Docker Community All Hands Recap

All hands recap 1

We are sharing a recap of last week’s second quarterly Community All-Hands and the feedback we got from the community.

The Community All-Hands deepen our engagement with the Docker community and bring users, contributors and staff together on a quarterly basis. It is an opportunity for the community to get updates on what we’re working on and align on priorities for the year. It also provides a live forum for the community to engage and ask questions directly to Docker’s executive and community leadership. 

In December, we wrote that we wanted to build on the feedback we got after our first Community All-Hands and that we are committed to providing more content, a longer format and make it more interactive for attendees. To this end, we chose to extend the event by 2 hours and include parallel tracks with more speakers and a mix of live keynotes, workshops, lightning talks and regional content. We also picked the video platform to host the event, leveraging their awesome innovative features (eg. integrated chat, multi-casting, WebRTC).

These improvements paid off in an impressive way: we had close to 3,000 unique attendees (including Youtube-live stream viewers), almost tripling the number of attendees who tuned in last time. The turnout was exceptional and the engagement from the community throughout the event was phenomenal.

The feedback we got for this second edition was also very positive, with survey results showing that:

  • 92% of (187 respondents) gave 4 stars or more to the event. All hands recap 2

  • 93% were likely to recommend the event to a friend. All hands recap 3
  • 75% thought the length of the event was just right. All hands recap 4

  • 65% saying they’d like for us to use the same video platform next time. All hands recap 5

Perhaps the two most recurrent suggestions for improvement we’ve received is that next time, in the run-up to the event, we should communicate the final schedule far more in advance and we should also provide a short 1-minute video tutorial to attendees on how to navigate the video platform. Clearly, it took a bit of time for some people to get used to the live multi-streaming of the event. 

I’ll close by saying a huge THANK YOU to all the speakers, to the Tulula team and to all those who attended the event. Community events are a key pillar of our community-building strategy and this All-Hands was an epic experience. We look forward to continuing to improve this Community-All Hands experiment and we will always push for more participation and engagement from the community.

 If you missed the event, worry not, we made sure to record everything


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