Docker Pals Program 2019

Mar 15 2019

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At DockerCon Copenhagen we launched the Docker Pals program in order to connect attendees and help them make the most out of their trip. Attending a conference for the first time or by yourself can be intimidating and we don’t want anyone to feel that way at DockerCon! Pals get matched with a few others who are new (the “Pals”), and someone who knows their way around (the “Guide”) so you will have a familiar group before you arrive at the conference. Guides help Pals figure out which talks and activities to attend, and are available for questions.

This year we are excited to grow the program, matching more groups and adding Meet-and-Greets throughout the week. You won’t want to miss the best version of Docker Pals yet!


Here’s what Pals had to say about DockerCon Barcelona:

Docker Pals made my DockerCon experience ten times better and I’ve made friends I hope to see again!”

Our Guide was very helpful and I really enjoyed meeting other Pals at the conference.”


“[I enjoyed] the fact that even though I was there alone I always had a place to turn for help and fellowship.”

“[Our Guide] made our group super connected and gave us many insights that helped us to get the most out of the conference!”

If you’ve been to DockerCon before, please consider signing up to be a Guide and help welcome those newer to DockerCon to the amazing Docker community. Participating gives you the opportunity to learn more, expand your network, and have more fun!


For More Information:

Log in to your DockerCon registration account to sign up as a Pal or Guide.

Read more about Docker Pals here.  

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