And the winners of Docker Global Hack Day #3 are…

Victor Coisne

Sep 29 2015

CPHEtvoXAAA_IV9The quality of the Docker hacks and amount of participation from the Docker community was simply phenomenal! Over 2,000 community members attended events around the world and 50 meetup groups organized local editions of this Docker Hack Day #3. Kudos to the Docker community and Docker meetup organizers for helping organize this hands-on event!

Forty-two valid projects were submitted for final judging before last week’s deadline and the jury composed of Docker experts had a difficult time choosing Local Edition winners! Click here to see the list of Local Edition winners.

Voting for the global winners closed yesterday and the results are in! The Docker community voted through social channels and GitHub for their favorite hack projects and we tallied up the scores. Congratulations to the winning teams who received the most number of votes. Here are the winners of Docker Global Hack Day #3 by category:



1st Place: ScaleSwarm by Ankush Agarwal and Harshit Mittal from Docker Mountain View

Swarm and Machine are individually very powerful projects, but when combined, they can work wonders. The project attempts to create a self-scaling cluster using Swarm and Machine. Here, to setup an AWS Docker Auto Scaling cluster, all you need is swarm, machine and Amazon API Keys.

2nd Place: Docker MQTT Log Driver by Wei-Ting Kuo and Hsiao-Jung Peng from Docker Taipei

This project implements a docker log driver that sends container’s log to mqtt broker.

3rd Place: Flocker Profiles by Madhuri Yechuri, Ryan Wallner and Sean McGinnis from Docker SF and Docker Boston

FlockerProfiles enable storage SLAs for enterprise applications provisioned using Docker Compose and Docker Flocker Volume Plugin.



1st Place: Container Migration Tool by Marcos Lilljedahl, Jonathan Leibiusky and Gabriel Eisbruch from Docker Buenos Aires

The purpose of the project is to create an external command line tool that can be either used with docker or runC which helps on the task to live migrate containers between different hosts by performing pre-migration validations and allowing to auto-discover suitable target hosts.

2nd Place: Dockerslim by Dmitry Vorobev and Kyle Quest from Docker Seattle

docker-slim is a magic diet pill for your containers 🙂 It will use static and dynamic analysis to create a skinny container for your app. Right now it only does simple dynamic analysis 🙂

3rd Place: Chorus by Niall Byrne from Docker Toronto

Chorus is a simple webservice, that allows you to easily setup a build farm for building and running docker files.



1st Place: On-demand YARN Clusters by Swapnil Daingade, Sarjeet Singh and Mitra Kaseebhotla from Docker San Jose

On demand YARN clusters that have network, compute and storage isolation from each other. Allow administrators managing a cluster of x86 servers to create YARN (hadoop2) clusters on demand. Each tenant YARN cluster should have complete network, compute and storage isolation from others.

2nd Place: Docker Token Auth Servie by Dejan Golja and David Howden from Docker Sydney

This is a Docker token registry authentication service which supports token authentication introduced in Registry V2.

3rd Place: Jenkins-docker-slaves by Nicolas De Loof and Yoann Dubreuil from Docker Rennes

This fresh new implementation do rely on a set of docker containers (aka ‘pod’) to setup a build executor, letting development team customize the build environment for their need without any constraint or prerequisite, and relying on docker containers to host test resources.

Prizes for Global Edition Winners

For the global competition, we will award prizes to the top three teams in each category.


First Place:

Each member on the teams ScaleSwarm, Container Migration Tool, and On-demand YARN Clusters will receive a complimentary pass to DockerCon EU 2015, hotel accommodations during conference and a 10-minute lightning talk to present your winning hack at the conference!

We look forward to welcoming all of the winners in Barcelona for DockerCon15 EU!



Second Place:

Congratulations to each member on the teams Docker MQTT Log DriverDockerslim and Docker Token Auth Servie! Each of you win this limited edition Docker hoodie.


Third Place:CPM-pbkUcAAiBM_

Each member on the Jenkins-docker-slavesFlocker Profiles, and Chorus teams will receive a Docker-customized Tile.        

  Thank you again to all our amazing #dockerhackday sponsors for their support and contributions. dghd3sponsors  





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