Docker Docs Hackathon: April 17-21, 2017

Apr 11 2017

During DockerCon 2017, Docker’s docs team will be running the first-ever Docker Docs hackathon, and you’re invited to participate and win prizes – whether you attend DockerCon or are just watching the proceedings online.

Essentially, it’s a bug-bash! We have a number of bugs filed against our docs up on GitHub for you to grab.

You can participate in one of two ways:

Or, both – if you want to have the best shot. After all, we won’t be in the hack room 24/7 that whole week.

All participants who show up in the 4th floor hack room at DockerCon will get this way-cool magnet just for stopping by.

Dockercon docs hackathon logo

Quick links

How it works

We have a number of bugs that have built up in our docs queue on GitHub, and we have labeled a whole slew of them with the tag hackathon, which you can see here.

Submit fixes for these bugs, or close them if you do a bit of research it turns out they aren’t actually valid. Every action you take gets you more points, and the points are redeemable for dollars in our hackathon store. These points also qualify you for valuable prizes like an Amazon gift card and a personally engraved trophy!


  • All participants: Points are redeemable for t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs, beer steins, pint glasses, flasks, hoodies, stickers, buttons, magnets, wall clocks, post-cards, and even doggie t-shirts.
  • 3rd place: A small trophy with a personal engraving, plus store credit
  • 2nd place: A small trophy with a personal engraving, plus store credit, plus a $150 Amazon Gift Card
  • 1st place: A large trophy with a personal engraving, plus store credit, plus a $300 Amazon Gift Card


A select few will get bonuses for being extra special contributors:

  • Largest single change introduced in a fix (files changed/lines of delta): 1000 points
  • Most bugs closed (resolved as no-op or handled): 1000 points
  • Most participation (attended all days): 1000 points

Choosing a prize

You can see the point values for the bugs in the GitHub queue. Those are worth cash in our rewards store at

Our points-to-cash conversion rate will be figured out at the end of the hackathon, and will essentially be a function of the number of points that hackathon participants logged, and the number of dollars we have to spend on prizes.


The docs hackathon is going on from April 17th thru April 21st, 2017. This is the time when it’s possible to claim and resolve bugs.



Attending DockerCon? Come to the fourth floor hack room on Tuesday and Wednesday from 1pm to 6pm. We’ll be there to answer questions and help you.

Note: While the hackathon is officially ongoing all week online, working in the hack room with us for these two days is by far the best way to participate; the docs team will be on-hand to get you started, get you unstuck, and guide you.


Drop into the community Slack channel for the docs and ask any questions you have. Otherwise, just go to GitHub and look at our hackathon label and come here to claim your points when you’re done.

Claiming a bug

Whether attending in-person or online, to claim a bug as one that you are working on (so nobody else grabs it out from under you) you must type a comment saying you claim it. Respect it when you see other comments claiming a bug.

Claiming your points

Simply fill out this form when you’re done participating. We’ll take it from there.

Conversion rate

The points-to-cash ratio will be posted on the official page for the hackathon no later than Friday the 21st. We need to figure out how many points’ worth of fixes come in first.

Sorry but we can not send you cash for these points under any circumstances, even if you don’t spend them.


Ask us anything at [email protected] or in the #docs channel on Slack.

Thank you for participating in the 2017 Docs Hackathon!


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