Docker Desktop 4.31: Air-Gapped Containers, Accelerated Builds, and Beta Releases of Docker Desktop on Windows on Arm, Compose File Viewer, and GitHub Actions

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Docker Desktop’s latest release continues to empower development teams of every size, providing a secure hybrid development launchpad that supports productively building, sharing, and running innovative applications anywhere. 

Highlights from the Docker Desktop 4.31 release include: 

  • Air-gapped containers help secure developer environments and apps to ensure peace of mind. 
  • Accelerating Builds in Docker Desktop with Docker Build Cloud helps developers build rapidly to increase productivity and ROI.
  • Docker Desktop on Windows on Arm (WoA) Beta continues our commitment to supporting the Microsoft Developer ecosystem by leveraging the newest and most advanced development environments.
  • Compose File Viewer (Beta) see your Compose configuration with contextual docs.
  • Deep Dive into GitHub Actions Docker Builds with Docker Desktop (Beta) that streamline accessing detailed GitHub Actions build summaries, including performance metrics and error reports, directly within the Docker Desktop UI.
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Air-gapped containers: Ensuring security and compliance

For our business users, we introduce support for air-gapped containers. This feature allows admins to configure Docker Desktop to restrict containers from accessing the external network (internet) while enabling access to the internal network (private network). Docker Desktop can apply a custom set of proxy rules to network traffic from containers. The proxy can be configured to allow network connections, reject network connections, and tunnel through an HTTP or SOCKS proxy (Figure 1). This enhances security by allowing admins to choose which outgoing TCP ports the policy applies to and whether to forward a single HTTP or SOCKS proxy, or to implement policy per destination via a PAC file.

Code excerpt showing proxy configuration rules.
Figure 1: Assuming enforced sign-in and Settings Management are enabled, add the new proxy configuration to the admin-settings.json file.

This functionality enables you to scale securely and is especially crucial for organizations with strict security requirements. Learn more about air-gapped containers on our Docker Docs.  

Accelerating Builds in Docker Desktop with Docker Build Cloud 

Did you know that in your Core Docker Subscription (Personal, Pro, Teams, Business) you have an included allocation of Docker Build Cloud minutes? Yes! This allocation of cloud compute time and shared cache lets you speed up your build times when you’re working with multi-container apps or large repos. 

For organizations, your build minutes are shared across your team, so anyone allocated Docker Build Cloud minutes with their Docker Desktop Teams or Business subscription can leverage available minutes and purchase additional minutes if necessary. Docker Build Cloud works for both developers building locally and in CI/CD.

With Docker Desktop, you can use these minutes to accelerate your time to push and gain access to the Docker Build Cloud dashboard (  where you can view build history, manage users, and view your usage stats. 

And now, from, you can quickly and easily create your team’s cloud builder using a one-click setup that connects your cloud builder to Docker Desktop. At the same time, you can choose to configure the Build Cloud builder as the default builder in Docker Desktop in about 30 seconds — check the Set the default builder radio button during the Connect via Docker Desktop setup (Figure 2).

Screenshot of docker desktop showing the option to set the default builder during the connect to docker desktop setup.
Figure 2: Setting the default builder in Docker Desktop.

Docker Desktop on Windows on Arm

At Microsoft Build, we were thrilled to announce that Docker Desktop is available on Windows on Arm (WoA) as a beta release. This version will be available behind authentication and is aimed at users with Arm-based Windows devices. This feature ensures that developers using these devices can take full advantage of Docker’s capabilities. 

To learn more about leveraging WoA to accelerate your development practices, watch the Microsoft Build Session Introducing the Next Generation of Windows on Arm with Ivette Carreras and Jamshed Damkewala. You can also learn about the other better-together opportunities between Microsoft and Docker by visiting our Microsoft Build Docker Page and reading our event highlights blog post. 

Compose File Viewer (Beta)

With Compose File Viewer (Beta), developers can now see their Docker Compose configuration file in Docker Desktop, with relevant docs linked. This makes it easier to understand your Compose YAML at a glance, with proper syntax highlighting. 

Check out this new File Viewer through the View Configuration option in the Compose command line or by viewing a Compose stack in the Containers tab, then clicking the View Configuration button.

Introducing enhanced CI visibility with GitHub Actions in Docker Desktop

We’re happy to announce the beta release of our new feature for inspecting GitHub Actions builds directly in Docker Desktop. This enhancement provides in-depth summaries of Docker builds, including performance metrics, cache utilization, and detailed error reports. You can download build results as a .dockerbuild archive and inspect them locally using Docker Desktop 4.31. Now you can access all the details about your CI build as if you had reproduced them locally. 

Dd431 import builds
Figure 3: Docker Desktop 4.31 Builds tab supporting one-click importing of builds from GitHub Actions.

Not familiar with the Builds View in Docker Desktop? It’s a feature we introduced last year to give you greater insight into your local Docker builds. Now, with the import functionality, you can explore the details of your remote builds from GitHub Actions just as thoroughly in a fraction of the time. This new capability aims to improve CI/CD efficiency and collaboration by offering greater visibility into your builds. Update to Docker Desktop 4.31 and configure your GitHub Actions with docker/build-push-action@v5  or docker/bake-action@v4 to get started.


With this latest release, we’re doubling down on our mission to support Docker Desktop users with the ability to accelerate innovation, enable security at scale, and enhance productivity. 

Stay tuned for additional details and upcoming releases. Thank you for being part of our community as we continuously strive to empower development teams. 

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