July Recap: Docker Talks Live Stream

Here at Docker, we have a deep love for developers and with more and more of the community working remotely, we thought it would be a great time to start live streaming and connecting with the community virtually. 

To that end, Chad Metcalf (@metcalfc) and I (@pmckee) have started to live stream every Wednesday at 10am Pacific Time on YouTube. You can find all of the past streams and subscribe to get notifications when we go live on our YouTube channel.

Every week we will cover a new topic focusing on developers and developer productivity using the Docker platform. We will have guest speakers, demo a bunch of code and answer any questions that you might have. 

Below I’ve compiled a list of past live streams that you can watch at your leisure and we look forward to seeing you on the next live stream.

Docker ♥️ AWS – A match made in heaven

Screen shot 2020 08 07 at 1. 53. 51 pm

Cloud container runtimes are complex and the learning curve can be steep for some developers. Not all development teams have DevOps teams to partner with which shifts the burden of understanding runtime environments, CLIs, and configuration for the cloud to the development team. But one thing is for sure, developers love the simplicity of Docker and Compose.

In this live stream, follow along as Chad Metcalf (@metcalfc) uses the new ECS context along with Docker Compose commands to run an application locally and then without changes deploy directly to ECS.

Running Docker containers in Azure ACI

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Back in June, we announced our partnership with Microsoft to help developers seamlessly move their code and applications from their desktops running Docker to the Cloud running on Azure Container Instances (ACI) .

Developers can now easily switch between their local Docker context to an ACI context and run a single Docker container or a service composed of a group of multiple containers defined with a Docker Compose file. All this is done without setting up infrastructure and takes advantage of features such as mounting Azure Storage and GitHub repositories as volumes.

In this live stream, Chad Metcalf (@metcalfc) walks us through the new Azure ACI integration using Docker Context and Compose. He starts out by running a single container locally and then switching context to ACI and deploying that same container in the cloud. Then he moves on to show the same developer workflow but now using Docker Compose and ACI to deploy a multi-container application.

Getting Started Q&A

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At Docker, our mission is to help developers become more productive. The Docker product is essential to every developer who is using containers and deploying to the cloud. Whether that’s on-prem or on a public cloud. 

In this live stream, we answer the top questions developers have when getting started with Docker. We talk about running containers locally, setting up Docker Compose files, building images and a little bit of networking.

If you have a question that you would like us to answer, please feel free to fill out this form and we would be happy to answer these questions on the next Q&A live stream. Or feel free to join us live and drop your questions in the chat box.

VSCode Docker Extension

Screen shot 2020 08 07 at 1. 56. 18 pm

VSCode is a developer favorite and Microsoft has created a fantastic plug-in to help developers manage the development lifecycle using Docker. 
In this live stream, Chad Metcalf (@metcalfc) walks Peter McKee (@pmckee) through the major features of the VSCode Docker Extension and answers your questions. We cover the new context features and show how to start, stop and connect to containers using the VSCode Docker Extension.


For more on how to use Docker and to sign-up for a free account, check out the resources below: 


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