of people, the changes he has brought onto the world with debian and a lot of his open source work. Its an irreplaceable loss. My condolences to his family. RIP Ian Murdock your legacy will live on.

  434. Mi respeto y admiración. Gracias por fundar un proyecto abierto para todo el mundo. Siempre en nuestros corazones. Gracias por todo.

  435. it was very sad news for open source world………………RIP the debian Man

  436. Avatar for Ben Golub

    David Tillemans

    Thank you for Debian project. My condolences to the family.

  437. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Manuel Figueredo Flores

    Muchas gracias Ian

  438. Dear Ian, there’s nothing worse than starting a new year without people who made the world a better place, Thanks for the Debian stuff, It was a very valuable effort. My sincere condolence to your family, RIP

  439. Ian, gracias por el trabajo realizado. Tu vida ha servido para caminar hacia un mundo mejor. Espero que tengas felicidad en tu otra vida. Es un día triste para el mundo. Mis condolencias a toda su familia

  440. RIP Ian, you and your work will be remembered forever. Thanks.

  441. Merci Ian.
    Repose en paix.

  442. Dziękuję za Debiana.
    Spotkamy się w przyszłym życiu…

  443. Debian es la distribución de GNU/Linux que más me gusta, hizo una gran contribución para el software libre.
    Ha sido una pérdida muy grande para la comunidad.
    Espero que hayas encontrado la paz que tanto ansiabas, descansa en paz hermano.

  444. Its people like you that make this world what it is, and it is so very sad to see your demise far too young. So many people will forever learn and gain from your hard work and vision. R.I.P. Ian!

  445. A very sad beginning year 🙁 My daily life is impacted by his work. RIP. All my condolences to his family.

  446. Los que mueren por darle una mejor vida a los demas nunca deben ser olvidados, gracias Ian por darnos el mejor Sistema Operativo que con mucho orgullo podemos considerar nuestro amigo y te lo debemos a ti, Feliz viaje y gracias por tu legado.

  447. Ian and Debian will live forever … We; the community will do it!

  448. I didn’t know that he was so young. My condolences to his family.
    Let rise his seed. The world became a better place thanks to him.

  449. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Carlos Andres Orozco P.

    a great man and visionary, God bless you family in this moment, and give them the strength to affront you go to rest, thanks for all ian!!

  450. Great man, Thanks for your immense contribution on Debian. RIP, you will always live by your work.

  451. Avatar for Ben Golub

    florent bernard

    Toutes mes condoléances à la famille MURDOCK. Merci infiniment Ian pour tout le travail que tu a accompli pour faire évoluer les mentalités ainsi que le monde Open Source. DEBIAN restera toujours ma distribution préférée. Repose en paix cher ami.

    Florent BERNARD
    Ile de la Réunion.

  452. Thank you for investing your energy in a very important project and the (digital) freedom of mankind. R.I.P.

  453. 虽然没怎么用过Debian,但Ubuntu, Linux Mint 是用了七八年了。Ian, RIP.

  454. Thank you for introducing me to Debian S.O.

  455. Thank you very much Ian!


  456. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Wolfgang Lonien

    I’ve met Ian, and he was truly great. Email-interviewed him in 2006, which I just reposted on my blog at

    Thank you Ian. You will be missed.

  457. debian cambio mi vida
    thanks Ian

  458. Ian, Thank you for all your work.
    Without Debian I probably would not have given Linux another try.
    Instead I became LinuxPusher.
    Sincere Condolences to your family.

  459. Mis condolencias a su familia. Su trabajo cambio mi percepción del mundo.

  460. Sincères condoléances pour la famille, un grand merci à Ian pour sa contribution au bien être de l’humanité.

  461. Great soul, great spirit. Still so young.
    You will never be forgotten, Ian.
    Thank you for being you, for all you have done
    and for all you have accomplished.

    A sad day for us and your family.

    Rest in peace.

  462. Ian, per sempre nel mio cuore, mi hai insegnato il sapere condiviso.
    Ian, forever in my heart, you taught me the shared knowledge.

  463. RIP Ian, thank you for your life on earth. It’s a tragedy and i hope your work and aims will be continued for the good of humanity. Bye Great Man.

  464. Qu’il repose en paix.
    Une pensée pour sa famille.
    Nul n’est irremplaçable cependant certaine perte semblent plus dur à digérer.
    Merci Ian et ou que tu sois veille sur le monde du libre il à besoin de toi.

  465. El cielo ha ganado un importante recurso. Elevo una plegaria honrando tu memoria Ian. Dios te acoja en su seno, de fortaleza a tus familiares y nos ilumine para seguir el sendero que bien nos supiste señalar. Descansa en paz GENIO!!!

  466. Sad news. He didn’t just contribute to open source ethics and technology, he provided a delightful example of humilty and uxoriousness in putting his wife’s name first when he named Debian (yes, it’s more euphonious that way but I am sure he liked the order anyway, and rightly).

    I don’t use Debian, but it has made the world a better place (not just the world; I think versions of it have left the earth) and has enabled many derivatives, such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint which I use.

  467. Thank you Ian for your great contributions. May your soul rest in peace.

  468. Sadness, gratitude and respect.

    Always in memory, RIP.

  469. great loss to Linux world.. R.I.P Ian..

  470. great loss to Linux world.. R.I.P Ian..

  471. R.I.P. to the Man with open source vision and to make a noob like me appear to know what he is doing.
    Truly inspirational, condolences to the family, strength to the Debian community

  472. We will miss you and even that might be a little late to say thank you for all you did , is no doubt that your legacy will be in our memories and in our children .

    Thank you and rest in peace .

  473. R. I. P. Thank you for all.

  474. Comunidade e humanidade agradecem !
    Certamente seu espírito elevado o destinou a continuar suas obras num plano superior e mais justo.
    Fique em paz e na memória e saudade dos familiares e amigos.

  475. R.I.P. Ian Murdock.

  476. My deepest sympathies to Ian’s family. RIP Ian.

  477. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Russian Linuxoids

    Земля тебе пухом, парень. Скорбим.
    Rest in peace, man. And thank you.

  478. Rest in peace, Ian !

    I still love and use Debian every single day as favorite Linux Distro !

    Danke für dieses wundervolle Projekt !

    Dieser Tod kam zu früh !

  479. Just su ‘do’ ian…

    Toute ma compassion à sa famille, qui peut être fière de l’empreinte forgée par Debian pour le monde libre.


  480. My sincerely condolences to Ian’s family.
    Ian was a great man and he contributed a lot for a better technological world.
    Today is a very sad day.

  481. If you stop for a second and think how wrong things would be without instruments as apt-get and the contribution that Debian community made in the past… you can just start to realize the importance of this amazing man… R.I.P. Ian and fly to the Infinity and beyond…

  482. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Manuel Ignacio López Quintero

    Muchísimas gracias, Ian, de verdad, gracias por todo. DEP.

  483. Such a large contribution to our world and a solid grounding for how a distro should be done especially in a time where Linux needed a push for a solid stable and reliable platform. A terrible loss to the Linux and IT field.

  484. Like Torvald before – and so many other syn -you changed this world, and we all of us owe you much.
    Rest well, sir. -jc

  485. Thank you so much for your devotion to the Debian project. You’ll never be forget in the computer community.

    My sincere condolence to Ian’s family.

  486. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Javier Orejarena

    Gracias Ian, tu legado perdura en el tiempo. Descansa en paz.

  487. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Marcos Hernández

    Gracias por todas tus contribuciones Ian. Muchas de ellas abrieron nos abrieron oportunidades de aprendizaje y desarrollo.

  488. Archlinux is my bleeding-edge distro, but Debian is my rock-solid, impregnable fortress. Thank you Ian Murdock for giving us one of the, if not the best, Linux distribution the world has ever had. We, and the rest of the Linux community will never forget you. I will always remember you Sir. Thank you, and may you rest in peace.

  489. Salamat for giving us Debian. I only have two Linux distros on my PC. Arch and Debian. Debian is my bomb-shelter. At times when I break things on Arch, I always boot back to Debian. I’m just one from among the many fan of yours here in the Philippines but I would like to say thank you for your life. Salamat po Sir. I would have left Linux a long time ago if it werent for your work. Condolences to your loved ones. May you, sir, rest in peace. Maraming salamat po Sir Ian.

  490. My deepest condolences. Like many others I am still in shock and can’t really believe what happened. I use Debian GNU/Linux since 2003.

    Ian Murdock created a community full of idealism, people who cared about freedom, about helping each other, people who want to make the world a better place by making the best operating system possible – for free.

    He passed away, with apparently no one by his side to help him when he was in despair. It’s incredibly sad.

    Like probably many others around the world I’d like to know what happened. Brilliant people like him are rare, so this is a big loss even in other parts of the world.

    My condolences to his family and friends.

  491. Greetings from Brazil !

    All penguins in the world are in mourning!

    At this time only a taoist commandment comforts us:

    When the originator finished his work, he was absent at infinity!

    At the end of DEBIAN ellipse that points to the infinite are our thoughts!

    Thank you for always IAN!

  492. Невероятно грустно.

  493. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Marcelo Ramirez

    Estimado Ian
    Desde Chile un abrazo grande y eterno, Gracias….. Totales.

    Nuestras sinceras condolencias a la familia.

  494. What a sad news

  495. Sława Ci Ian. Spoczywaj w pokoju.

  496. Mis condolencias a la familia por la perdida de tan gran ser humano

  497. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Valeriano Cossu

    Deepest condolences to the family of one of the greatest geniuses humanity has ever had. Your work and your vision will continue. R.I.P.

  498. Gracias Ian. Eres de esos que han mejorado el mundo en que vivimos con tu esfuerzo y tu esfuerzo. Vivirás siempre en nuestros corazones y en nuestras máquinas….

  499. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Antonio Gregorio

    I’m sorry. This guy was as a light in software for me. Thank you.

  500. A visioner, a great guy, thanks to you.

  501. Con un inconmensurable dolor, en el mundo de la ciencia y el Software Libre, lloramos tu trágica pérdida.
    ✡ Ian Murdock, alav ha-shalom.

  502. Such sad news; Debian was and still is a great philosophy first and foremost, which Ian helped define (The resulting software just happens to be great as well).
    RIP Ian!

  503. Thank you for a wonderful operating system, Rest in peace.

    I’d been using Linux since more than 5 years ago, and I began with a Debian based distro, And I found Debian very easy to use, nothing from the other world, so thank you for bring me an approach to the open source software, that I certainly I couldn’t do it if it wasn’t by your hard work in some begining.

    Thank you Ian, I have nothing more to say,

  504. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Nguyen Hong Quang

    Ian passed away too soon. This is a great loss for the FOSS community. Vietnamese FOSS community would share his grief with the family of Ian and his friends all over the world. RIP

  505. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Moisés Jiménez Sánchez

    RIP. Great man.

  506. Je suis très triste de le disparition de Ian. Grâce à lui, à son travail, à son savoir technique, à son éthique des milliers de personnes dans le monde entier ont bénéficié d’un OS de grande qualité, libre et stable. Il est à la source, avec d’autres, d’un changement mondiale des modèles économiques, du partage des savoirs. Il nous a donné le choix en matière OS libres, c’était une révolution, c’était impensable, et pourtant avec d’autres il l’a fait ! L’esprit de Ian continuera son œuvre avec les milliers de développeurs, de traducteurs, de partenaires qui partagent et partagerons encore longtemps ses concepts, ses idées, sa vision.

    Courage à la famille et aux amis. Ne ne l’oublierons jamais, il est entré, à tout jamais, dans l’histoire de l’informatique. RIP Ian.
    Eric from France

  507. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Yuriy Syrovatko

    My condolences to Ian’s family and friends.

  508. condolences from Russia

  509. Hello Ian, hallo family of Ian.

    Ian, I never met you in person. But on all my computers something you started
    is running. I deeply appreciate your contribution to make this world a better
    place! And I found my ways to contribute to it here and there.

    May you rest in peace.

    From what I can see Ian lived fully. I do believe his soul is inmortal. And
    the magnum opus he started, Debian, will continue to strive.


  510. Thanks Ian Murdock the world did not forget did not forget your work

  511. Ian is not dead, he lives in his lifelong legacy.
    Only the great people in history have that privilege.
    The family will mourn, but we salute you Ian.
    apt-get install ianliveforever

  512. Thank you Ian murdock did not forget did not forget the world for work

  513. Many thanks and my blessings to you Ian. May the openess you embrace continue to uplift our soul.

  514. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Eugene Krevenets

    You made a lot. Thank you man! RIP

  515. Ian, You always be on my Desktop. Rest in Peace, Boss

  516. Thank you for all, Ian, and rest in peace. Even if we don’t know you personally, we’ll will miss you.

  517. Thanks for your precious work! RIP

  518. Thank you Ian, Debian is one of the best open source o. s. and thousand of new software still using it as a base, and it will be.

  519. Meus sentimentos a todos da família. Ian com certeza está entre as muitas pessoas que ajudaram a tornar o mundo um lugar melhor!

  520. Thanks for all Ian. RIP.
    Você me inspirou em ser alguém melhor e fazer meu melhor á humanidade. Obrigado.

  521. unfortunate loss, for people who opted for a more just world and less nocivo.mi sincere condolences.

  522. Thanks for showing your dreams.
    Rest in peace.

  523. From The NetBSD Foundation and Developers:

    With condolences to the Docker team,
    William J. Coldwell
    President, The NetBSD Foundation

  524. Mes sincères condoléances
    Une grande pensée pour sa familles et ses proches
    Que Ian serve d’exemple aux informaticiens d’aujourd’hui et de demain

  525. RIP Brilliance personified. Such a loss and so very sad.

  526. Tú has hecho del mundo un mejor lugar para vivir. Tu vida no ha sido en vano. Al contrario, hiciste muchas cosas buenas en tan corta vida. Lograste hacer cosas que han impactado de manera positiva a millones aún por venir. Gracias por ser tan generoso con tu esfuerzo, con tus capacidades y con todo lo que sabes hacer.

    Descansa en paz y sábete admirado por mí y por muchas personas en todo el mundo.

  527. My condolences to his family. I am passionate to Debian distribution and love the name, inspirade by a love history, RIP.

  528. Thanks for your contribution, RIP

  529. Bad news from the star… Your work was so necessary. I also always have been touched by grace discovering that the name of the distribution was in homage of your wife, such a poetry act. I don’t know your life, but I imagine you like a poet, with tenderness and compassion… I hope you will be free know…

  530. There is people who has a vision that changes the world.
    Debian was this vision. Linux world wouldn’t be the same without Debian (nor the world, ether)

    Besides his Vision, I’ve been told he was gentle and nice person.
    My sincere condolence to Ian’s family

  531. Q. D. G. Gracias Ian por todo lo que haz dado a la comunidad OPEN SOURCE.

  532. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Idah Sithole-Niang

    Dear Larry and Susie
    It is with great sadness that I have learnt of your loss. While I never met Ian, I know Larry, you spoke with great pride of Ian’s achievements and how he formed Debian. My deepest condolences to you all. May his soul rest in peace.

    Thanks Idah

  533. Thanks for debian
    Thanks for you great job
    Thank you, for spend your time to make a better comunity

    bye Ian

  534. my life with no debian? worse or better I don’t know, I’ll never know. but certainly different. Thanks for your work, all of it. RIP.

  535. Terrible news… This is very sad…. Condolences to family and friends. An amazing figure to understand the current IT landscape.
    OSS community will miss you so much. I can just say THANK YOU IAN!

  536. My first Linux distro was Debian 2.2 (Potato), it was love at first sight. Today, Debian is still my favoured distro. Thank you for everything! All my thoughts goes to his family and loved ones, you will be missed.

  537. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Enrique Pascalin

    Ian, I will rembember you always. I use Debian 18 hours of my day since more than 10 years ago. Thanks for your contribution to humankind. RIP friend.

  538. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Cesar Lemos (Brasil)

    # aptitude install love hope future
    Sentiremos sua falta.
    Condolências à família.

  539. My best wishes to your family and all who hold you dear. Yours is a tremendous loss for F/LOSS. Your absence will be felt in so many ways, in so many areas. It is truly incredible how far your touch reached.

  540. En memoria de un gran hombre fundador de uno de los proyectos mś importantes del software libre, descansé en paz Ian Murdock y que su Debian, su legado, persista y evolucione junto al mundo.

  541. Gran pérdida. Descanse en paz

  542. Thank you, Ian. Great job.
    Rest in peace.

  543. Thanks for giving so much of your hard work to many free. What a guy!. My condolences to his family. Rest In Peace.

  544. Thanks for Deb-IAN! Will remember you whenever I boot my machine.

  545. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Rael Gugelmin Cunha

    Thank you for make the world a better place!

  546. Avatar for Ben Golub

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    Everything is very open with a precise description of
    the issues. It was truly informative. Your site is very helpful.

    Many thanks for sharing!

  547. Thanks Ian.

  548. Great man.
    Thanks for your contribution to the open source community, Ian Murdock.

  549. This is quite unfortunate, may his soul rest in perfect peace. Prof. Accept our heat felt sympathy from Nigeria.
    PICS3 Business Consultant

  550. Every day I read your first name in my main work OS, thanks Ian for your job. We will not forget you.
    Repose en paix.

  551. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Roberto J. Romero

    Una gran perdida .Hoy el mundo ha perdido mucho, personas como Ian que derrochan generosidad aportando su saber de forma desinteresada para hacernos la vida mejor y más libre . Mis mas sinceras condolencias a la familia .

  552. Fue placer conocer tu proyecto que ahora se convertirá en tu legado! Estés donde estés no te olvidaremos!!

  553. Thank you man. Rest in peace.

  554. Ahora con mas fuerza debemos defender el software libre, tenemos a quien honrar.

  555. Obrigado pela sua contribuição. Você tornou este mundo um lugar melhor.

  556. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Valeriano Cossu

    My deepest condolences to the family and friends.

  557. I am grateful to be standing on the shoulders of giants.

  558. I’m very sorry to hear this. Debian is always my first choice Linux Distribution and the reason I went full Linux in my home and work. Losing his Father is a great loss for the community. RIP Ian Murdock

  559. i like ian murdock 😀

  560. Thank you very much Mr. Murdock, I am a new user of Linux and I am glad to have such an enjoyable experience with it, and will have many more such great experience with the days to come. Rest in peace.

  561. Глубокие соболезнования родным и близким. Очень жаль.

  562. Thanks for giving the freedom to us, to the people that we love computers.

  563. Ian, Your Debian Distro. is the reason I use linux. You’ll be missed. R.I.P.

  564. RIP, Ian. Thanks for your work and contributions to communinity and humanity.

  565. RIP, And thanks for sharing your awesome works !

  566. You never die, Ian! Just redirected to /dev/null RIP!

  567. My deepest condolences. The death of this genius of a man is a massive loss not only to the world of free software but to every freedom loving individual in the world at large. Ian will be remembered long after the rag tag and bobtail mediocrities who made their millions from copyrights and patents are forgotten. In the long run the Debian distribution of gnu/linux and the philosophy behind it will do more for Africa than any multi-millionaire foundation.
    I hope his family can take some small consolation from this thought.

  568. Rest in peace my friend.

  569. This is a very, very sad news to the Debian / Docker community. My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends. RIP Ian.

  570. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Andy Farnell (computer scientist)

    Thankyou Ian!
    The world owes you so much.
    Debian, and the software freedoms you worked for will live on….

  571. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Jorge Iruzubieta

    Muchas gracias por todo, Ian, Maestro!!!!

  572. H
    you for incredible work you here , have a great trip and stay in peace.

  573. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Casanelli Laurent

    Bravo et merci pour toute ton oeuvre Ian Murdock. Debian est, et restera à jamais, la plus libre, la plus performante et la plus extraordinaire des distributions Linux.
    Tu manqueras au libre…
    Thanks and R.I.P

  574. No conocimos en un congreso de software libre en Barcelona (España), y me pareció un tipo extraordinariamente brillante y humilde. Una gran persona. Me acuerdo de él cada vez que arranco mi ordenador, y veo el logo de debian en mi escritorio.

  575. tousands of small companies live from your work and your genious products.
    we are very sad about your hard decision. What ever it brought you to this, let us hold your effort and your ideals in best memoria and continue in your sense.

  576. Gracias Ian Murdock.

  577. thanks for all is a great loss for the Linux software community and the world

  578. Thank you for your vision and commitment to freedom and for making the world a better place. Debian and your memory will always be with us. I hope your legacy and ideals will be continued for the good of humanity. You will be dearly missed.

  579. Sorry to hear, the debian distro is still the best out there IMO. You will be missed my friend.

  580. Gracias por todo Ian. DEP.

  581. Toutes mes condoléances à la famille et aux proches,
    Debian is my favorite distrib for so many years.

  582. Thanks for ever, dear root.

    Mi mas sentido pesame a la familia, amigos y a la comunidad Debian

    Humildemente propongo que se cambie el nombre de “root” por el de “Ian”.

    cd /heaven && mkdir /Ian\Murdock && find peace.*

  583. People belong with the IT industry can never forgot the services of Ian Murdock.

  584. Lot’s of organisations live from your work and your genius products,
    Debian and your memory will always be with us. you will be dearly missed.

  585. Thank you Ian. We will remember you. Debian is everywhere and I belive the journey you once started will continue for a very long time to come….

  586. Искренние соболезнования родным и близким. Спасибо за все то, что ты успел сделать. Пусть земля будет пухом.

  587. Unbelievable! Ian you were a great man and will never be forgotten. You will live forth in our harts! RIP

  588. Your great work will continue to influence the world. Be at peace.

  589. Thank you Ian for your work and contributions. May you rest in peace. R.I.P.

  590. RIP. Love Debian and its descendants. Struggling to reconcile the philosophies of Linux and ExactTarget tho.

  591. Buen viaje Ian Murdock y Gracias por tu tiempo.

  592. Thank you, Ian. A lot.

  593. Gracias Ian

  594. Mis condolencias a la familia y amigos de Ian.



  595. Ian, ¡que la tierra te sea leve. Gracias!

  596. I only met Ian a few times when I worked for MySQL & we were acquired by Sun. He was exceptionally friendly & respectful, and I always appreciated that.

    My condolences to his family, friends, co-workers & community.

  597. What a great loss to the computer community, you will be greatly missed, but never forgotten

  598. Mis condolencias a la familia y amigos de Ian.



  599. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Erick Trujillo Castañeda

    Si bien Debian no es una Distribucion de moda, la verdad es que es el pilar de muchas otras, incluyendo Ubuntu, a mi me funcionaba como una Roca y por muchos años es lo único que funciono en mi ordenador, estoy seguro que tu nunca pensaste en lo grande que seria tu hijo Debian, hoy lamentamos la perdida de un gran programador y ser humano, que descanses en paz y pronta resignación para tu familia, que de seguro es la que sufre mas que nadie.

  600. Rest in Peace Ian; we all cherish your great work, thank you.

  601. Au revoir Ian. Un immense merci pour ce que tu es et ce que tu as accompli.Tu restera dans l’histoire du coté des grands hommes, de ceux qui auront laissé une empreinte positive et constructive.

  602. merci
    pour l’ avant
    de la tristesse
    de votre

    La commande « goout » est introuvable, vouliez-vous dire :
    La commande « gout » du paquet « scotch » (universe)

    which is not present
    in the informatics

  603. Noticed about it just now. althought too late i will expres my
    condolence for the losing of another great and historic man.

    I don’t knew him personally, but across his great and sincere work
    I feel like if I has lost a friend.

    R.I.P. Ian.
    I will remember you at every boot of my computer.

  604. While I first started using Unix on around 1983 (via VM/UTS on an IBM mainframe), it was a long time before I could finally run Unix-like software on my own personal hardware — between the cost of the hardware and the cost or difficulty of the software. The Debian project was what made using a GNU/Linux Unix-like system practical for me on the desktop about twenty years later.

    Ian’s Debian project, including the Debian manifesto, has also provided an inspiring example for me and many other people in several ways, especially to show the power of collaboration to help everyone do great things either as individuals, teams, or communities. I’m glad we are seeing similar ideas now take root with sharing designs for open manufacturing — inspired in part by Debian’s success.

    Thanks, Ian! Whatever anomaly happened at the end of your time with us for whatever reasons, thanks for doing so much for the world for so long.

    The last blog posts on Ian’s blog like “How I came to find Linux” and “Any interest in a FOSS History Project?” are well-worth reading for anyone interested in technology and society.

    Ian wrote there: “Maybe it’s just because I recently reread Stephen Levy’s Hackers for the nth time, I’m thinking our generation’s story needs to be told. It really was a different time then vs. now — compute and storage were scarce, not abundant; connectivity was rare, not ubiquitous; and the idea of the world’s information being organized and universally accessible was science fiction.”

    I hope that story gets told, including in memory of Ian.

    We have not yet fully adjusted to that change from scarcity to abundance as a globally networked society — to see that change reflected in assumptions made by every social institution and underlying every social policy whether relating to policing, health care, or economics. As I say myself, the biggest challenge of the twenty-first century is the technologies of abundance (like computing, robots, biotechnology, nanotech, nuclear, big data, networking, and even bureaucracy) in the hands of those still thinking in terms of scarcity.

  605. Thanks for your post!! RIP

  606. What a great loss to the computer community, you will be greatly missed, but never forgotten

  607. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Manuel Ramírez

    Ian Murdock no ha muerto, vive en la memoria de su familia más cercana y en cada Debian instalado alrededor del mundo, q.e.p.d.

  608. Grazie Ian mi hai insegnato a mettere le proprie capacità al servizio degli altri …I won't forget

  609. This is really sad news. RIP

  610. This is a great blow to the software industry, We will remember you for your great work rest in peace Ian

  611. RIP Ian Murdock. We will miss you!

  612. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Jan Veidenbergs

    Gracias Ian Murdock , dejaste una gran huella con Debían sin mencionar que fue tu idea que funciono como pilar para muchos sueños e ideas y por eso te doy gracias.

    Que descanses en paz, Gran programado.

  613. You will remain in our hearts, you are a inspiration, Rest In Peace Ian Murdock. Thank you for all. We´ll miss you.

  614. Rest in peace Ian. You are missed

  615. Even after more than a year later and it's still shocking. So young and such a loss to the world. I love Debian GNU/Linux and am forever grateful.

    RIP Ian. 🙁

  616. even i know debian from short time it really hurted me when i knew about his loss that way.
    one more thing i dont believe half of that stories .
    and i know if someone did well he still alive with his works.

  617. Avatar for Ben Golub

    Olamide Nawa Lagos Album

    Thanks for all your work Ian. Condolence to Ian’s family.

  618. Thanks LAN, Miss you

  619. Toutes mes condoléances a la famille de Ian.
    le monde a perdu un grand homme.
    Ian Murdock Paix a ton âme.
    Je suis triste Tu as changé le monde pourquoi partir aussi vite.
    Quand je reverrais mes enfants regarder un toy story toutes mes penser seront pour toi mon ami. (même si je ne te connais pas personnellement)

  620. we love u, cnt forget u.

  621. R.I.P. Ian.
    I will remember you at every boot of my computer.

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