dotCloud, Inc. is Becoming Docker, Inc.

Oct 29 2013

This morning, we officially announced that dotCloud, Inc. is changing its name to Docker, Inc. This change is more than just a new name or new website. Since releasing Docker in March, we have seen it become not just a rapidly growing open source project, but also the center of a vibrant ecosystem that is driving a significant change in how software is written, built, and deployed.

While Docker, Inc. will continue to offer PaaS services under the dotCloud brand, we will be devoting the vast majority of our resources towards growing Docker and the Docker ecosystem, and have fundamentally re-oriented our business model towards Docker-related products and services.

Read on for more information on the Docker ecosystem and our future business model.

The Docker Ecosystem



Docker Community

Since launching, the Docker project has attracted close to 200 contributors, 92% of whom do not work for Docker, Inc. Collectively, they have made slightly less than half of all commits, and about 20% of all code additions.

Docker itself has been downloaded over 100,000 times, and the project has attracted over 6,800 stars on GitHub, becoming one of the fastest-growing open source projects. We know of over 15,000 unique individuals (both developer and devops types) who are using Docker and, they are busy spreading the word. In the past month, there have been over 30 Meetups organized or speeches given by enthusiastic community members around the world. For more on the community, click here.

Docker Public Index

In addition to core contributions, Docker users are publishing Dockerized versions of applications at an increased rate. Since the Docker Index was launched in May, it has become an increasingly important part of the Docker ecosystem. There are now thousands of Dockerized applications on the Docker Index, published by over 3,000 registered users. The index itself is searched over 12,000 times each week. Click here to learn more.


The Docker support system is big and growing. Go to, and you’ll find a rich collection of resources, including documentation, online tutorials (over 15,000 people have successfully completed our interactive tutorial), and friendly and active communities in IRC, Google Groups, and StackOverflow. Starting early next year, we will also be launching professional service, support, and training, offered through a network of certified providers backed by Level III support from Docker, Inc. Click here to learn more.


We are very excited by the partnerships and integrations we’ve announced with organizations such as Red Hat, OpenStack, Rackspace, and Yandex. However, there are plenty of additional efforts to integrate Docker into the popular DevOps tools, including Chef, Puppet, Travis, Jenkins, Salt, and more. Click here for more information.

Third Party Tools

Over 150 Docker-related third party projects are in the works, representing a growing set of tools and services built on top of Docker. These include Docker-specific PaaS, Docker UIS, Orchestration tools, and Docker as a Service.

To help keep a fair and level playing field for everyone trying to build a business on top of Docker (including Docker, Inc.), we have published a set of guidelines. For more information, please click here.

Use Cases

One of the most exciting aspects of Docker is the number of individuals and companies who are both willing to use Docker in their environments and willing to share their experiences. To see use cases by companies such as eBay, Yandex, Rackspace/Mailgun, CloudFlare, RelateIQ, and more, click here.

Docker, Inc.’s Business Model Going forward

Given the momentum that we’ve seen, it was only natural that our company would choose to focus almost entirely on building and nurturing the Docker ecosystem.

For the rest of this year, the team at Docker, Inc. will be focused on three main goals:

  1. Making Docker production ready
  2. Strengthening the infrastructure that supports the community (e.g. Index, Trusted Build System, Docker Developer authentication) that support the community
  3. Driving further progress in adoption, integrations, and usage.

Beginning next year, we will introduce Docker-related commercial services, including:

  1. Managed services for Developers
  2. Managed services for DevOps/Sys Admins
  3. Providing Docker professional service, support, and training, through a network of certified providers backed by a Level III relationship with Docker, Inc. Click here for more information


As you can see, a lot of exciting developments have occurred in the six months leading up to this announcement. We hope to see a lot more in the next seven months. Continued thanks to everyone (both Docker, Inc. team members and the broader community) that have brought us this far.

Stay tuned,



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About Ben Golub


Serial entrepreneur, Ben is the CEO of Docker, and former CEO of Gluster (now part of Red Hat) and Plaxo (now part of Comcast Interactive). Prior to that: VeriSign, Avid, Sun Microsystems, cutting apricots in Cupertino, doing population research in Kenya, and trying to start a business school in Tashkent.

Connect with Ben on Twitter! @golubbe


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  9. Congratulations on the .com website. I’ve never liked the .io site. The types of people who use .io are generally hackers, rather then serious business people.

    Onward to great success, and a new customer base!

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