Building a healthy and secure software supply chain

Securing the software supply chain is now an everyday concern for developers. As attackers increasingly target open-source components as a way to compromise the software supply chain, developers hold the keys to making their projects as secure as they can be. That’s why Docker continues to invest heavily in our developer tools like Docker Desktop and secure supply chain offerings such as Docker Official Images and Docker Verified Publisher content.

In a recent webinar Docker CTO Justin Cormack and Head of Developer Relations Peter McKee cover what it takes to securely develop from code to cloud. The talk provides a comprehensive overview on software security including explaining what is a software supply chain attack, key principles to identifying the weakest link and the stages for effectively securing the software supply chain.

As Justin told Dark Reading last month:  

“Every time you use software that you didn’t write yourself, often open source software that you use in your applications, you are trusting both that the software you added is what you thought it is, and that it is trustworthy not hostile. Usually both these things are true, but when they go wrong, like when hundreds of people installed updates from SolarWinds that turned out to contain code to attack their infrastructure, the consequences are serious.”


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