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Let’s DockerCon!

Let’s DockerCon!

DockerCon 2023 will be hybrid — both live (in Los Angeles, California) and virtual. Our desire is to once again experience the live magic of the hallway track, the serendipitous developer-to-developer sharing of tips and tricks, and the celebration of our community’s accomplishments … all while looking forward together toward a really exciting future. And for members of our community who can’t attend in person, we hope you’ll join us virtually!

Docker: Nine Years YOUNG

Nine years ago today, March 15, 2013, Solomon Hykes, the founder of Docker, first demoed Docker publicly to the world at PyCon. On stage Solomon noted that, for developers, “shipping to the server is hard,” and thus he and the early team designed Docker to help...

Docker’s Response to the Invasion of Ukraine

Docker is closely following the events surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The community of Docker employees, Docker Captains, developers, customers, and partners is committed to creating an open, collaborative environment that fosters the free and peaceful...

Docker’s Developer Community: Wind In Our Sails

Two years ago, in November 2019, we refocused our company on the needs of developers. At the time, we recognized the growing adoption of microservices, the explosion in the number of tools, and the many opportunities to simplify these complexities. Little did we know...