Docker Community Passes Two Billion Pulls!

Feb 10 2016

In March 2013, Docker launched the first iteration of Docker Hub as the canonical platform for publishing and consuming Docker container images.

This past November, we announced that Docker Hub had reached 1.2 billion pulls. Now, only three months later, we’re announcing another historic milestone: the Docker ecosystem has passed two billion pulls!


In January 2016, Docker users pulled images nearly 7,000 times per minute. That’s over four times the rate of pulls from a year ago! In January alone, we captured the equivalent of 15% of our platform’s total pulls from the past three years—these are great signs of a healthy and active ecosystem, and we thank you for being a part of it!

Development teams use Docker Hub to publish and consume containerized software, and automate their delivery and deployment pipelines. Each pull means that a Docker engine is downloading an image to create running containers from it.

There are currently over 400,000 registered users on Docker Hub. Our users span from the largest corporations, to newly-launched startups, to the individual Docker enthusiast—and their number is increasing every day. We’re happy to see increased pull counts and registrations because they’re indicative of the value that users are contributing to and deriving from the community.

Over 20% of Docker’s two billion pulls come from our ninety-three Official Repos. The Official Repos are a curated set of images from Docker’s partners, including NGINX, Oracle, Node.js, Cloudbees, and others. We leverage Nautilus, Docker’s security-monitoring service, to maintain and improve the integrity of the Official Repos over time. We’re incredibly grateful to the Official Repos partners for contributing quality, production-ready content to the Docker ecosystem.

Our focus is to provide the best content to accelerate the process of building, shipping, and running Dockerized applications. As our ecosystem grows, we’ll be adding more features—including single-click deployment and security scanning—to the Docker platform. Check them out here!



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5 thoughts on “Docker Community Passes Two Billion Pulls!

  1. I would love to know the bandwidth used by all this!

  2. I noticed on repositories I manage that pulls are incremented also by pulls fired from automated builds of another image in Docker Hub (because a pull must happen to get the FROM image).

    Is this count excluding pulls generated by automated builds?

  3. Good job, good work, bringing the tutum to all!!!!

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