DockerCon 2022: Community-powered, Developer-obsessed

DockerCon 2022 represents the 8th year of DockerCon. The very first one in June 2014 in San Francisco welcomed 300 participants; last year’s all-virtual DockerCon 2021 welcomed 80,000, and we’re expecting the same this year. The growth in DockerCon participation is a reflection of the growth in the broader Docker developer community: 12 million registered Docker developers from more than 200 countries who collectively have created and shared more than 14 million images which are downloaded 13 billion times per month from Docker Hub.

Docker's ukraine-colored ship sails the open seas.

What’s driving this growth? It’s the global demand for new applications, and Docker gives developers the speed, the choice in tools and deployment, and the security they need to meet this demand. Today at DockerCon you’ll hear many stories from developers about the challenges they faced and how they addressed them with Docker.

To give developers more speed and more choice, today at DockerCon we’re announcing Docker Extensions, the easiest, fastest way for developers to discover, integrate, and start using ecosystem partner tools to build modern apps. Docker Senior Product Manager Amy Bass penned a blog post overview of Docker Extensions, the developer use cases they address, and the 15 Docker Extension launch partners. Check it out here.

Continuing to provide developers choice, today at DockerCon we also announced Docker Desktop for Linux. Docker Desktop has been available for Mac and Windows workstation developers for years and offers them:

  • One-click install and config of open source app development tools, including the Docker Engine, Kubernetes, Docker CLI, Docker Compose, BuildKit, and more;
  • Automatic, incremental functional and security updates;
  • An integrated, managed, and secured Linux VM for running tools and containers; and
  • Integration with the Mac and Windows host filesystems and networking stacks.

With today’s launch of Docker Desktop for Linux, we’re bringing these benefits to Linux workstation developers (and delivering on one of the top-requested features from our public product roadmap). Check-out Docker Senior Product Manager Chris McLellan’s blog post to learn more.

Docker Extensions and Docker Desktop for Linux are just two of the more than 7000+ new features, fixes, and updates we’ve shipped to developers these last 12 months. In addition, we’re providing 14 PB storage, 35 million Docker Engine downloads per month, and 31 PB of network egress per month … 100% free to developers.

Why? Because we want to make Docker accessible to all developers. While the market today stands at 26 million developers, it is expected to grow to 45 million by the end of this decade. And by our estimates more than 80% of developers continue to use Docker Desktop for free. Less than 20% of developers work for large companies, and for those companies using Docker for production applications and needing more visibility, manageability, and security for the 100s or 1000s of developers using Docker, they purchase a Docker subscription. This allows us to hire more engineers to build more features for developers, faster, and to grow our business sustainably.

With the developer market growing to 45 million developers this decade, growing Docker sustainably allows us to serve every developer, current and future. Sustainability means more than simply free access to Docker: it means enabling the next generation of developers to explore areas like AI/ML, serverless/FaaS, WASM, Web3 and more with the Docker tools, skills, and standards they already know. The DockerCon team has built this year’s agenda specifically to help developers ship today’s apps faster as well as to help them prepare for the future.

DockerCon is by developers, for developers, and, eight years in, we continue to be impressed by the creativity and openness of this community. We’re looking forward to a great day!

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