Dockercon video: DockerCon Hackathon winners

Jul 11 2014

On the weekend before DockerCon, the team at Docker, Inc decided to host a 24-hour Docker-centric hackathon. Big thanks to Chef for sponsoring this event. While participants were not allowed to start the project in advance, they were encouraged to brainstorm prior to the hackathon. Follow these links to view all the photos from day 1 and day 2.


Dockercon hackathon

Each team (1 to 3 people) had exactly 24 hours to complete the project, including the time required to create all materials needed for their presentation in front of the hackathon jury. Here are the selection criteria used by the jury:

  1. Only applications that actually run were judged.

  2. Each project was given 0-4 points in each of the following areas:

    • Novelty. Has anyone ever done this using Docker before?

    • Fit. Does Docker improve the project or fundamentally enable it?

    • Efficiency. Is this implementation small in size, easy to transport, quick to start up and run? Higher scores for more functionality in smaller images and faster start times.

    • Integration. Does the project fit well into other systems, or is it sufficiently complex itself to be its own system? More (useful) interconnection gets more points.

    • Transparency. Can other people easily recreate your project now that you’ve shown how?

    • Presentation: How well did you present your project? Did you speak clearly, cover all the important points, and generally impress people?

    • Utility. Popular vote on how many would use each of the tied projects. So keep your audience in mind!

The 3 winning teams (below) were offered free tickets for DockerCon and a chance to present their projects during the conference. 


Below are their video presentations during the conference and links to their slide decks and GitHub repos when available.

Many thanks to all the participants who made this event a success! We all had a really good time thanks to you and hope to see you again at the next DockerCon hackathon.

Team Dockerana

Team members: Charlie Lewis and George Lewis

Abstract: Instrumentation and logging of docker hosts and their containers.

Check out their GitHub repo




Team members: Ryan Jarvinen and Frederick F. Kautz

Abstract:docker image that helps facilitate open source slideshow authoring by templating content using reveal.js

Check out their GitHub repo and slide deck built with


Team Electric Cloud

Team members: Nikhil VazeTanay Nagjee and Siddhartha Gupta

Abstract: Orchestration and workflow with containers, taking a sample web application from commit to production.

Check out their GitHub repo and their DockerCon Hackathon blog post



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